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Dr. Chen had a fascination with medicine early on in his childhood, as both his father and grandfather were family doctors. “I have always known that I would go into medicine since I was in kindergarten. I saw firsthand how my father and grandfather’s work impacted the lives of those in our community on a daily basis” states Dr. Chen. “I enjoy the ability to improve my patients' lives by allowing them to hear, breathe and speak better. I am fortunate to specialize in a field where tangible results can make a difference in the patient’s daily life.” Outside of work, Dr. Chen has a fascination with food and says people are often surprised by how much he can eat. His favorite restaurants are Korean BBQs and Seafood Buffets. With such a great appreciation for food, comes a responsibility to remain active. He loves hiking, cross-country running, combat workouts, kayaking and biking to name a few. Dr. Chen loves the outdoors and appreciates all that mother-nature has to offer.

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Hospital/Group Affiliation

PIH Health Whittier Hospital

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  • Otolaryngology

Additional Languages

  • Chinese
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish
  • Taiwanese


Medical School

University of California School of Medicine (San Diego)


University of Tennessee Medical Center (Memphis)


University of Tennessee Medical Center (Memphis)

Board Certifications

  • Otolaryngology


Patient Reviews

September 16, 2022
Dr Chen & staff are very professional & helpful....
September 14, 2022
The only thing that was not very good was that I was waiting for a long time without being put in the room for 15-20 minutes without attending to me, but the suspensions later, but very good simply in the room, the siesta at 10, they fired me at 10:30. I have linen thread in the room and the nurse, she treated me very well, but she put me in and I spent more than 20 minutes waiting for the doctor, so those waits are what made me feel eternal about everything, the rest was very good, the care of the doctor doctor, do not turn on the nurse was very good.
September 13, 2022
It was excellent
September 13, 2022
The doctor did very well and it's all good. I am happy with the doctor and all his work and it is very good. This is what I can tell you.
September 12, 2022
He is a great doctor, great specialist. The only thing is that it does take a long time to be waiting in the waiting room for him.That's something that I believe you guys could probably improve. My appointment was at 8:20 and I didn't get seem to like 9/20 an hour later and I got there way before.
September 12, 2022
Everyone was so pleasant! First time seeing any Dr always makes me nervous . Dr asked alot of questions as did the nurse before him. Linda , the hearing tester was so patient & kind with me!
September 09, 2022
This doctor was so much better than the other specialist I've seen 15 years ago
September 08, 2022
Everything was very good. This was my second time seeing the doctor and I liked him. I liked him a lot. He explained himself very well and he spoke in my language, which is Spanish, and it was excellent.
September 07, 2022
Dr.Chen was polite, informative and professional. I would recommend him to family and friends.
September 02, 2022
Hello, my name is (PHI removed), I am returning to the call of the survey of Dr David's survey. I went to consult him, he seemed like a fine person, especially speaking to me in Spanish, I felt very good with him. She explained to me what I was and also her the lady who attended me who took my blood pressure I think her name was (name removed) she was also a very very nice person and that is what I can say that they treated me very well and my family would need to go see the doctor about ear and if they eat it I would give those everything and I thank Dr David and all his staff who treated me very well, thank you very much.
September 01, 2022
Everyone were friendly.
August 31, 2022
Very respectful and knowledgeable!
August 29, 2022
The doctor must be busy so it took long months to see a doctor. It will be nice if can make an appointment without waiting so long.
August 23, 2022
I really like Dr Chen as of my initial visit to his office. He's awesome!!!
August 22, 2022
Great staff and the doctor was very considerate of my concerns.
August 22, 2022
When waiting in the observation room, Dr. Chen was able to examined my son quite quick, in which we appriciated given his young age.
August 18, 2022
Dr Chen and (name removed) are we're wonderful. Since my last visit I feel a lot better. Thank you Dr Chen
August 18, 2022
It was my first visit to see Dr. Chen. He was very pleasant and knowledgeable. He explained what was going on with me and how we were going to resolve it. I feel I'm in good hands.
August 18, 2022
Pleasant bedside manner as well as a good listener. Did not feel rushed when asking questions and discussing symptoms.
August 17, 2022
It was a horrible experience for my child with Dr. Chen. She needed a simple ear cleaning that she has had many times with other doctors without issue. She left uncomfortable and upset. I only tried Dr. Chen for a closer location. Dr. Chen had no respect for anything we had to say, he even chuckled when my child expressed physical discomfort. Previously, we would regularly drive to CHOC in Orange and now I know we will need to continue that drive for better care.
August 17, 2022
What? I don't understand. What did you say? The doctor was excellent, he did very well. Yes, he was great.
August 16, 2022
Very happy with the visit.
August 11, 2022
Overall it was a good experience.
August 05, 2022
Wait too long to see the Dr.
August 04, 2022
I was just want to say he was great. He took me in on time and he was very considerate, everything to my needs and I'd recommend him. Highly. Thank you.
August 03, 2022
Dr. Chen is a very good listener. He is very resourceful and carrying we have a lot of respect for him. As he respects all we have to say.
August 03, 2022
It was fast and the staff were very friendly. The doctor was nice.
August 02, 2022
Very nice nurses
July 29, 2022
Stop asking the same questions over and over again. Dr Chen knows his business. I have been going to him for years. He is always open to questions and takes ample time with me.
July 29, 2022
Everyone was very polite and professional.
July 26, 2022
Very knowledgeable and very broad experience and explained everything clearly and grateful for understanding it all.
July 22, 2022
Very positive
July 21, 2022
Dr. Chen is great. I trust him completely. Staff was very cordial and handled my appointment with care.
July 13, 2022
I really like the staff at Dr. Chen's office. They are all kind and courteous. Dr. Chen is always so upbeat and makes you feel comfortable so no matter what you're going in to see him for you're not worried or nervous about what he's going to do. I would definitely send my family and friends to Dr. Chen if they needed care from an ENT.
July 07, 2022
Dr. Chen is thorough, patient and nice.
July 05, 2022
I definitely. I like my doctor, Dr. Chen. I've been with him for many years and I wouldn't exchange him for another one. And his staff also, and his nurse (name removed). I know I'm there for many years and I really like them they pay a lot of attention to whatever I've seen. They gave me the right answers. Thank you.
July 05, 2022
Great doctor!
June 30, 2022
The Dr explained things well so we can understand
June 29, 2022
I left Dr. Chen office not knowing what was wrong with me. If I will need surgery in the future for my left ear. I would like to know what the mass in my left ear is? Whereas the emergency room doctor was very thorough. I felt he cared about his patients. He has good bedside manner.
June 28, 2022
Dr. Chen was very cool guy . And his services were very much appreciated.
June 28, 2022
Very pleased with everyone, I was treated like a family member!
June 24, 2022
Dr& staff , very Professional and courteous
June 22, 2022
Staff was very nice !!!!
June 20, 2022
The medical assistant was rude
June 15, 2022
The nures staff that took us in and checked my son's vitals was so sweet, caring, friendly. Definitely made my son feel comfortable.
June 14, 2022
The best.....
June 13, 2022
Dr Chen is amazing and so patient with our son. Our son has mild autism and does not speak so Dr Chen has always been good with him and his patient with him. We love Dr Chen!!
June 08, 2022
He was very considerate and kind. Made sure I understood and his office staff also were very kind
June 03, 2022
I had a great experience with Dr.Chen. He was very thorough and made me feel very comfortable. He explained everything I needed to know in a timely manner, which I was able to understand.
June 03, 2022
My appointment was at 8:00 and they didn't attend to me until 9:30.
May 31, 2022
This is, well. I'd like to compliment the offices of Dr. Chen. He's very thorough and he's very patient with me. He spends the whole time and the most important thing is he listens aside from that I was mentioning about the new procedure with the other, you know, other specialist (INAUDIBLE)procedure, which is basically being used in the LA area also. So I hope you guys will be able to get the kind of procedure in the future. (INAUDIBLE)these providing care for by the air.
May 20, 2022
Everything was very professional except I was left in the Examining room for 40 minutes.Office staff should have knocked on the door to inform me that the doctor was running late.
May 18, 2022
I called to schedule having my hearing checked, and they brought me in on a day the audiologist was not there. Now I have to go back for a second visit. I am not happy about the lack of respect for my time.
May 17, 2022
In answering your questions, on the first two questions, I pressed one, instead of four. It was two questions. Otherwise, Dr. Chen is excellent. His office is excellent. When I'm there and I've been taken care of very well, but it's very difficult to get in, to make an appointment, for telephone is very difficult to get in to. It would be nice if we could make our appointments ahead of time, by some other way. Thank you very much.
May 16, 2022
Dr. Chen showed a real interest to resolve my problem. He demonstrated real care and attention to my problem with my ear. I have since felt some relief and feel very hopeful that Dr. Chen will ultimately be able to provide me with a long time relief.
May 16, 2022
I was really impressed with the time Dr Chen took to talk to my 3 y/o to make her feel comfortable and not rush through the exam.
May 16, 2022
Very professional and skilled. Someone I would truly recommend
May 12, 2022
The doctor is very professional he listen to everything I had to say And he worked on my ear. Good job Dr
May 12, 2022
my mother was so happy with her experience.
May 03, 2022
Dr Chen is a very friendly, patience doctor. Rosie, the office nurse. Is very helpful too.
April 29, 2022
Very good.
April 28, 2022
Ok. PIH is Mr. Clean and neat, great stained glass... an historic building. Nice receptionist. Live and learn. Ask more questions first and always. My mistake. Didn't ask enough questions while Whittier PIH scheduler offered two sites for Dr. Chen for new patient and first office visit. Chose Montebello (closer to home). Assumed office would be fully equipped for a complete hearing evaluation as were my three prior hearing doctor's in Arcadia Cerritos and Whittier hearing center. Looked to expedite and had preferred a one time all inclusive visit to include initial consulation, ENT exam and complete Hearing evaluation test, as per my personal assumption and hopeful expectation. While my initial meeting with Dr. Chen was pleasant, starting out welI, was taken aback when he was suddenly leaving the opeatory, stating, "we'll start with the hearing test first" (I thought great, let's go). Then he stated "the nurse will schedule next appointment" and "oh don't use qtips"( I agreed). Then I realized, consult was over!! Ah surprise!! I still had unfinished questions falling from lips, regarding my treatment protocols but Dr. Chen was exiting, half his body out the door while I still hadn't presented my patients' questions. No... not to use quips and the nurse will schedule next appointment. I didn't voice my disappointment, then, still upholding my polite decorum to nurse (name removed). Since my concern was for Hearing Loss AND Tinnitus and as I'm in unrelenting miserable discomfort with tinnitus and can't wait until May 19 for a hearing evaluation and not looking forward to another $10 copay, my time, inconvenience and waiting for resolution into May now ... My mistake.. wow, I should have asked more during first phone call to schedule appt. as to the standard course of treatment is administered (how soon) for tinnitus suffering. It is urgent (to me). Need help as soon as possible. Please advise patients up front, what to expect.
April 26, 2022
Dr. Chen did explain and listened to the patient. My ear wax situation was taken care of immediately and the same with my nose. He placed the camera down my nostril after spraying my nostrils and kept me informed. Very good visit.
April 25, 2022
Dr. Chen is the best!
April 25, 2022
Dr. Chen has always been a very kind and caring physician.
April 25, 2022
The doctor is very good for me. I recommend him.
April 19, 2022
Very professional and efficient. I am a retired Physician and now about quality care.
April 14, 2022
Overall, very pleased with experience doctor was great stuff, very polite very friendly. I really enjoyed Presbyterian. Thank you. Bye.
April 14, 2022
I wouldn't trade Dr. David Chen for obody in this wide world. He's he's a magnificent magnificent person who listens and is always there for you regardless, don't ever take him away from us patients, we respect him and he respects us and to be truthful. There should be more Dr. David Chen in your facility. I'm pretty sure there are but he's just, he says my difference in person and We get along really very well. I wouldn't trade him off or anybody. So just about it.
April 13, 2022
April 08, 2022
Good doctors, great staff
April 08, 2022
I wish all doctors were like Dr Chen. Very easy going and listened and responded with professional opinions. Office staff very friendly
March 31, 2022
Very clean and amazing staff.
March 24, 2022
Extremely pleased with services provided by Dr. Chen and his staff.
March 23, 2022
Doctor Chen is very kind and professional
March 21, 2022
Please extend the free parking period to at least 60 minutes. This office wants patients to arrive 15 minutes early. Add the time to see the Doctor and the visit is very close to 60 minutes to get in and out. So I have to pay $3.00 for parking for being in the office 45 minutes to 60 minutes. NOT NICE in a day with rising inflation, health care costs, and living on a fixed income (retired).
March 17, 2022
Dr. Chen is a very nice and kind doctor. He carefully did ear exam and explained it to me. He can speak Mandarin Chinese to communicate to me which made me so easy to know my ear problems and his treatment. It was a very helpful treatment to relive my symptoms. I have a positive and pleasant experience to visit Dr. Chen. Highly recommending him to other patients.
March 15, 2022
I never have to wait to see Dr. Chen and this day I waited over an hour today to even get called back to his office and no one ever came and said anything to me
March 15, 2022
I was very happy and very calm because I was nervous when I went in, but it was very, very nice that they attend me. Thank you.
March 15, 2022
Slightly scattered due to first time visit and DVD information new to Dr. Chen. Very attentive and explained everything very satisfactorily.
March 14, 2022
Everybody very helpful!?
March 14, 2022
The service was super excellent, excellent both from the receptionists of everyone there and from the doctor. I am very happy with the service and I do recommend it to everyone, thank you.
March 11, 2022
I have only had one appointment with Dr Chen, but i am hopeful he will be able to help me. i have seen several ENT's who were not able to help me.
March 10, 2022
Doctor Chen took the time to explain everything in detail and made sure I understood everything he was talking to me about. I never felt rushed! He listens!
March 04, 2022
This was my first appt with the doctor. I'm going to see him again.
March 04, 2022
Excellent office staff, excellent nurse, excellent doctor. Dr. Chen is the best.
March 02, 2022
Well, I would rate Dr. Chen, about a ten by the way, to him and made because I don't know him yet this is the first time I go to him and for being the first time I go, he solve my problem right away he knew what what's wrong, he treated me real good, real careful and listen to everything I had to say and they gave me appointment and media lead next time right away when I need it as soon as I finish my medication, I go and they gave me at 3, a definite appointment and the girls are there. I'm, there were very nice so I have nothing but good comments about him, but I cannot really say I could recommend him to anybody until I go several times to him okay.
February 28, 2022
(name removed) is very professional and kind, communicates well, and the staff is very nice!
February 23, 2022
This is my first time with Dr. Chen. I think he should have stayed stayed a little longer and talked to me and explained and I asked him about questions, he answered quickly and he said, "Okay, you're done."
February 23, 2022
I was seen even without open appointments do to a scary symptom I encountered staff listened and relayed message to doctor squeeze me in thankfully and so happy with the doctor exam and explanation helped calm my anxiety and understand what had occurred to me
February 22, 2022
I had a very excellent experience going to Dr. Chen. The receptionist were very friendly. The lady who took me in, the nurse was very understanding and listened to me and so did the doctor. I am definitely refer him and I will definitely go back to him. Thank you.
February 16, 2022
I did. I love Dr. Chen and everyone, but I did not like the policy that we have to pay to get in. I think it's really sad because, you know, some people really don't have the money to do that and to pee in to get into the parking structure. I just and I see so many old people having such a hard time and it's always stuck. Somebody's going wrong. You have to wait, you know, a five to seven minutes in line because you can't get out, something's wrong. And it's just such a hassle. And I really wish they would, you know, if $3 is a lot. I mean, hey, you know, when you want us to do it for a dollar, you know, a lot of people cannot afford $3. I'm just, I know what I see, and I go there often. So if you can
February 11, 2022
Dr. David Chen is a great ENT doctor. I'd recommend him to friends or family.
February 10, 2022
Doctor Chen very nice personality
February 04, 2022
For perfectly what they are doing is very good (unreadable) but your work is very good and wait and (unreadable).
February 04, 2022
Dr was very attentive and showed concern for my situation.
February 03, 2022
Yes, well Dr. Chen was a very knowledgeable person and very polite and he asked a very, very good and pertinent questions in regards to getting my getting an authorization from him. And I would definitely recommend him to anybody that I had that I know that that is a personable type person, and would enjoy having him as a doctor. Thank you.
February 01, 2022
Dr. Chen is was extremely professional and listened to all questions carefully I am very satisfied
February 01, 2022
Very nice
January 27, 2022
Dr Chen is awesome, what a cool guy. Explains things perfectly so any dummy like myself could understand.
January 26, 2022
Great staff... polite, professional and friendly. Great doctor... Trust and respect him. He smiles too!
January 25, 2022
The doctor and the staff were very professional. And make me feel very welcome in the office. And explained everything thoroughly, so I would not hesitate to recommend doctor's office. And I will definitely be back. Thank you.
January 21, 2022
Dr. Chen and his staff were very professional, friendly and caring!
January 19, 2022
Great staff. Friendly. I waited for Dr Chen for maybe 3 minutes before he came in the room. He is awesome. He explained everything perfectly. He listened to my concerns. He even went online to research some supplements I am taking. I look forward to my follow up appointment. The woman who scheduled my next appointment was very nice and helpful.
January 18, 2022
I was impressed with the timely service. So many appointments make you wait 20-30 minutes. I arrived early, knowing paperwork. I was seen within 7-8 minutes of my scheduled appointment. Thank you !
January 17, 2022
No definitely Dr. Chen was a very good doctors, nurses pretty me very well. I only waited about a minute in the living room waiting room We'll be right away. They took me in, so I was in the office and they took all the vital status of my health then blood pressure and all that. Everything is good. So I appreciate it, and he's very good doctor. I can hardly wait to go see him again. He took care of me, so I have no issue with that. Thank you very much. Talk to you later. Bye. This is [PHI removed].
January 04, 2022
He is an excellent dr. It took a long time a few years ago to find someone with his expertise.
December 28, 2021
Hello. Yes, Dr. Chen is a very good doctor. He did exactly what I needed to have done that day, and I do appreciate him, giving me some answers to some questions. So, yes, I do. Appreciate Dr. Chen. He's a very good doctor. Thank you. Goodbye.
December 28, 2021
Dr. Chen and his team was amazing and they did a great job. Can't wait to see my results. They're very professional. I would recommend them to anybody.
December 14, 2021
Just thank the Dr. and the medical staff for the good care I received during my consultation. Thank you. and Happy Holidays
December 13, 2021
We arrived 15 minutes earlier than our appt. and about 6 or 7 people arrived after us and each and every one of them was called in to be seen before my guy. I had to ask front desk staff to check with back office staff why we were being overlooked 45 minutes after our arrival.
December 13, 2021
Office says she needs to check the insurance to see if I am covered for MRI before scheduling. Since I am PPO, I just made the appointment with Radiology department with no hassle. The only hassle is I have to cancel the check up visit since the radiology department visit is scheduled after the check up visit. Waited all day and she didn't call me back with the approval. Someone needs to let her know.
December 13, 2021
very satisfied
December 13, 2021
I was great that the office was able to accommodate my work schedule and get me in so quickly after the referral. And, the next appointment is already set. Thank you!
December 13, 2021
Got in to see Dr.Chen 40 min late for a nine o'clock appt. I'm sure something came up as he is usually right on time.
December 10, 2021
It was my first time to see Dr. Chen to address a new health situation. He listened carefully and considered different possibilities and then ordered a test to be taken in the future. I feel confident in his decision about how to proceed.
December 09, 2021
Always very polite and explains everything so that I understand. Staff is very nice
December 03, 2021
It was a nice experience
December 01, 2021
I'm a little on edge thinking about a second opinion
November 30, 2021
They were very kind and thoughtful, and I had plenty of time to tell him...what I wanted to. Thank you.
November 30, 2021
excellent service
November 23, 2021
Above and beyond all measures. Even though I live in the high desert I won't give up all my providers at PIH. Thank you for the great work.
November 22, 2021
I am very, very satisfied with the service from the doctor. It is excellent. I feel very comfortable going to the doctor. He always listens to me and is aware of what I say.
November 22, 2021
I am very happy with Dr. David chen and I would like to recommend the (unreadable) times more, the very friendly staff is very happy, I could recognize recommending this doctor and the clinic with many people, thank you very much.
November 19, 2021
Dr. Chen took the time to listen to my concerns, allowed me to describe my symptoms without rushing me. He explained things in a slow manner to make sure I understood.
November 19, 2021
Dr.Chen is very professional!
November 15, 2021
It was very positive and I convinced my husband to see Dr. Chen too.
November 08, 2021
I rate him as one of the best doctor specialists of PIH. The most important trait this doctor has is patience and "He listens". Therefore he is a people person. It is great for PIH to have.
November 05, 2021
The doctor, himself, was very thorough, very nice, and explained everything so that I understood it. I only have hearing out of one ear but I never had to ask him (INAUDIBLE) to repeat himself. I would definitely recommend him. I'm only sorry that he isn't in to private practice, because I'm in need of a primary care doctor. The staff ... the staff was exceptionally helpful, very nice, very courteous. I didn't have to wait long and I recommend the office staff, as well. So thank you very much for the opportunity to be seen by the staff and Dr. Chen.
November 04, 2021
Dr Chen is detailed and conscientious on dealing with the situation at hand ! I would recommend him as your ENT doctor!
November 02, 2021
Well, number one, I'd like to say that my Dr is fantastic. What you can improve, Is that this ... you calling me, and spending this much time wasting my time is absolutely ridiculous. This is the second time you called me, and you keep calling me while I'm in the middle of doing something, and I do not appreciate it. So, what you could do better, is the either have an actual person call me, and ask me these questions, because you're trying to say that you're not taking up my time, but you are, and I don't appreciate it.
November 02, 2021
Dr. Chen has empathy, he is attentive to my needs. I highly recommend him
October 25, 2021
For me Dr. Sainz is a wonderfully good doctor. I would recommend it, thank you.
October 15, 2021
Dr Chen is a very Professional gentleman. He is also curious, funny person. I'm sick when I go see Dr Chen, but I always leave happy and actually forget about my illness. It's always a pleasure to go to see him and the staff are so nice too. Place is clean, never a problem. I do have ONE BIG PROBLEM though... your parking ticket machine to exit SUCKS. Very irritating and I see people so annoyed just like me..
October 14, 2021
I don't think he need to improve nothing. He's very caring, explain everything. I think I can say that he's great. Thank you.
October 11, 2021
Dr. Chen was really easy to talk to. He was super approachable. Seemed very knowledgeable. Spent all the time he needed to with me and I'm super happy with my care.
October 11, 2021
Very professional, knowledgeable attentive, listened to your issues with a patience!
October 06, 2021
I was very pleased with my visit and examination
October 06, 2021
I was treated quite well as I had with the rest of the providers that I have seen with PIH. I'm happy with all three doctors that I'm seeing right now. And definitely, I would recommend any one of the three, two family members. Thank you.
October 05, 2021
Dr. Chen seemed very knowledgable and provided courteous care. I just wished he would have explained if we needed to follow up with my dad's care. However, he didn't seem too concerned with his condition so I think he doesn't need a recheck. However, he was concerned with his hearing loss and scheduled us with an appointment. Office staff very nice and helpful
October 05, 2021
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