PIH Health Whittier Hospital Garners Highest Rating for Coronary Artery Bypass Graft + Valve Surgeries - PIH Health

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Published on July 07, 2017

PIH Health Whittier Hospital Garners Highest Rating for Coronary Artery Bypass
Graft + Valve Surgeries in Greater Los Angeles and Orange County Areas

PIH Health Whittier Hospital had the best performance rating for coronary artery bypass plus valve (CABG + valve) surgeries in the Greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas. The hospital received the only “Better” rating in the geographic region by the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD). PIH Health Whitter Hospital had the second largest number of cases, and a lower risk-adjusted mortality rate compared with several leading academic and research-based programs in Los Angeles and Orange County and many other local programs.

“We are pleased with this rating and believe it is indicative of the care provided at PIH Health,” said Rosalio Lopez MD, senior vice president, chief medical officer and chief strategy officer, PIH Health.

“Our team at PIH Health constantly strives to positively impact the health of our community”, added Eduardo Tovar MD, cardiac thoracic surgeon at PIH Health Whittier Hospital. “We are proud to provide this level of care to our cardiac surgery patients.”

The State of California has a Cardiac Surgery reporting system that helps the public decide which institution is best suited to care for them and/or their loved ones. Each of the states 127 Cardiac Surgery programs are mandated to report accurate data on cardiac surgery patients. OSHPD then audits and verifies all submissions. The most recent data released publically is from 2013-2014 and includes outcomes for isolated coronary artery bypass graft surgeries and combinations of coronary artery bypass graft and CABG + valve surgeries. A computerized system establishes each patient’s risk and depending on the global risk of the entire group, the number of patients, and the mortality results, OSHPD calculates whether the program is “Better,” “Average” or “Worse” than expected. PIH Health Whittier Hospital received one of only six ratings of “Better” in the entire state.