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Dr. Copeland became a neurologist because he found it intriguing and likes to diagnose his patients and give them an effective treatment. Dr. Copeland has over 20 years of experience in neurology. He joins us as the Stroke Program Medical Director at PIH Health Hospital - Downey.

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PIH Health Downey Hospital

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Oregon Health Sciences University School of Medicine (Portland)


Harbor-UCLA Medical Center (California)


Harbor-UCLA Medical Center (California)


LAC+USC Medical Center

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Patient Reviews

September 14, 2022
Dr. Copeland tries very hard with all of my complicated problems and he's done a very good job at this point in time and tried to help me. PIH seems to keep their physicians very busy and that would be my only remark.
September 13, 2022
I appreciate that he seems to listen to my concerns and my thoughts on my symptoms and questions about moving forward with my care.
September 01, 2022
Office staff very friendly very efficient the only thing when waiting for doctor was too much too long. Thank you very much.
August 30, 2022
Dr. Copeland is a very good doctor. He covers all the bases regarding my health and answers all questions.
August 30, 2022
Dr. Copeland is extremely professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. I am very happy to have him as my neurologist.
August 30, 2022
Yeah, my appointment was at 11:00. Dr. Copeland came in at 4 minutes to 12. I had to get arrangements for transportation, for home care. And the time I allotted for the appointment had already passed by the time I saw him. So my whole day was ruined. And I didn't get to talk to the doctor and he had to go to the hospital for the month of August, so I did not have a timely 3 month appointment. And the whole experience was very disappointing because he is an excellent doctor. Bye.
August 30, 2022
It's the staff and everything are very courteous and very nice. Dr. Copeland, he took extra care with me. I've been, I've been concerned about my memory. I think it's because of the Covid shots. Anyway, you know I'm 77 and (name removed). Anyway, I already had an MRI on my head done and all that, but Dr. Coplin took the time to ask me questions to have me, he went over three words with me and he said after, you know, 10 minutes we're going to be talking and everything. I'm going to ask you for these three words back and he was wonderful. And the three words were apple, table, and penny. I still remember them anyway. And whatever the things he was asking me and that it was regarding the, you know, dementia, Alzheimer's or memory loss. But anyway, I I came through with flying colors. So, anyway, I know, he's, he's wonderful to staff. Everything's everything's great. I'm very
August 04, 2022
Dr. Copeland is the best. Always goes out of the way to help with any issues.
August 02, 2022
I was not happy with my check up. The doctor spent the first 15 minutes reading my records and typing on the computer. There was a lack of patient communication and interaction. He was not sure of what was happening to me. . . did not explain much the abnormality of my EEG test.. . it made me feel like uncomfortable . Our questions (my husband came with me) were not answered with confidence.
June 09, 2022
We feel very comfortable placing our healthcare needs in the hands of this physician. He is kind, courteous and family. Far better than the previous Neurologist we had because of contract issues with Care More. Now that PIH is contracted with Caremore, we feel more at ease with the care of PIH physicians.
June 09, 2022
I have not been treated by a
June 06, 2022
Dr. Copeland is an excellent neurologist. He listens and discusses the issues with you, very carefully. He is very knowledgeable and professional. His nurse/assistant is also very professional and helpful.
May 24, 2022
(name removed) in the front was great, helped us out quite a bit. We appreciate it and Dr. Copeland was good also. This is (PHI removed), doing it for her. Thank you.
May 23, 2022
Staff was very nice and the doctor spent a good time with and listen to what I was saying.
May 17, 2022
Dr. Copeland is a wonderful physician. He really listens to you. He answers your questions, and if he doesn't know, he tells you that, and I had a pre, fairly serious problem, and he's going through tests and everything to find out what he can do for me, so I, it, he does spend a lot of time with you, but it is well worth it. Thank you.
May 12, 2022
While no, I was very happy with the doctor and also with the interpreter and it seemed like a magnificent area that put all the care that (unreadable) and I was very happy with it, thank you.
May 10, 2022
Going with this doctor was the best experience I ever had in a hospital. She has been the first one who I felt listened to me, gave me time and did not rush me to take me out for the next patient. I can't say that I don't mind waiting for him as long as I have to. In the beginning I was concerned that I had to wait for a very long time to see him. But now I understand why. It doesn't bother me at all. Even though I do feel sick. I don't mind going to other doctors just to get any kind of test. So when I see Dr. Copeland, I'm able to show him any kind of testing that I had done just to be ready, so he can help me. He is one of the best doctors I ever ever seen in the USA. I'm very happy with this doctor. Thank you.
April 26, 2022
I was very fortunate and very blessed to be under doctor... My doctor's care. I am blessed with doctor that took care of me yesterday.
April 21, 2022
Hi. The length of time it took me to get an appointment with the doctor post hospitalization, I felt was unacceptable. And the receptionist was not really seemingly interested in my information regarding the fact that I had just recently been discharged and needed a sooner appointment.
April 19, 2022
Dr. Copeland very detail, patient, and courteous.
April 14, 2022
Very knowledgeable and experienced in the area of concern. Extremely happy to have been referred to this doctor.
March 30, 2022
Very satisfied with the treatment provided by Dr. Copeland and staff. Most appreciated. Thank You!
March 28, 2022
Very nice trusting.
March 28, 2022
He's up there, he's very good, excellent, he treats my boy because he's an autistic person, number when I took for him was very much the best. and he cares a lot. I think he is outstanding doctor. Thank you.
March 17, 2022
Excellent service. Provided a through explanation. Spent a considerable amount of time, ensuring that all my questions were answered.
March 16, 2022
The doctor was extremely knowledgeable, courteous and respectful of my opinions, questions and concerns. The one thing that was not was the availability of appointments 6 weeks out for someone suffering, post stroke, and needing medical attention to follow up with is acceptable. No medication to make a decision, that needs to be remedied, hiring more staff, more providers for post stroke would be a great suggestion from my part. Thank you.
March 10, 2022
The doctor went out of his way to stay late and perform some tests on me, rather than schedule the tests for a later appointment. This saved me from waiting at least 2 months to get the tests done.
March 07, 2022
Called in Nov for an appointment. Soonest open was March 7. Appt at 330. Checked into room at 315. Nurse stated Doctor was with a patient. She left room at 330. Doctor arrived after 4. Stayed with me for 45+ minutes. Next opening for nerve test is June 23. Glad it's not an emergency.
March 02, 2022
Dr. Copeland was very nice and professional and services staff. I love them and I look forward to seeing him again. Thank you.
March 01, 2022
Dr. Copeland's knowledge of my rare "one in a million " autoimmune disease makes me very confident in my care. In comparison to other patients worldwide, I know he leads a team of providers who have given me a new lease on life. PIH should be very proud of their accomplishments.
February 23, 2022
Doctor and staff very attentive--------
February 08, 2022
It was a great. Experience Thank you Dr. Copeland
February 07, 2022
Dr. Copeland is a great physician. We are very happy w him
January 19, 2022
All good staff.
January 19, 2022
As usual all doctors associated with Presbyterian, heart top drawer. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you so much for your courtesy and thank you so much for your care. Good day.
January 17, 2022
Dr Copeland was extremely patient and thorough. He was considerate of my thoughts and concerns.
January 17, 2022
The doctor is easy to talk to and answers all our questions.
December 15, 2021
At the beginning of the questions. I didn't understand that 4 would be definitely. And that's what I meant to do, 4 all across the board. So that was it. Thank you.
December 14, 2021
Dr. Copeland and his staff are friendly, compassionate and highly competent.
December 14, 2021
Have to wait in exam room 1 hour over my appt time. No one bothered to come in the keep me up to date on the drs time frame. Which would have been the polite thing to do.
December 13, 2021
Your service was perfect and I really appreciate it. You have a good day.
December 13, 2021
He was very thorough a good communicator, and we felt trust in him.
December 07, 2021
Dr Copeland is extremely caring and listens to all your concerns. His staff is very friendly. I would recommend him to all my family and friends
December 06, 2021
I was happy with my visit. He explained everything to me thoroughly. And I took a test and everything seems to be going well. And I feel a little improvement from the medications he prescribed for me. And I noticed a little change and I'm happy with that.
November 18, 2021
I was very pleased that Dr Copeland took his time and reviewed everything with my wife and I. I cannot remember the last time a doctor spent an hour with a patient. We were grateful for the time spent and the plan he has provided to find out why I'm having pain.
November 09, 2021
Dr. Copeland is a very kind and caring person
November 09, 2021
Like the people are doing good job
October 27, 2021
Dr. Copeland is an excellent doctor. He explains things very thoroughly. I answered question number 1 wrong. I love him. I just would not go to another neurologist. So yes, I would recommend him. He's very thorough. He's very patient. He explains things thoroughly, takes as much time as he needs.
October 27, 2021
Physician provided excellent care. We're moving out of state effective 11/19 2021 Thank You!
October 21, 2021
I just want to thank him for think Dr. Copeland for being patient with me and answering all of my questions and all of my notes and reviewing when he was reviewing my chart. That's he's he's really great at explaining things to me. The only thing I wish that would be more helpful would be if we were able to schedule appointments in a, in a more timely manner because it took me almost 2 1/2 or 3 months to get into his office. But other than that, I'm really happy with the level of care. He provided.
October 21, 2021
Everything's great at your building. I really, really like Dr. Copeland a lot. I find him to really know his stuff. I have [PHI removed], and I trust him. I value his opinion and I'm happy with everything. I got. I got no complaints, you know, thank you so much. And you guys hire great doctors. I have Dr. Con also and thank you. Thank you so much.
October 19, 2021
Very happy and satisfied with Dr Copeland, thank you.
October 19, 2021
Had to wait for over two months for an appointment but it was worth it. Dr. Copeland spent about an hour with me and answered all my questions.
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