We’re Here for You

We’re Here for You

Let us safely care for all your medical needs

As PIH Health remains at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we also want to remind you that our medical offices, urgent care centers and hospitals are open and available to treat all medical conditions, not just those related to the virus. Staying healthy is as important as ever and PIH Health is here to provide outstanding care for you and your loved ones.

PIH Health doctors are available, virtually and in person, to safely care for you and address any of your medical needs. Our hospitals, urgent care centers, and medical offices have taken significant steps to minimize the chances of disease spread within any of our facilities.

Do not put off getting care from your doctor – especially if you are experiencing concerning symptoms – any delay may be detrimental to your health. Our emergency departments and urgent care centers are open and available to care for patients. Learn more about when you should seek emergency care or urgent care here.

Measures Taken to Ensure Your Safety

For the safety and well-being of all our patients and health providers, PIH Health continues to implement safety measures at each of our hospitals, urgent care centers and medical offices.

  • Everyone is screened (not tested) for COVID-19 and required to perform hand hygiene.
  • Everyone is required to wear a simple mask before entering PIH Health facilities. A cloth mask is not a simple mask. A simple mask will be provided to you at entry. This may be placed over your cloth mask if you choose.
  • Patients suspected of having COVID-19 are separated from all other patients and directed to a separate entrance and waiting area.
  • Certain units in our hospitals are designated for treatment of COVID-19 patients only and staffed by a dedicated care team.
  • Restrictions have been placed on visiting patients to limit the number of people in the facilities.
  • Physical distancing is required in all waiting areas.
  • We follow the highest standards of infection prevention and disinfection practices.

Telehealth Appointments

For your convenience, PIH Health Physicians offers the option for telehealth visits.

A telehealth appointment provides individual time with your provider via your mobile device or computer. These virtual appointments with your provider allow you to continue receiving the care you need without leaving your home. 

To find out if a telehealth appointment is right for you, simply call your provider’s office to discuss your needs.

Learn more about telehealth visits and register for the PIH Health patient portal to get access to these visits here.