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Talal M. Malhis

Talal M. Malhis, MD

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Dr. Malhis wanted to be a doctor since childhood. He found medicine fascinating and interesting. He decided to specialize in Orthopedic Surgery, because it combined the intellect with the technical skill. Seeing his patients happy with their treatment and surgery outcome gives him gratification of a job well done. Dr. Malhis enjoys walks on the beach and spending time with his family and friends.


12462 Putnam St #402
Whittier, California 90602
  • Main: 562.789.5461
  • Fax: 562.789.4468

Hospital/Group Affiliation

PIH Health Physicians

PIH Health Hospital - Whittier





Orthopedic Surgery


  • English



Allegheny University Hospitals-Allegheny General (Pennsylvania) Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons (New York)


DuPont Hospital for Children (Delaware)


Cairo University (Egypt)


Orthopaedic Surgery (General Cert)

Patient Reviews

June 14, 2017
As good as it gets!
June 13, 2017
He was very kind and totally understood my pain.
June 09, 2017
Dr. Malhis and his staff are amazing!
June 09, 2017
It's my first visit to Dr. Malhis, and I found him to be quite nice and informative.
June 07, 2017
Yes you may share comments.
June 05, 2017
Everything was fine other than my experience with Dr. Talal Malhis as I provided in the earlier response.
June 02, 2017
Need to spend more time with him before I can have a valid opinion.
May 31, 2017
recommend hightly
May 22, 2017
The Bhargava is an amazing doctor. My kids love going to her!
May 19, 2017
He is good Doctor, he works to find what is wrong and take care of it .
May 17, 2017
May 15, 2017
Dr. Malhis pays attention. He hears what I have to say. He does not discount me and say things like "it is your age" "Or you just want narcotics" I have had several Dr.'s tell me that. I left feeling that he gave me all his attention and heard what I had to say. What a role model for other physicians.
May 15, 2017
He is an excellent doctor listen to you and send me to a heart specialist because He wont treat me until he is sure my heart is OK for my age
May 15, 2017
Please see my earlier comments (several pages back). Dr. Malhis is a remarkable doctor who I GEATLY respect---very caring and knowledgeable!
May 08, 2017
Malhis knows his field
May 08, 2017
Excellent patient care.
May 05, 2017
This was a very friendly and nice and sincere doctor. However communication could be a challenge so ask a lot of questions.
May 03, 2017
Dr.is very knowledgeable and experienced.
May 02, 2017
This was my first visit, and my everything was fine, my next visit is next Monday.
May 02, 2017
Very nice,friendly and helpful
May 01, 2017
Everyone is friendly & very helpful!!
April 28, 2017
Dr. Malhis is amazing. He is super friendly and very knowledgeable. His staff is very caring and went above and beyond to make sure I was as comfortable as possible. I feel very blessed to have him and his team.
April 26, 2017
I believe he is an excellent Orthopedist and would recommend Dr. Malhis highly.
April 26, 2017
I was pleasantly surprised with the efficiency and coordination I received throughout my visit yesterday. 5 stars for you!
April 24, 2017
The provider is well experience, knows what is doing, and gives you good information and recommendations
April 18, 2017
My son wasn't even asked how his injury occurred. and how important it is for him to get back on his feet. So if you want to be in and out and don't need to understand what is wrong with you and how to recover go to this doctor. But the rest of the office staff was awesome and I appreciate the ladies at the front desk for their sympathy and assistance.
April 12, 2017
Great Dr i would recommend
April 10, 2017
I think he is so skilled and experienced. He knew right away what was wrong. Also the MA and the radiology tech worked well with him. I felt like I wasn't kept waiting and films were ready to view right away.
April 05, 2017
Dc. Malhis is a very professional, compassionate and knowledgeable doctor.
April 04, 2017
Was told I needed a MRI which I have had in the past. I have had "open" MRI's previously with no charge. Now I was told not only do they not offer "open" MRI's but there's a copay of $120. It seems odd that such an enormous organization as PIH would not offer "open" MRI's to their patients. If these copays start accumulating I will do research on finding another provider.
March 31, 2017
Muy professional
March 27, 2017
I would recommend Dr. Malhis to all my friends and family. He shows knowledge, compassion and has a great bedside manner. I am glad I found him.
March 22, 2017
Dr. Malhis is a very good Dr. he explained everything to me I felt so comfortable with him and that's rare with,me. Thank you again.
March 22, 2017
Dr. Malhis is a wonderful doctor, wish he was the standard for doctors at PIH
March 21, 2017
Yes I will.
March 21, 2017
He has helped several of my family members, over the years. Every time, it has been a very pleasant experience! Dr. Malhis is wonderful!
March 21, 2017
Dr Malhis is very passionate about his profession and knows how to treat his patients with kindness
March 21, 2017
love him!
March 21, 2017
Dr. Malhis is a awesome doctor. He and the staff were so attentive and kind. I was so impressed by them all.
March 21, 2017
Dr. Malhis is an excellent doctor !
March 20, 2017
He is a great doctor it just seemed he was in somewhat of a rush that day. He has helped me before and everything was great. It has been a long time since I had seen him. I really do like hime though.
March 17, 2017
I used to be a Kaiser member and quit because I was sick of being ignored. What a change! Dr Mahlis was great! My whole experience with this office was amazing. Thank you
March 14, 2017
Dr. Malhis is a wonderful physician.
March 14, 2017
Dr Malhis only sees me a couple times a year but he remembers and always shares on a personal level - good ole fashioned care.
March 10, 2017
The office staff is courtesy and trained. Dr. Malhis is awesome, very attentive!
March 10, 2017
This physician really took the time to explain my injury and gave me options that would work for my lifestyle. I would recommend Dr Malhis to my most important family/friend. Thank you for making the patient(me)feel the most important.
March 10, 2017
I have confidence in the Doctor in prognosis and treatment. I have and would continue to recommend him to others.
March 10, 2017
Dr. Malhis is a gentle and kind gentle and kind person.77
March 08, 2017
The doctor explain things clearly he's easy to understand He was helpful advising us how to proceed to solve our problem His office got one procedure approved before we even got home that day
March 01, 2017
Everyone that I came in contact with, were very professional.
February 27, 2017
Would definitely recommend this office to anyone who needs orthopedic care.
February 27, 2017
I really like Dr. Malhis. He is knowledgeable and I respect his many years of experience.
February 24, 2017
Very professional and knowledgeable. Very nice doctor
February 22, 2017
Great Doctor
February 22, 2017
Felt very good seems like the doctor that I can see performing my surgery!
February 17, 2017
Dr Malhis is a top drawer professional. With knowledge and skill and no messing around.
February 14, 2017
Great staff and Dr. Mahil is 2nd to none!
February 13, 2017
I am not done with the treatment or diagnostic yet.
February 13, 2017
Dr. Melhis, was very helpful and knowledgeable, would recommend him to family and friends.
February 08, 2017
The doctor was perfect!!
February 08, 2017
I am impressed with his knowledge of my issues.
February 06, 2017
Dr. Malhis is a good doctor. PIH is turning into an assembly line.
February 06, 2017
Yes and I ready have.
February 01, 2017
This was an excellent experience.
February 01, 2017
Dr Malhis and staff are very professional and personal at the same time. They make the visit pleasant!
January 30, 2017
He was very nice made me feel comfortable. He was knowledgeable and I appreciated it.
January 24, 2017
Very professional office. I really like Dr. Malhis, and his staff!!!
January 24, 2017
Knows what to ask, and recommend
January 18, 2017
He seemed sincere and truly interested in what my problem was.
January 17, 2017
He is a good doctor and knows how to talk to his patients.
January 11, 2017
Very knowledgeable. When I called for appointment I received it for the following day. I really like this doctor.
January 10, 2017
January 10, 2017
Completely satisfied
January 10, 2017
Excellent, but busy doctor, couldn't get an appt. for several days even tho I called each day to see if any cancellations available.
January 06, 2017
Very good doctor
December 28, 2016
To me, Dr. Malhis is an exceptional Dr. When I came to see him I was not able to raise my arm with all the pain I was in. After Dr. Malhis treated me, I was able to raise my arm with no pain.
December 21, 2016
Me and my wife both use Dr Mathis as do most of our friends
December 19, 2016
Nice man
December 14, 2016
A very professional approach to patient needs.
December 13, 2016
good experience.
December 09, 2016
Very courteous and professional.
December 09, 2016
This provider has a personal touch and concern with their patients.
December 07, 2016
November 29, 2016
Excellent practitioner, genial personality,good tesults
November 29, 2016
Dr. seemed genuinely concerned and listened to me and answered all my questions.
November 21, 2016
We just luv Dr.Malhis
November 16, 2016
We love Dr. Malhis. He has done his best.
November 15, 2016
I will recommend my friends to visit PIH
November 14, 2016
I have used his srvices in the past and I am very satisfied with his care
November 14, 2016
I would recommend them to Dr. Malhis if they were required to see a specialist.
November 11, 2016
I felt at ease with the office staff and especially the doctor. He reminded me with his kindness of my grandpa.
November 11, 2016
I give Dr. Malhis the hugest rating possible, he was genuine and knowledgeable no I left feeling all my needs had been met. Excellent PIH Dr! ????
November 09, 2016
Great doctor and staff. Made me feel very comfortable. Thank you,
November 07, 2016
Not in a rush when patient is in pain and can't walk. Disappointed at company
November 04, 2016
Very knowledgeable I felt I was in the right place to help me.
November 02, 2016
Provider was very patient and considerate with my child. He explained the process in detail and kept her informed along the way.
October 31, 2016
Top notch!
October 28, 2016
I was late a few minutes and somewhat nervous. I had pain and felt grumpy. As soon as I approached the front desk, ALL receptionists were so kind and patient. The nurses, and x-ray technician were also very helpful and kind. My waiting time was minimal. All staff were efficient and I did not see anyone wasting time as I have in other offices. Dr. Malhis was wonderful! He immediately diagnosed my ailment, was reassuring and helpful. He is the best orthopaedic doctor. I left feeling so much better. I left for home feeling relieved from worry and pain. Thank you!!!
October 26, 2016
Good bedside manner, better for older adults, needs to ask more questions when dealing with pediatric patients regarding growth pattern for that individual. Can't make assumptions at that age.
October 26, 2016
Dr. Malhis is always pleasant to be around, he makes my son and I very comfortable. His M.A. Is also wonderful.
October 20, 2016
Dr Malhis I'd very personable and thorough! Great Dr and staff!
October 19, 2016
He is a very experienced Dr. With good manners..
October 19, 2016
He was helpful and courteous.
October 14, 2016
From check in to check out everyone was wonderful. Love this dr
October 06, 2016
Dr. Malhis is knowledgable in the orthopedic field. He grasps the problem at hand and provides whichever treatment or follow-up he deems necessary for remediation. His experience and tact in dealing with the patient creates an atmosphere of trust. I am happy to have chosen Dr. Malhis for consultation related to my back problem.
October 05, 2016
The staff and provider we kind and considerate of our needs. I did not have to wait long while in the office.
October 04, 2016
his great doctor, very skilled in his specialty.
October 03, 2016
Only if they had this insurance,good place to go.
September 30, 2016
Good doctors. Nice staff. They really seem to know their stuff!
September 30, 2016
I trust him
September 28, 2016
Dr. Malhis is attentive to my concerns and is open to making sure I get the best and updated Rx for my medical issues.
September 26, 2016
My husband saw him last year; one of the ER doctors had recommended him. My husband had a good experience.
September 23, 2016
Excellent doctor and nursing staff.
September 23, 2016
Dr Maltis is a very good Dr who explained everything, but I had a little trouble understanding him with his accent. I think it's a matter of getting used to his voice. I will be back to see him again.
September 22, 2016
definitely recommended him
September 16, 2016
He was great..first time with him...would see him again...Dr Rounaghi was booked up...pleased with replacement
September 13, 2016
The doctor and his staff are very friendly and heLpful
September 13, 2016
A very good doctor ...
September 12, 2016
Dr Malhis Lstened to all concerns and was gave us full details about care and follow up.
September 09, 2016
Nice guy, with a bit of humor and totally professional.
August 30, 2016
Ask me again after I've spent some time with him
August 26, 2016
Love, Love Dr. Malhis! Professional, takes the time to answer all questions. Never felt rushed
August 26, 2016
He's a friendly, positive, helpful Doctor.
August 22, 2016
Dr. Malhis is very knowledgeable and he is able to explain your healthcare needs in a way that is understandable to his patients. Dr. Malhis has had my respect and trust for over 19 years and I wouldn't see anyone else but him!
August 22, 2016
Dr. Malhis has been helping me with my back pain issues for over 2 years. He has been key inverting me to the right care and treatments when it was most necessary. Staff is also very professional.
August 19, 2016
I was in a lot of pain and showed up without an appointment. They squeezed me in and I was very grateful.
August 19, 2016
Amazing Doctor. Had read her chart prior to our appointment and was familiar with my daughter's health history. Thorough. He even shared some concerns about other areas of my daughter's health that were not his area of expertise and was glad to read on her chart that we were following up with those concerns. Other doctors are sometimes dismissive and focus ONLY on the one body part you are having checked. Dr. Malhis understands that these parts are only a part of the whole.
August 15, 2016
That this Dr. takes very good care of his patients.
August 11, 2016
I would very much recommend Dr. Malhis.... he is the best!
August 10, 2016
He was attentive and had good bedside manner. My family has seen him, so he came highly recommended.
August 10, 2016
Entire staff very friend,y and professional.
August 09, 2016
Knows his specialty and I trust his judgment, but wish he would slow down and explain things more thoroughly. Always seems to be in a hurry and patients need to feel heard.
August 09, 2016
He knows his stuff. i was scared of getting my first cotrisone shot and it was piece of cake.
August 09, 2016
best care
August 05, 2016
Good job!
August 05, 2016
Dr. Malhis is great and the Putnam Orthopedic center is awesome.
August 01, 2016
Knowledgeable, courteous
July 28, 2016
Dr. Melheis is a wonderful, informative and caring doctor.
July 27, 2016
Dr Malhis is the best!!!!!
July 26, 2016
Excellent Doctor, very caring and explain my condition clearly with proper treatment recommendation.
July 20, 2016
I would refer my friends and family here.
July 18, 2016
no comment
July 18, 2016
Very helpful and respectful
July 18, 2016
Dr, was caring and understanding of my needs.
July 13, 2016
Slow down to ensure patient understands what you are explaining. You are an excellent. Diognitision
July 11, 2016
Our visit was very positive. All the staff was efficient and friendly.
July 05, 2016
Awesome sr!
July 01, 2016
If they need his type of services he and his office should be the first contact.
June 28, 2016
Very professional and office staff helpful.
June 27, 2016
Friendly, curteous and knowledgable
June 24, 2016
Dr. Malhis is a consummate professional who instills confidence in his patients. Everyone I came into contact with in this office was courteous, compasionate, and professional.