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Published on September 29, 2016

New Interfaith  Professional Education Program

PIH Health today announced the launch of its new Clinical Pastoral Education Program (CPE) for the training of healthcare chaplains. CPE is an interfaith, professional education program that offers chaplain interns the opportunity to work and learn with a diverse population of patients, family members and staff. PIH Health’s patient population continues to grow as does the population of our region and, as a result, the demand for chaplaincy services has increased both at our hospitals and in our communities.

“PIH Health will teach interns to serve the spiritual needs of patients at both of our hospitals and at other healthcare institutions,” says Reverend Kraig Beardemphl, manager of Clinical Pastoral Education, PIH Health. “This program reflects PIH Health’s approach to care – providing comprehensive services to all of those we treat. We look forward to developing competent spiritual caregivers who will care for patients in the communities we serve.”  

CPE is an educational process that is experientially based and embraces an “action-reflection” methodology through which interns engage in spiritual caregiving then critically reflect on that work with their CPE supervisor, peers, staff chaplains and other members of the interdisciplinary team. 

The program will offer three sessions per year and applicants are encouraged to apply six to eight months in advance of the start date. Reverend Beardemphl joined PIH Health from St. Joseph Hospital in Orange County, where he served for many years as a Chaplain and manager of its CPE program.

The participant (chaplain intern) will need 100 hours of classroom training, plus 300 clinical hours working as a Chaplain, in order to complete one unit of CPE. Four CPE units are required for board certification as a professional chaplain.

For more information regarding PIH Health’s CPE Program, contact Reverend Kraig Beardemphl at 562.698.0811 Ext. 12748 or Jennifer Lenington at Ext. 12521. Interested CPE applicants can visit: