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100 Years of Caring

PIH Health Downey Hospital Marks Centennial Anniversary

Photo of Richard TrogmanMessage from Richard Trogman, PIH Health Downey Hospital President

Time has a powerful way of changing things. Even the smallest changes made over time, can produce the most dramatic transformation when you take a step back and compare what was then, to what is now.

On September 13, 2020, we will proudly celebrate PIH Health Downey Hospital’s centennial anniversary, and reflect on the 100 years of service and care that the hospital has provided. The Downey hospital has continued to be a cornerstone within the community, caring for generations of Downey residents and beyond.

PIH Health Downey Hospital in 1920 and 2020.

Over the last century, PIH Health Downey Hospital has seen many changes and evolutions, driven by a mission to provide the best care for patients and communities and making enhancements and updates to achieve this goal. We look back in awe and recall that what began as six beds and two doctors in rooms located on the second floor of a former hotel, has become the second hospital of a vastly growing health system that services more than three million people. But our work does not stop here.

As we look to the future, PIH Health is proud to continue a legacy of healing and hope. As we continue to prioritize the needs of our patients, we hope to continue to bring the best care, meeting the needs and expectations of our patients for generations to come, and creating a positive impact in our community for another 100 years.

PIH Health Downey Hospital Centennial Anniversary