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Becoming a doctor was always what Dr. Braverman wanted to do. When asked why Dr. Braverman chose Bariatric Surgery as a career he stated, “It provides me with the opportunity to not only help patients lose a significant amount of weight, but to also potentially cure their weight related diseases. Really though, it gives patients a second chance at a healthier life.  Surgical weight loss increases energy, improves appearance and most importantly, dramatically improves the patient’s quality of life. I truly love what I do.” Dr. Braverman enjoys the continuity of care that comes with Bariatric Surgery as he gets to know his patients through their weight loss journey. Having performed over 3,000 bariatric operations with extremely low complication rates and no deaths, he is one of the most experienced and safest weight loss surgeons in California. Dr. Braverman’s hobbies include physical fitness, oil painting, gardening, and playing softball. Most of all, he loves spending time with his wife and young children and enjoys taking advantage of living in sunny, Southern California.

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PIH Health Whittier Hospital

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Bariatric Surgery



Mount Sinai Hospital Medical Center-Chicago (Illinois)


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Mount Sinai Hospital Medical Center-Chicago (Illinois)

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Finch University of Health Sciences/Chicago Medical School (Illinois)

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Surgery (General Cert)


Patient Reviews

November 16, 2021
Dr Braverman, had to reschedule my surgery date, due to personal issues he had and he apologized for that, and appreciated that I waited for him. That was very kind and sincere of him.
November 15, 2021
Love the staff, felt like I was being heard.
November 10, 2021
Everyone in the office was respectful and friendly.
November 05, 2021
This is the best doctor I have every had. I trust him totally
November 03, 2021
Everything is great !
November 02, 2021
Consistent excellent customer service with excellent care from Dr. Braverman and staff. Much appreciated.
October 27, 2021
As mentioned in my last appointment I had to wait over an hour to been seen. Yes I did check in online.
October 27, 2021
I didn't plan on having surgery, but If I get to a point where I know I need it without a doubt I'd choose Dr. Braverman.
October 22, 2021
Excellent service I would return even if I had to pay for consultation
October 13, 2021
This provider is the most passionate and caring doctor, I have ever had. Extremely nice, extremely professional, and great at what he does.
October 12, 2021
Dr. Braverman was very nice, explained everything to me, answered my questions and told me everything that I should know regarding the surgery. The staff was especially kind and he is just a great doctor and I look forward to seeing him in the future.
October 12, 2021
Dr. Braverman is amazing! He made me feel comfortable and spoke to me with in-depth details. So in depth to the point where I thought I can do the surgery myself now lol.... I honestly love his personality you can tell he's definitely passionate about what he does. I am so glad that I was recommended to Dr. Braverman I hope to get my surgery as soon as possible from him.
October 11, 2021
Dr. Braverman is the best doctor I've ever gone to. He explains things really well. And I trust him and I'm so happy that I found him to do my surgery. He is a great person.
July 27, 2021
Dr Braverman is a genuine person with a great bedside manner. Take care of him, he's a keeper
July 23, 2021
Dr Braverman and his staff are amazing. They are the best all the way around. ?
July 14, 2021
Dr. Braverman and his staff were welcoming and explained everything very clearly.
July 13, 2021
I really liked the care that Dr. Braverman shows towards each of his patients. The way he explained with confidence and talked about the procedures he offers made me fee comfortable and safe.
July 06, 2021
Dr Braverman has a way of making you feel comfortable. He explained each procedure carefully and answered all my questions and set my mind at ease.
June 28, 2021
They all went up and beyond my expectations.
June 25, 2021
Dr Braverman was wonderful. Spent time drawing diagrams to explain the procedure
June 22, 2021
Staff was courteous and provided excellent service
June 11, 2021
I appreciate how Honest & Respectful Dr.Braverman is
June 02, 2021
Dr. Braverman is patient, listens patiently, also very informative. He made me feel so at ease with my upcoming surgery. All the office staff are professional, polite,and curteous. I have not had one bad experience yet. They truly abide by the motto of "Patients First". I work at the PIH call center and I know about Great Customer Service- They have it there.
June 01, 2021
Just wanted to say how very pleased I was in seeing the doctor.
May 18, 2021
Dr. Braver and his team were very helpful in answering all my questions and concerns.
May 14, 2021
Everyone of the Office Staff are caring and kind. They spend as much time with you until you are fully aware of your condition and have no further questions. You leave feeling informed and safe.
May 11, 2021
May 07, 2021
My visit with Dr. Braverman was the BEST doctors appointment I've ever had. The office staff treated me with respect and kindness while still keeping things professional. Dr. Braverman was patient and extremely knowledgeable. He answered all my questions and did not seem rushed in the least. He explained my possible surgery in detail and made sure I understood everything about my future weight loss revision surgery.
May 05, 2021
Very grateful for Dr. Braverman. Not only does he have a great skill set as a doctor, he has a wonderful and friendly personality. I appreciate all he and his office have done to support me on this journey and would highly recommend him and his staff for such procedures.
May 04, 2021
Dr. Braverman and his office were exceptional. They treated me, he listened to everything that I said. He took time to talk to me and explain everything it was a great experience.
April 28, 2021
Dr. Braverman saved my life he gave me a new, a new healthy way of living. It's amazing. I was truly blessed to have him be my surgeon.
April 27, 2021
Dr. Braverman shows such amazing care and compassion for his patients. He answers all questions as honestly as he can! I would recommend him to any of my friends and family!
April 23, 2021
Dr. Braverman spent a lot of time with me explaining everything and will be testing for problems that I am having.
April 21, 2021
Dr. Braverman's staff, and Dr. Braverman, are highly recommended to any of my friends, relatives, or anybody I talk to. He's a great asset to the PIH family. And hopefully he has a long life with them.
April 21, 2021
Dr.Braverman is probably the most pleasant and down to earth doctor I have dealt with.His assistance were also very pleasant,seemed to really like there jobs.All in all I am looking forward to our new journey.Thank you Dr. Braverman and team for making me feel so good and confident about my decision.
April 20, 2021
Amazing service.
April 20, 2021
All around i give office and staff a 10
April 19, 2021
The staff, the crew, doctors, nurses, aides, were very good at what they did, their due diligance, process and procedures, were explained.
April 16, 2021
I liked that he gave me the ups and downs of the situation and his thoughts on these and best option for the situation. I liked him and very helpful and broke the process down so it's easy to understand. He took my stress away right away .
April 14, 2021
I felt very comfortable with him. I was able to share very personal things with him and not feel embarrassed.
April 14, 2021
I liked that Dr. Braverman sat on his stool and looked straight at me when he talked. Great communication skills, he speaks and he listens. He fit me in on an emergency basis due to a possible band slippage from placement in 2007!! He is the only Doctor I have let touch my lap band since it was placed. Even the needle stick in my abdomen was painless.
April 12, 2021
I had great support from the doctor. He is an angel for me. Thank you.
March 26, 2021
Dr. Braverman and his staff provide excellent care and our highly recommended. I cannot say enough good things about them.
March 26, 2021
Dr B always listens and is always positive and gives you the best advise. I love going to see him and his staff. They are very nice and polite.
March 23, 2021
Great experience.
March 19, 2021
Wonderful team. They make every visit as painless as possible.
March 16, 2021
Thanks for everything. Dr. Braverman is a good doctor.
March 16, 2021
I love Dr Braverman. He is an awesome doctor and I completely trust him. He is so down to earth and easy to talk to. Looking forward to seeing him in the future.
March 12, 2021
Amazing office everyone is friendly and nice. Got my weight wrong but I know lol
March 12, 2021
Always a great experience with the Dr, he' explains everything and answers any questions I may have.
March 10, 2021
Dr. Braverman and his entire staff. Our exceptional in every way and I had the very best care that anybody could have and when I was in the hospital having my surgery the nurses treated me with the upmost concern and care, and I absolutely have nothing but wonderful things to say about PIH nurses. They are wonderful and Dr. Braverman is wonderful and his staff is wonderful. Thank you.
March 10, 2021
Dr. Braverman is awesome. I love him. He's a very, very, very, very good doctor and surgeon and I look forward to seeing him in my next appointment and he takes very, very good care of all of his patients. Thank you.
March 03, 2021
The office visit was perfect. The parking lot situation at PIH and the auxiliary building like Putman has turned into a nightmare. No place to park and long lines trying to exit because you don't have someone manning the exit gates. People pull up (especially the elderly and/or non English speaking people) and they can't figure out how to pay the parking fee. Numerous times, myself and others, have had to get out and go help these poor people who can't figure the thing out. I don't mind paying but you need to make getting the ticket paid and the exit gate easier for people.
March 02, 2021
I think the nurse's assistant should be a little bit nicer and a little bit more patient. And I felt like I was rushed.
February 17, 2021
Everything and everyone were great
February 16, 2021
Dr Braverman is always very nice and listens and remembers past conversations. He is very caring and always takes his time when I am there for my appointment.
February 12, 2021
It was a really good call. The doctor was well prepared when he got on the call, he knew all of my labs and referenced some of the observations of other doctors in the system. He advised me about a vitamin deficiency that he found in my labs. He listened to my issues and offered recommendations. I felt much better after talking to him. I also felt that he and his team are always available if I need their assistance.
February 10, 2021
the Doctor and staff have been wonderful, a pleasure to see them.
February 09, 2021
the different team members are very organized and timely.
January 25, 2021
Dr. Braverman came highly recommended by my good friend and daughter and he lived up to their accolades.
January 22, 2021
Dr. Braverman and his whole team took amazing care of me in this entire process and I would recommend it to all my friends and family. I am so forever grateful for them and I completely left and was impressed by the way that they took care of me.
January 20, 2021
Very helpful and understanding. Doesn't rush the visit and makes sure you understand everything
January 18, 2021
Dr Braverman and staff were professional and courteous and answered all my questions
January 14, 2021
Dr. Braverman is a great doctor!
January 13, 2021
Dr. Braverman and his staff have always shown professionalism and respect. They are always so helpful and kind. Dr. Braverman is the best!
January 11, 2021
Dr. Braverman is amazing. He's a very good professional. You know, I trust him 100% and actually I changed my plan. I changed my insurance just for him because I trust him. He's the best Bariatric doctor and my new PCP is the best too. Thank you.
December 23, 2020
Dr is truly interested in my progress and my well being. He explains things and we talk about everything! He is really awesome!
December 15, 2020
Dr was very reassuring
December 11, 2020
I would recommend Dr Braverman and staff to anyone In need. I can't Thank Dr Braverman enough He has truly changed my life for the best!
December 08, 2020
He was awesome and I wish all my doctors had his personality
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