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Tropical Medicine Program

Increasing interest in global health and international medicine mandates better training opportunities for medical professionals. Tropical medicine as a discipline is inadequately covered by most medical schools, and motivated students must plan extra educational activities on their own.

The Tropical Medicine Program at PIH Health-University of California Irvine Family Medicine Residency (PIH-UCI) is an attempt to help fill this gap by offering a structured curriculum to physicians-in-training who have a special interest in medicine in the developing world.

Interested Family Medicine match participants must apply for consideration, as there are limited slots available. Individuals who apply for the Tropical Medicine part of the PIH Family Medicine Residency should be aware that there is a separate program number to use for this track when generating rank lists in ERAS. This number will be given to you after discussing your interest with the Tropical Medicine program faculty.

The curriculum will be available at the beginning of internship (PGY-1), and involves significant mutual commitment on the part of the resident as well as faculty.  Its unique design allows for a longitudinal experience across all three years of training.

Tropical Medicine residents participate in two international rotations. There is rigorous didactic and practical preparation prior to travel. All residents receive appropriate pre-travel immunizations and health screenings, and all activities occur under close supervision of Family Medicine faculty both on campus at PIH Health and abroad.

Tropical Medicine Directors - Family Medicine Faculty with Tropical Medicine and Global Health Training

  • Bethany DeBoer DO - Tropical/International Medicine Graduate/Fellowship HIV Medicine
  • Jaime Pardo MD - Tropical/International Medicine Graduate/Extensive training and work experience in Kenya

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