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Patient Reviews

July 28, 2022
The prescription is excellently correct, worked 100%. Thank you!
July 28, 2022
Dr. Kimberly Bartelus was amazing. She was so professional so thorough, so kind and just to is by far one of the best physicians I've seen in a very long time. So, I'm very grateful for her. Thank you so much for having her be a part of your team or be available to us.
July 24, 2022
I would recommend this provider.
July 21, 2022
Doctor was hands down amazing. She explained everything very thoroughly. You could tell that she really enjoys their job and my son was very comfortable during the scary situation and you guys are very lucky to have a physician like her.
July 14, 2022
Ms.Bartelus was very professional and caring. As someone who rarely goes to doctors, she made my visit very pleasant. If all doctors are like her than I have nothing but great things to say about PIH and all your staff. Everyone was kind and helpful.
July 10, 2022
Dr Bartelus and her team did a great job of assessing my dad's condition and sent him to the ER, where they were able to confirm her suspicions and begin treatment in the hospital. Her handling of the situation was stellar. We appreciate her.
July 10, 2022
Very positive experience
June 20, 2022
just want to say Thank you
June 15, 2022
Did not receive the correct results they did not listen to me about the condition I was in instead they still gave me the wrong test result.
June 01, 2022
Fast, courteous service. Clean facility. Upfront about all services provided & costs. Excellent service!
May 26, 2022
The wait time was not long and the staff was great
May 19, 2022
I spend more time than I expected at urgent care..I was in a lot of pain.
April 25, 2022
Nice to have an Urgent Care
April 25, 2022
Wait time very long. Mixing viral sick patients with non viral patients in both waiting room side is not a good idea in these times. Front desk male check in was great, so was MA that did vitals. The MA sitting at back had not so helpful persona, it was as if we bothered her. Dr was great.
April 25, 2022
it was good
April 13, 2022
I really like the doctor and I would like to see her a follow up with for me. If I can't get a hold of a urologist. I would like to see this doctor again. Thank you.
April 07, 2022
Dr.Bartelus is a very good doctor and explained everything thoroughly. She had great bed side manner and was kind.
April 06, 2022
I wish I could choose this provider for my primary care doctor.
March 30, 2022
I was seen in the urgent care. The Dr. explained everything in detail, listening to my concerns and sending me for xrays to make sure everything was okay. As well as giving me healing procedures. Great experience
March 28, 2022
Dr. Bartelus is amazing. She's an awesome doctor. She cares. She takes the time to explain things so us parents can understand and she takes her time with the patient. And is very respectful, has great bed side manner. I loved our experience with her; it was awesome.
March 24, 2022
I felt very comfortable talking to the Dr.
March 24, 2022
I would see this particular doctor at anytime again. So I think she's exceptional. Thank you.
March 23, 2022
Everything was super excellent.
March 16, 2022
My experience was very good with this doctor and with the doctor, he is very good there, I liked him a lot and I was very well treated, very kind. I am happy and very happy. Thanks.
March 16, 2022
Excellent service by the staffs and the Doctor .
March 16, 2022
Excellent bedside manner and very approachable.
March 10, 2022
Awesome staff members
March 09, 2022
Great experience and good care.
March 09, 2022
I felt very comfortable and got the help I needed. Excellent Doctor!
February 17, 2022
You guys did very well. I am so happy to have the provider that you guys gave me. I would love to use her definitely for all my kids check up. Hopefully, I get to get to find out where she's...where she's working out so I could change my kids to that provider that took care of my daughter. She was super great.
February 17, 2022
I loved the way she explains everything and she makes sure that I understand. That's the reason that I always ask for her when I go.Very respectful and caring. Thank you
February 10, 2022
The provider was the most thorough provider we've come across at this urgent care.
February 10, 2022
The doctor checked my daughters ankle with such patience and made sure where the pain was really coming from.
February 10, 2022
Everybody there makes you feel welcome. They are all caring, and interested in finding out what is causing the symptoms you are having.
February 10, 2022
The wait was too long. The care was excellent.
February 10, 2022
That I didn't see no dr because it took forever to see one so I just left
February 10, 2022
Do not wait a long time in the room waiting for the doctor.
February 06, 2022
I live in Playa Del Rey and there are no PIH in my area. I called other Urgent Care and they did not accept PIH group. They told me to call my insurance to see where I can go. Unfortunately, Blue Shield of California was closed for the weekend. With so many places shutting down and information not updated on the internet, I tried calling PIH and only got a recording, with no options to speak to a representative. I took my chances and drove 40 mins to Downey with my injured right eye covered up and iced. When I got there I was not able to find it because the sign was high up and with my injury, it was hard for me to have full vision. When I finally found the place, the sign said to use "east entrance." Again, it was hard for me to find it because of my injury. I had to go into GMC and ask. The employees at PIH are great however as an Urgent Care provider, meaning patients need care ASAP, customers should be able to talk to someone right away and better signage to find the facility with little effort. They should add to the sign "next to Jersey Mike's." Please let patients speak to a representative, they may have told me it was next to Jersey Mike's and helped me find an Urgent Care closer to me. It's embarrassing walking around with a black eye.
January 30, 2022
Liked the paperwork given with information about my injury
January 26, 2022
The receptionist was very helpful and the doctor was very helpful, but the wait was ridiculous. 2, 1/2 hours, 2 1/2 hours emptied out the whole waiting room that was just, that's not right. I mean, I can understand an hour hour and a half or 2, 1/2 hours which is very extreme was not very happy at all.
January 26, 2022
I did not see the provider. I only received a COVID test. I was given the positive results with no treatment instructions or any other interaction. I am COVID positive and have no instructions how to proceed. I was just left standing there with my results and was told goodbye.
January 26, 2022
Filling a complaint my son wants seen by a doctor. After the 3 hour wait.
December 26, 2021
I had a great referral to another doctor who could help me and she was great as well. She helped me right away, and she helped me. My eye was just not doing well 'cause I had an eye lashes in there. So I'm happy about everything that's there and I'm happy about the referral too. Thank you.
December 26, 2021
Yes, I was very impressed with the girl at the desk. She had a big problem. She had people waiting and her computer crashed, but she kept her cool and it was going to be a 2 hour late, but it was made Pleasant. My daughter and I had no problem waiting and we got good service.
December 26, 2021
I showed the doctor that I needed Acyclovir 800 (this is what I am used to taking). The doctor sent a prescription for valACYclovir 1GM. When I went to pick up my medication at Walgreens, the pharmacist said that I should not take this medication because when I took it in the past, it made me extremely ill. She told me to go back to urgent care and ask the doctor to write a script for Acyclovir 800 for my shingles. I went back immediately. The woman in the front was very helpful and went to the back immediately. When she came back, she said the nurse said that the doctor won't change the medication. I asked if they would come and talk to me. The receptionist went back to ask. When she came back to me, she said, "I spoke to an LVN and they said they don't have time to come talk to me and that I should take the medication that the doctor originally wrote. I expressed my frustration and asked that they make a note that they pharmacist HIGHLY recommended that I do not take the medication. I also called three times and left a message. Eventually, Walgreens called me and said that the doctor sent a new prescription for the EXACT same meds that was sent earlier and she still recommended that I do not take it.
December 26, 2021
I waited 3 hours to be seen and the nurses where unhelpful and disrespectful when explaining to everybody the systems were down. They didn't want to give us any answers. I had to get out of the waiting room to ask the Front desk was more helpful. Then the rude nurse that just told us we can wait 5 hours to be seen. Worst experience I had with PIH.
December 23, 2021
I came in as a walk in and was attended to quickly. The doctor available at Urgent Care was very caring and addressed my needs in a satisfactory manner. I was in and out in less than an hour.
December 23, 2021
They were absolutely. Professional. Very friendly and very knowledgeable and very professional and definitely I will be with them all my life.
December 22, 2021
Very professional staff
December 20, 2021
Was prescribed a antibiotic. My pharmacy didn't have it and asked doctor for alternate. I also called clinic. Checked pharmacy several hours later and no contact from clinic. Called clinic again. My prescription was sent to another pharmacy and was finally able to get my meds approximately 9 hours later.
December 12, 2021
The doctor and all staff were efficient and eager to assist when my husband and I arrived at the office with a stomach virus. The wait time was minimal in comparison to other urgent care offices. In addition the office was immaculate clean compared to other hospital urgent care offices!
December 09, 2021
I want to say that she made me feel so comfortable and like she understood how I felt and I have never experienced that before with any other doctor. She explained things so well and while doing examination was gentle and talked through everything. I really appreciate it and I thank her so much!!!!
December 08, 2021
Everything went smoothly and the appointment process was super easy. The dr was very friendly and understanding.
November 29, 2021
Very friendly facility. Very caring staff, extremely helpful and took her time explaining.
November 29, 2021
Dr didn't ask any questions she literally read off her list off the computer. There was no human interaction no questions were answered. What a waste of time. And after my COVID test the other nurse came in and gave me paperwork and didn't explain anything just opened the door and here you go goodbye. Like really? First of all my son cannot go to school coughing and with a running nose if he had allergies something for allergies should have been prescribed not what was given to me which I didn't even bother going to the pharmacy to pick up. They literally took my money and didn't do anything for my son and myself. Not acceptable
November 29, 2021
I liked that he took the time to do the necessary tests.
November 15, 2021
Dr was very kind and took her time to check me. I was very satisfied with my visit. I would love to see this Dr again.
November 11, 2021
I liked that they were able to do an x-ray right away onsite. The place was clean and I felt safe being there.
November 10, 2021
Yes, my name is [PHI removed]. I'm very disappointed with the staff. The nurses treat my daughter really bad. They don't have professional to treat a four year old kid. Like I said to the staff I already talked to the manager. They know they don't help me. They charged me for exams. They they didn't do it to my daughter and I don't know what to say. Like, I'm very disappointed. I I told them I work for Pioneer Medical Group for 14 years since my older daughter was a baby and going to this Clinic with my youngest daughter was the experience so bad. And like I said I am a cash
November 08, 2021
I like the doctor (INAUDIBLE) out there and it was very slow and they took their good old time. I mean, to get people in and out - it would be nicer if people would go a little faster, especially if you're sick you don't want to be waiting for hours. It's very hard to make an appointment with your regular provider there because it's just like, they don't have the time. Okay. Thank you. Bye.
November 08, 2021
What I didn't like was the front desk, they were seemed to be giving attitude to each other. I'm trying to check in all the people in the morning, cuz I went in as an urgent care. And then there were like, I know, she's next . You told me that she was the next one. So I didn't seem that there was quite, of good information or cross reference there and the girl that it was taken care of my information. She had asked me like more than 3 times for my information because she was arguing with the other staff. That's one thing that I didn't like.
November 04, 2021
She was very friendly and it was easy to speak with her. I didn't feel uncomfortable or judged while talking to her. I've had experiences where I've been talked down to because im over weight.
November 03, 2021
Everyone was friendly and the facility was clean
October 21, 2021
Everything was good with th Dr. And staff at pih the only problem was that my son's Dr. Is Latif so we go to via care in south gate but they were very unprofessional they gave my son a [PHI removed] vaccine didn't informe of side effects or gave me any paper work my son got very sick from that vaccine and when I called the office nobody help me or return my call so that's when i took my son to pih urgent care in Downey and your office try to contact them to ask them about tx. But it was impossible to get a hold of them apparently there is no communication between offices. Very bad service I will find a new Pediatric Dr. For my son. Because I found out they probably gave my son an extra [PHI removed] shot cause he had one in 2016.
October 21, 2021
It was a great service and the staff was really nice.
October 21, 2021
The doctor was so nice she helped me understand what causes a UTI she was really kind and didn't make me feel embarrassed or uncomfortable , please tell her thank you for me
October 20, 2021
Everyone worked quickly and professionally
October 10, 2021
Everything was fine
October 07, 2021
It was urgent care so there was no scheduling. Wait time was better than I expected.
October 03, 2021
I think the wait times could be cut shorter and the way they explained the medical diagnosis of a patient could be explained a little further into it. That's it. Thank you.
October 03, 2021
It was a good visit. I was in pain physically, but after being seen and understanding that my pain was not something serious, I felt better--at least in my mind... Thanks, [PHI removed]
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