Welcome from the Chief Medical Officer - PIH Health

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Welcome from the Chief Medical Officer

By Rosalio J. Lopez, MD, MBA

Dr. Lopez

First and foremost, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all my colleagues visiting the PIH Health Website. I made the decision to come to PIH Health because of its quality reputation and commitment to clinical excellence. I am impressed by the facility and staff and I believe that PIH Health is a great healthcare organization.

My passion is to help medical staff and hospital staff work together to promote best practices in patient care. I believe we should all strive for the best possible patient outcomes. I believe care should be transparent — medical professionals should be open and willing to share facts about the care they provide.

My focus is on providing the best possible care for patients, both on the medical staff and hospital levels. I believe we should work together to create the best possible healthcare experience for our patients and their loved ones. Our goal should be perfect care for every patient — every time. I believe that together, we can make PIH Health one of the best places to receive care in the country.

I believe there are four critical "pillars" of caregiving:

  • Communication among all those on the caregiving team
  • Providing the best quality care
  • Providing the safest care
  • Timely access to care — whenever possible, no patient should unnecessarily wait for care. Efficiency is key. The best possible tests and treatments should be provided in the shortest possible time.

Physicians will be critical to our success. They play a key role in understanding the processes of care that define best practices. We want to practice "excellent medicine." I look forward to working together as a team to make PIH Health an even better place to give and receive care.