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Help Ensure the Health of Our Community

PIH Health is an independent, nonprofit asset of our community. We’re governed by a volunteer board of directors—people from the community who share a passion for excellent healthcare and want to make sure everyone in the area is as healthy as possible.

Every dollar of your generous contribution to PIH Health is invested in the programs, services, equipment and facilities that make up our integrated delivery system (IDS) serving residents of Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Our efforts support two hospitals, 18 medical office buildings and hundreds of physician offices.

Areas of Support

PIH Health’s reputation for exceptional healthcare is due in large part to the generosity of those who share our commitment to excellence.  Philanthropy impacts many areas of PIH Health.  The following areas are the current fundraising priorities for PIH Health Foundation:

State-of-the-art imaging systems - the Siemens Force CT Scanner

Currently, PIH Health uses four CT scanners throughout the system to perform a total of 53,600 scans per year.  Our current CT scanners are used daily across almost every hospital department, in our outpatient settings, and in our emergency rooms. Due to the large number of patients requiring a CT scan, additional imaging systems will allow us to expeditiously perform more scans that will lead to accurate and timely treatment.  This technology offers clearer, more precise imaging and diagnoses, and provides full body imaging in less than five seconds, which means quicker scans, faster diagnoses and reduced treatment wait-times for the patients we serve. The earlier the diagnosis the sooner treatment can begin, which in many cases can be lifesaving. Your support will make the acquisition of this is critical new equipment possible.  Our goal is to purchase one new CT scanner for PIH Health Hospital - Downey and one for PIH Health Hospital - Whittier.

PIH Health Dr. James H. Dewhirst Family Practice Endowment

This fund was established by Dorothy Kosowsky in honor of her late brother, long-time PIH Health physician, Dr. James Dewhirst.  The purpose of the endowment is to provide ongoing support for in home health care services, including palliative care and chronic disease management, provided by PIH Health’s Family Medicine Residency Program.  Chronic disease management and palliative care programs have been shown to improve health outcomes, quality of life and life expectancy, while also reducing costs and hospitalizations for patients with chronic diseases.  Palliative care is both a philosophy of care and an organized, highly-structured system for delivering care that identifies and addresses the physical, psychological, spiritual and practical burdens of illness.      

PIH Health James P. Fitzgerald MD Spiritual Care Services

Funds to support PIH Health James P. Fitzgerald MD Spiritual Care Services currently support establishing a Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program at PIH Health that will train professional chaplains to serve in acute medical settings.  CPE is the nationally-recognized program that trains professional chaplains to provide effective spiritual care in a clinical environment.  The CPE program would immediately add an additional four to eight intern chaplains to expand care and support to our patients, families and staff.  Establishing a CPE program with a stream of intern cohorts would enable chaplains to staff more adequately throughout the system to include outpatient services, PIH Health Hospital – Downey, and PIH Health Hospital – Whittier and to offer complete weekend coverage.  In addition, PIH Health would be able to recruit future chaplains, as needed, from the chaplains who complete the CPE program at PIH Health.  Without our chaplains, there would be no spiritual care program.  Philanthropy helps us continue to offer the highest level of spiritual care for our patients and their families. 

In addition, a spiritual care services endowment fund has been established to support the ongoing needs of our chaplains.  This fund supports the greatest needs of our spiritual care services, which may include spiritual support materials, chapel upgrades, support groups, and salaries – and ensures that spiritual care services will remain a vital component of the care PIH Health provides to treat the whole patient – body, mind and spirit.

Panda Warmers for Labor and Delivery

The Panda Warmers are a central piece of equipment in every delivery room, and absolutely critical for high-risk births. These infant warmers help regulate the body temperature of our littlest patients and enable our staff to provide lifesaving interventions for neonatal resuscitation quickly and efficiently. They also measure blood oxygen levels after birth, a vital indication of a newborn’s health and essential to positive outcomes for our infants and families.  Gifts will help purchase two state-of-the-art Panda Warmers for the Labor & Delivery Unit at PIH Health Hospital – Whittier that will help increase our littlest patients’ safety and provide the most positive, tender experiences for parents and newborn babies.

Echocardiogram Systems for Cardiac Care

As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure our patients benefit from the latest advancements in cardiac medicine and technology, PIH Health is in the process of acquiring new echocardiogram systems, these cardiac ultrasound machines which are used to evaluate the heath of the heart, including its function, size, and its valves. These new systems will provide clearer, more accurate images so our talented team of physicians and specialists can pinpoint areas of concern, and if warranted, perform procedures with greater precision to further improve our patients’ outcomes.

Nursing Education at PIH Health

Those who have experienced care at PIH Health appreciate its distinctive culture, which combines personalized care with a passion for excellence.   Nursing is at the heart of this distinctive approach to patient care. Today, nursing staff play an increasingly dominant role in the ongoing transformation of patient care and PIH Health puts great emphasis on continuing education so that our nurses have access to the most advanced methods of patient care.  Gifts in support of nursing education will provide continuing education and certification options to our nurses and will play an important role in enhancing the patient experience at PIH Health. 

Other Areas of Support

PIH Health Foundation encourages donations to a wide variety of funds that support the charitable programs and initiatives of PIH Health. Below is a list of some of the funds you can direct your donation to. If you have questions about any of these funds or to learn about other giving opportunities, please contact PIH Health Foundation at 562.698.0811, Ext. 81520.

  • Cancer Care
  • Critical Care
  • Emergency Services
  • Hospice
  • NICU
  • PIH Health Endowment

How Your Gifts Help

Thanks to your support we are able to ensure our chaplains have the tools and resources they need to provide counseling, a listening ear, a prayer, or some needed guidance to our patients, their family members and staff through challenging times.

This year’s sold-out event was an exciting affair that entertained more than 700 guests and raised a net profit of over $590,000 to support PIH Health James P. Fitzgerald MD Spiritual Care Services. Funding will enhance the outstanding service and care provided by PIH Health chaplains.

Our chaplains are available to help all patients, regardless of their religious traditions and beliefs. Not every hospital has a chaplain to call upon. And there is no line item on the hospital bill for a chaplain who offered a prayer or spent time comforting someone in need. That’s why philanthropy is more important than ever. And that’s why it’s our goal to ensure that the Spiritual Care Program is always part of PIH Health.

Watch the video, hear how the chaplains help the spiritual needs to our patients and their family members.

Valued Donors of All Sizes

You’ll recognize the names of some of our donors—their generous contributions allowed us to build the facilities and programs we use to provide your care:

  • Lousie & Hubert Perry – Perry Pavilion
  • Ruth B. & Ed L. Shannon – Shannon Tower
  • Patricia & John Scheifly – Patricia L. Scheifly Breast Health Center
  • R.C. Baker – R.C. Baker Foundation Emergency Center
  • Ruby Golleher – Ruby L. Golleher Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Wells - The Wells Medical Office Building
  • Atwood Family - PIH Health James P. Fitzgerald MD Spiritual Care Services
  • George and Thelma Anderson - Anderson Critical Care Unit
  • Art Morris - J Arther Morris Imaging Center
  • Bob and Maya Mayer - The Bob and Maya Mayer Coronary Care Unit

Additional valued donors provide a wide range of contributions through PIH Health Foundation. Explore more ways you can give, such as:

  • Cash gifts of all sizes
  • Planned giving/legacy gifts through bequests from your estate
  • Memorial and tribute gifts to recognize or remember the important people in your life
  • Appreciated stocks, bonds and securities
  • Employer-employee matching gifts
  • Real estate
  • Personal property

Make a donation today. We appreciate—and depend on—every one!

Contact Us

PIH Health Foundation
12401 Washington Blvd.
Whittier, CA  90602

562.698.0811 Ext. 81520
562.789.4462 fax

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