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Need to find a doctor? Whether you’re searching for a primary care doctor or a specialist or seeking a second opinion, you’re sure to find someone at PIH Health who’s just the right fit. We've added National Research Center ratings and comments. Learn more about our surveys.

Find physicians, physician assistants (PAs) or nurse practitioners (NPs) using our convenient online search. It’s possible to search by specialty, ZIP code, gender and even languages spoken. Read the physician profiles to learn more about the doctors you’re considering.

Should you need personal assistance in choosing a PIH Health doctor, you may call our patient services at 888.365.4450 during regular business hours. 

Effective November 20, 2017, missed appointments or cancellations within 24 hours of a scheduled appointment may result in a $25 fee. 


7 Providers Acute Hospital
2 Providers Addiction Medicine
8 Providers Allergy and Immunology
42 Providers Anesthesiology
4 Providers Audiology
3 Providers Bariatric Surgery
5 Providers Breast Imaging
26 Providers Cardiology
2 Providers Cardiology, Electrophysiology
6 Providers Cardiology, Interventional
18 Providers Cardiology, Pediatric
5 Providers Cardiothoracic Surgery
2 Providers Chiropractic
1 Provider Clinical Pharmacist
1 Provider Colon/Rectal Surgery
6 Providers Critical Care Medicine
9 Providers Dermatology
2 Providers DME
33 Providers Emergency Medicine
7 Providers Endocrinology, Diabetes, & Metabolism
100 Providers Family Medicine
1 Provider Family Medicine & Obstetrics
3 Providers Family Nurse Practitioner
12 Providers Gastroenterology
10 Providers Gastroenterology, Pediatrics
25 Providers General Practice
15 Providers General Surgery
1 Provider Genetics
3 Providers Geriatric Medicine
1 Provider Gynecology
2 Providers Hematology
31 Providers Hematology, Oncology, Medical
2 Providers Hospice, Palliative Care
1 Provider Hospital
28 Providers Hospitalist, Adult
1 Provider Hospitalist, Surgery
9 Providers Infectious Disease
167 Providers Internal Medicine
1 Provider Interventional Pain Management
6 Providers Marriage & Family Therapy
7 Providers Maternal/Fetal Medicine
2 Providers Midwife - Intrapartum
6 Providers Neonatology
36 Providers Nephrology
22 Providers Neurology
15 Providers Neurology, Pediatric
10 Providers Neurosurgery
43 Providers Nurse Practitioner
31 Providers OB/Gyn
1 Provider Occupational Medicine
1 Provider Ocuplastic Surgery
1 Provider Oncology, Gynecologic
6 Providers Oncology, Medical
3 Providers Oncology, Radiation
27 Providers Ophthalmology
6 Providers Ophthalmology, Pediatric
9 Providers Ophthalmology, Retina/Vitreal
11 Providers Optometry
2 Providers Oral Surgery
20 Providers Orthopedic Surgery
3 Providers Orthopedic Surgery, Hand
7 Providers Otolaryngology, ENT
7 Providers Pain Medicine
4 Providers Pathology
3 Providers Pathology, Anatomic and Clinical
7 Providers Pediatric Surgery
58 Providers Pediatrics
2 Providers Perinatology, Neonatology
4 Providers Pharmacy
1 Provider Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
65 Providers Physician Assistant
3 Providers Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
17 Providers Podiatry
5 Providers Psychiatry
6 Providers Psychology
18 Providers Pulmonology
7 Providers Pulmonology, Pediatric
5 Providers Radiology
18 Providers Radiology, Diagnostic
5 Providers Radiology, Interventional
2 Providers Radiology, Neuro
3 Providers Radiology, Vascular & Interventional
3 Providers Reproductive Medicine
3 Providers Rheumatology
6 Providers Skilled Nursing Facility
2 Providers Sleep Medicine
5 Providers Social Work
25 Providers Teleradiology
10 Providers Urology
2 Providers Vascular Surgery

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