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Welcome to the PIH Health Ancillary Student Portal.  Use this portal to download the appropriate PIH Health Student Orientation Packet and review the Student Requirements flyer. The packets have been divided into Clinical (Non-Nursing) Students and Non-Clinical Students. There are two files for each category:  One is information for the student to review and keep for their records; the other is paperwork that must be completed and returned to  It is preferable that the information is sent electronically. 

If you are interested in an internship, please note there must be a Student Affiliation Agreement with the academic facility the student is attending.  The student must be receiving credit for the internship. Learning objectives must also be provided by the school.

Please note students are required to complete a background check, drug screening, and submit proof of current immunizations, as well as TB screen.  The costs of these items are the responsibility of the student.

If your internship is not being coordinated directly by your instructor, please send an email with your resume, type of internship requested, length of internship, and availability in terms of days and hours to

We look forward to working with you and having you as an intern here at PIH Health.

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