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Patient Reviews

July 19, 2022
I am totally not satisfied with the visit I had yesterday with the doctor that was on shift. I was there approximately 5 hours waiting and I was patient number 9. And all the people there left and then others would come after me and I was still there with my son and I had an appointment. They definitely need to add another doctor or change that doctor to have him actually speak with you. I didn't even get to speak with my primary care doctor. I waited 5 hours to be seen at the ER just to see what was going on with me.
July 19, 2022
The doctor listened to my concerns and was very helpful.
July 16, 2022
The doctor was very attentive and pleasant.
July 16, 2022
Hi. We were seen by a (INAUDIBLE) at Urgent care Downy. We had a great experience with him. He had the best bed side manner. He was great with my child, he was great with me. He was very thorough extremely inviting. He was fantastic. And actually I get my first 2 questions that I answered. I threw them incorrectly as 2's and they should have been 4's, but all in all Fabian was absolutely(INAUDIBLE). We have (name removed) and is Fabian ever Dr. Fabian ever becomes a pediatrician. We would absolutely don't have to be seen at his office cause he was great with my daughter. Thank you PIH.
July 16, 2022
We were seen pretty quickly. Dr. Esqueda was thorough and addressed all my concerns. My daughter said he "was cool"!
July 05, 2022
Long time waiting for the doctor.
July 05, 2022
Took them 3 hours to see my child only 2 drs there office packed..then my son was supposed to get right thumb x ray on it and nurse put left HAND..she even messed up with man in there with us he was supposed to get right toe xrayed she put left!! Then the dr literally told nure my son needed just a brace put on and we sat there for 30 more mins..because nurse in other area yapping about what should they eat and forget about us why only 2 drs there??
July 04, 2022
It went very well. Thank you !
July 04, 2022
It was overall a great experience , great and friendly staff willing to help. Really happy with the service
June 10, 2022
He was a really good doctor .
May 18, 2022
The Dr. was very friendly, helpful and made it super easy. Had a great experience.
May 15, 2022
This provider listened to me, regarding an issue unrelated to what I went to Urgent Care for. He helped me regarding my constipation problem and prescribe something for it. Thank you.
May 14, 2022
May 04, 2022
Doctor was great Service was awful! I've been attending this facility for over 20 years and they took over two hours to see me at the urgent care which was NOT much patients, it was not a great experience at all. I don't know if you guys are short staff but this has to change.
April 26, 2022
Amazing service very kind
April 12, 2022
Well. I was doing okay. Those exams. We okay. the doctor barely explained. What's wrong with me? And so far right now? I don't know what really happened to me that. Period. That time I was in the hospital. And when they say handling me, like if I was a little boy. That's when I walked out of the hospital. I'm really sorry that that happened. I'm not like I say, I'm not a little kid to be put on. But thank you for your services. Hopefully, maybe next time will be better. Thank you much. Bye bye.
April 11, 2022
The best service is given as expected. True professionals
March 29, 2022
The staff quality was above reproach. The PA who treated me was compassionate and understanding.
March 29, 2022
Went to Urgent Care pretty sick-expectorating green phlegm. I was told to go to the store and buy throat spray. I had to call back their office and with no voice and leave a message. The office called back and then a prescription was sent to CVS. I ask about cough syrup and was told to buy it over the counter. I am still sick! First time I went to said Urgent Care..
March 27, 2022
Every visit has been rushed and I often feel hurried thru my visits. Came for complaint of headache and left without any remedy except told to follow up with neurology. Providers here refer out for every little thing. I could have been trialed on something for my headache while waiting for neuro referral but was offered nothing except to wait until approved to see neurology. Overall, my experiences over several years have been poor quality, I almost hate to come in for any issues because I know inevitably I will be offered some type of referral and be sent on my way rather than my care being managed by my provider. I work in healthcare, so I understand the need to refer when appropriate, but this is excessive.
March 22, 2022
Urgent Care did not have access to MRI and it had very limited services for x-rays for an injury so if you can improve in that area, I'd appreciate it.
March 22, 2022
All the staff was very courteous & professional from beginning in the check-in, including the exam room & radiology. I'm new to PIH & I'm glad I made the switch.
March 20, 2022
Very professional.
March 14, 2022
I was overcharged for a copay of $20 and was charged $40. No where to call to claim a refund?
February 27, 2022
The exam was very thorough
February 27, 2022
Dr. Esqueda has great bedside manners. He ruled out COVID, strep, and the flu based on my daughters symptoms. I feel like a lot of providers don't flu screen since the COVID pandemic. This provider did all the above. Thankfully, he screened for the flu because time is essence for Tamiflu. As an RN PIH Whittier employee, I have high standards for health care providers in general because I work in a dept that has set the bar. Everyone working that day exceed my expectations. I verbally told them all myself as well. This is my first written review which says a lot about the excellent care my daughter received.
February 13, 2022
Fabian and the rest of the staff were very Profesional and thorough.
January 29, 2022
Did not like the customer service and the nurse assistance staff. Customer service person kept talking about her personal life with another staff member when she was checking me in. In addition, the nurse assistance was extremely rough when performing the Covid Test. It was not a good experience overall. At least the urgent care clinic was clean, and I did not have to wait too long.
December 04, 2021
The doctor and the staff very nice and, take care of us very well, thank you. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friend.
December 04, 2021
PA Fabian and the staff were very attentive - they listened to my needs and explained things thoroughly. They were all very patient and kind. I felt like I was in good hands
December 03, 2021
The office was very friendly and the medical assistants were very helpful.
December 03, 2021
Fabian Esqueda, PA was very attentive and listened to my concerns and needs. He was thorough from his assessment to evaluation. He provided education and made sure I understood. Overall, he made me feel comfortable and confident in his care.
December 03, 2021
The nurse that checked my son was so sweet and patient with him. He is special needs and she took her time to make him feel comfortable. Thank you
November 05, 2021
Compared to other Dr offices, this one was the best one. I did not spend hours and hours waiting to be seen. I appreciated how nice everyone was.
October 25, 2021
My name is (unreadable) I am happy with the service provided by all the caregivers, forgive all the fingers, because I liked the doctor, he was very good, very professional. I am happy and yes I recommend it, thank you and (unreadable).
October 25, 2021
This provider as well as the check in reception area where totally rude. Did not hear me out. This office is my family regular doctors office. I have NEVER had such a hard time trying to get a COVID test done. My daughter had also checked in. But seen by Dr. Lai who was totally the contrary he was patient,hearing US both. I was seen by physician assistant Fabian who was cocky and arrogant. I normally only go in maybe 1 or 2 a year in this office. My daughter more often seen here. Being more delicate. I have had better out come at drive thru testing site. This being my Dr's office embarrassing.
October 20, 2021
Thank you to PA Fabian he made our visit to urgent care so much easy , explained everything and made My son and I feel comfortable
October 10, 2021
It took ONE HOUR just to check in (only one receptionist on duty at the time) and another ONE AN A HALF HOURS in the waiting room before I was seen by the provider for the five minutes it took to prescribe the appropriate medication and send me on my way. Unfortunately it was the type of visit where I had to give a specimen so a virtual appointment (not that they are even offered) was not an option. No matter how nice the staff was it didn't make up for the almost THREE HOURS I had to wait, in my already immuno-compromised condition, In the middle of a pandemic.
October 10, 2021
The location should have been a 4 . I'm one I would recommend this facility to my stomach. So I was very pleased and content with Urgent Care and the providers and the front desk everyone. I really appreciate it.
October 09, 2021
Yeah, the positive. So the staff was all very nice. I was seen by a PA. So I know he was very limited as to what he could do and have to refer me to a primary doctor of the wait, time was terrible. I seen when I was at Kaiser, the room was a lot more fuller and I got seen a lot sooner, but yet maybe other smaller stuff, but it was a very long, wait time, but just my opinion. I don't know what the background information is and how many staff members you have and all that stuff. So, but anyway, thank you so much, and I appreciate your follow up to ask me these questions and hopes of improve. Thank you. Bye. Bye.
October 02, 2021
I was really shocked that the Urgent Care there in Rowland Heights, how they saw me fast. I thought they were going to give me a hard time and everything went smooth.
October 02, 2021
Excellent experience! Am grateful for addressing my painful issue.
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