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Just Move

PIH Health is committed to providing quality and safe care. Patient safety and the provision of timely, evidence-based, and highly reliable care, aimed at promoting health, mitigating injury, and improving patient satisfaction are at the forefront of every process. “Just Move”, our progressive mobility program reflects this philosophy. 

Devastating conditions like pneumonia, falls, pressure injuries, delirium, venous thrombosis embolism, and functional decline are linked to immobility.  The evidence-based “Just Move” campaign is aimed at reducing these risks and enhancing the culture of mobility, thus making mobility a priority for our patients.  The goal of the program is to have each and every patient move safely, ranging from bed exercises to ambulating in the hallways. 

The nurse driven Banner Mobility Assessment Tool (BMAT) is at the core of the “Just Move” program. This evidenced-based, valid, and reliable tool allows the nurse to perform a simple assessment every shift; plan appropriate, individualized interventions involving the patient and family; and communicate the corresponding care plan to all team members. Also, physician orders are streamlined and aligned with the BMAT to promote mobility and collaboratively developed guidelines direct consultations for Physical Therapy.  Use of safe patient handling equipment is integrated into each mobility level.  

Lastly, included in this multidisciplinary approach are PIH Health branding of educational material and hallway distance markers, and placement of gait belts and walkers in every patient room. Measurements of success will include the reduction of bed rest orders and negative effects of immobility, increase of documented mobility, and improvement in patient satisfaction.