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Patient Reviews

January 13, 2022
Take to long its worst than going to the er.
December 23, 2021
This physician's assistant sat on top of the sink. He only listened to my ears and I mean, check my ears and listened to my heart. Told me I had a viral infection. I demanded, insisted to take a Covid test, and after he was going to let me leave the office believing I only had a viral infection. Then after I insisted on taking the Covid test because I coughed then it comes back and says, I'm positive for coronavirus. That is horrible Health Care. He says, well, we don't test everybody who coughs. He didn't take any notes on the computer of our visit, and then his nurse asked me to leave when I wanted to speak to the nurse. This is one of the worst experiences. Please call me at [PHI removed]. I'd like an administrator to please call me because this was horrible. Here I am contagious and this man is talking about how I just have a viral infection when it was actually coronavirus. He should not be a physician's assistant. Thank you.
November 16, 2021
Nothing was great. The wait time was almost 2 hours just to be seen and on top of it, he didn't really care for what I have. He just wanted to send me home because I just have the cold. I'm still sick; It's already been a week and I'm still sick. And he only gave me cough medication, because I request to have some medication. It didn't want to do for me no covid-19 test. You didn't want to do for me, any type of testing and check what's going on with me. He just told me it's just a common cold. Very bad doctor. I will never ever step over there. I'm going to go ahead and change my insurance provider for sure this time.
November 16, 2021
There no wait on been seen and I like that.
November 04, 2021
I went to Urgent Care. I was seen right away. I also had to fill out a medical release form, while I was waiting. I got in pretty quickly. Got x-rays on my shoulder, pretty quickly. Got answers on my shoulder and my hip pretty quickly. And I was very satisfied with my visit there. Thank you.
November 04, 2021
the technician of the Xray's took forever to appear. I waited for more than 40 minutes
October 14, 2021
Provider explained everything really well.
October 07, 2021
The doctor explained me attentively ... but they left me in the room waiting for the doctor 40 minutes when the room outside was empty I was only in the waiting room when I entered because I went to the emergency room and made me wait for 40 minutes (unreadable) I would have died of so much waiting, the nurses are not very friendly, the best care was that of the doctor despite his long wait
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