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Employee Testimonials

What was it that made you choose PIH Health over other hospitals?

 “I chose to work at PIH Health after I did my rotation at another hospital and PIH Health. Upon observing the nurses at both hospitals, the nurses at PIH Health were much happier, smiled, and did not complain. The nurses at the other hospital appeared to be very unhappy and dissatisfied. It was very clear they were not content.  Also, the staffing at PIH Health was much more desirable than the other hospital. For these reasons I decided to apply at PIH Health and I feel very fortunate and proud to part of this hospital.”

Roxanne F. RN, BSN

What are some positive experiences with training and professional development?

“The management fully supports staff advancement in education, training, and is willing to accommodate school schedule. Tuition reimbursement as an incentive for the staff that furthers their education proves that PIH Health recognizes staff advancement in education and career. The management also provides necessary training to the specific job assignment until the staff is comfortable with the new assignment.”

Yenny S. RN, BSN

What would you tell a potential applicant/new grad about PIH Health?

“Our RN’s are open to training new grads and helping to keep them in tune with the ever-changing profession of nursing. We are not cliquish when it comes to being a new grad or a seasoned RN that has been here for 25 years. We treat all nurses with respect and dignity and are always ready to show them the way.”

Michael A., RN, BSN


Tell us about your career path at PIH Health

“I started as a student intern and then transitioned as a new grad on the medical surgical unit. I was very involved in my department. I was an active member of my unit’s partnership council and after a few years I was my unit’s council chair. I then was given the opportunity to collaborate with the multidisciplinary team to educate new patients regarding their total joint replacements in the joint venture class. I trained other educators and eventually began precepting new hires and new grads on the unit. I then went on to train as a charge nurse, transitioned into the Assistant Clinical Director position on the post-surgical unit, and am now a Clinical Director. So I can tell you first hand, that there is definitely opportunity for growth in this organization. The biggest take away is that you just need to have the passion to want to continue to grow professionally and ensure your team is growing with you.”

Kimberly G., RN, BSN

What makes you want to remain a nurse at PIH Health?

“I truly feel that support has always started at the top here at PIH Health. I cannot imagine working somewhere else. I have been afforded many opportunities in my years of service and feel that ideas from our bedside staff are always supported and many times implemented. The teamwork with other disciplines is also a highlight. As a nurse here at PIH Health the collaboration and decision making processes are exemplary  Life-long learning is encouraged and celebrated. Why would I want to work anywhere else?”

Teri P. RN, BSN (retired)