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Hematology/Oncology, Internal Medicine, and Medical Oncology
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Dr. Kyle Greene chose the hematology/oncology specialty because he considers it a privilege to take care of individuals and their families with cancer. He finds it rewarding to translate the most modern advances in cancer care to his patients and see them make positive progress and achieve favorable outcomes. He believes physical activity, nutrition and wellbeing are vital to cancer care.  Dr. Greene surfs regularly, enjoys recreating in nature with his family and training his rescued Chihuahua.

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Hospital/Group Affiliation

PIH Health Downey Hospital

PIH Health Whittier Hospital

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  • Hematology/Oncology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Medical Oncology


Medical School

Albany Medical Center (New York)


Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center


Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center


University of Utah Medical Center (Salt Lake City)

Board Certifications

  • Hematology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Medical Oncology

Patient Reviews

August 16, 2022
Kyle Greene explained my lab results in detail and answered all questions. Great to view them on his lap top . Thank you
August 15, 2022
I was late for the appoitment but the office made it up for me without any problem
August 03, 2022
Dr. Greene made me feel so comfortable and at ease with my diagnosis. Very kind man
July 27, 2022
I think the office just needs improve the internet system in order for them to checking me in Faster. It wasn't letting me check in.
June 30, 2022
It was a very nice experience as always. Dr. Greene went beyond in telling me what was happening and what was going to happen next. I am very happy with Dr. Greene.
June 27, 2022
He was not prepared . I was there for him to read my scan. Told me he was on vacation and didn't have time to research my scan. What a real unprofessional!
June 08, 2022
I'm always seen on time. Love Dr Greene very courteous and thorough.
June 07, 2022
Dr. Greene and his staff are very polite and regardless of my medical issues, I they make me feel comfortable. Dr. Greene goes over my medical history and formulates a treatment plan with my input. I definitely feel he wants the best for me and my family.
May 18, 2022
Well actually I just have to add the doctor is a very professional caring doctor and all his office service also very polite very friendly excellent service. Thank you for having doctors like the doctor, bye.
May 02, 2022
Friendly staff and nurses...
April 04, 2022
I like Dr Greene and his thoroughness.
March 03, 2022
I spent 3 years with another oncology group because of anemia. I have been with Dr. Greene just a few months over a year and he continues to work on my anemia to get it at an acceptable level. He's "on top" of my numbers so to speak. A very competent doctor. Glad I changed from the previous group.
February 25, 2022
Knowledge, friendly and professional
February 22, 2022
Dr. Greene was very understanding. He knows the situation of my condition. He was very patient and explained to me very carefully what was going on in fact, called me today to give me results of a test. That was not taken and assured me, that my problem is good, so I will recommend Dr. Greene to anyone. Okay.
February 17, 2022
Very informative. Asked several times if I had questions. Went over my records and tests to recommend a course of action. I was very comfortable with the virtual visit. Look forward to future visits wether virtual or in person.
February 14, 2022
Hi. So I trust and trust Dr. Greene very much. So, so he get me there, but I believe has a very, very good treatment. So just stop there. So good. They're very so nice and respect. Yeah. Yeah, that's all.
February 09, 2022
Dr Green is very professional, respectful and caring for my care and well being!!! Dr Green in just a few months of treating my Iron deficiencies has resolved and sustained my improvement showing that he listens to my concerns and reviewed my previous lab results to properly select the correct course of treatment for me!!! Thank you PIH for having this great Doctor working here!!!! His nurse (namr removed) a very caring person and very efficient while doing her job. The front office staff also treats patients with respect.
February 08, 2022
Satisfied with my visit with Dr. Greene.
January 20, 2022
Thank you doctor. Having a new doctor can be stressful but you were both professional and kind
January 17, 2022
He was very understanding. Told me things I didn't really know. That was nice to know. I will still miss my other doctor but I think he can fill her her shoes. Thank you for letting me have him.
January 13, 2022
He was Very funny very personal oriented kind
January 03, 2022
You need to send this letter sooner, It has been 2 weeks since I saw doctor.
December 23, 2021
This provider wasn't sure why I was there and he inform me that after 5 years I don't need to see an oncologist. He also informed me that there's really no need to make a six month appointment since the 5 years after he having cancer were up. It was my first time with this doctor and I would never recommend him to anyone since I don't believe he cared much about my health and didn't know much about my health history. I don't understand how these health physicians continue to have a job working with people's life's. I don't trust him with my care.
December 13, 2021
Dr. Greene is very kind and listens to all my concerns, very polite and I would definitely recommend him to some friends.
December 09, 2021
Office staff super nice but trying to get an appointment was kind of ridiculous. Dr listened and you could tell he had read over my chart beforehand which was comforting
December 08, 2021
I have appointments scheduled actually for this provider the day before and I'm currently in a convalescent facility having trouble with transportation to get there. And my sister was meeting me at the office to be there when I had my consultation work Dr. Greene. And apparently, the receptionist was working that day either she was having a bad day or what, but she was the rudest most inconsiderate she was downright mean, to my sister. She lied my sister about her supervisor, and I'm sorry. I don't know her name, I wasn't there for that. But when I was there the next day, they couldn't have been nicer to me. But whoever that receptionist was should in no way be dealing with the public.
December 07, 2021
Yeah, when I went to the doctor's office when the when the doctor told me that you, when you have a blood clot, come and see me and we'll put you on a medication for the rest of your life. And I asked him well, how will I know when I'm going to have a blood clot in this. You'll know that was really great. And then I went out front and he said to set an appointment for six months later. And his two people in the staff. We're talking about going to Chili's for lunch for 15 minutes and totally ignoring everybody in the front office that really sets the tone for a very pleasant attitude and the way you run your business. So no, I would never ever recommend this to anybody.Have a wonderful day.
December 07, 2021
Love this doctor.
December 06, 2021
Dr. Greene lacks professionalism n I don't ever ever want to be seen by this provider. Felt disrespected, pointing physical flaws. N speaking on behalf of other oncologist (colleagues) when he has no idea Dr. Lynn also does not help with Cancer patient needs. It's my experiences n no one should comment when they weren't there to witness. PIH has the worst service for Cancer patients n survivors.
November 24, 2021
What I did not like was that it does not have a (unreadable), they have a machine and to help me one that the only thing this is a new doctor that the first time I go to you, Dr. Rodina is retired for a while, I don't know if I've gotten used to it doctors, thank you.
November 18, 2021
Well, the first time I see this doctor because I used to have a doctor and it seems (unreadable).
November 17, 2021
The office staff was very patient and kind! The first young woman who took care of me was so kind and patient. Very genuine! No unnecessary fluff. I did not get her name and then [name removed] took my vitals SUPER SWEET! I was nervous and she put me at ease! Overall good experience
November 11, 2021
Thank you
November 02, 2021
Doctor Greene was very informative and listened to my concerns plus put in a referal to see a specialists...
November 01, 2021
The Staff and Dr Greene are very professional and supportive. Very polite and helpful.
October 28, 2021
Dr. Greene's office staff was very friendly professional. And as far as Dr. Greene himself, he was absolutely wonderful. He explained everything, so thoroughly. I don't even think I had any questions, at the end, and I know that he stayed extra so that he could fit me into his very busy schedule, and I certainly appreciate that. He was kind and patient and professional and very intelligent. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with him, and I'm so happy. He's my doctor. Thank you.
October 26, 2021
Dr Greene was very informative and made me feel very at ease. He took his time talking to me and I didn't feel rushed. I liked his professional mannerism and he made me feel comfortable and that I could ask him anything if I had concerns. I definitely want him as my doctor.
October 22, 2021
Just a little different from the previous dr.
October 22, 2021
I think that everything was very good, that they have treated me very well in everything.
October 21, 2021
Felt confident with his knowledge and the care I received
October 18, 2021
Dr. Greene us very thorough as to the pros and cons of what procedure I will be going through. Staff [name removed] was very cheerful and made me feel at ease.
October 18, 2021
First of all we can never reach the dr leave many messages to front desk when they ever answer phone, I was told 10/18/21 that on our viste appt phones aren't working good but this has been months at lease 5 months and phone still not working don't make since to me very hard. A other Doctor spinal Sergeant was also trying to get in touch with anyone to discuss surgery to one of Dr Green's patient but surgeon doctor can never get in touch with front office never answer the phone or anything so I've tried and we can't ever get in touch with them the only reason I can get it is when we go to our appointment that's it
October 18, 2021
We had a good experience.
October 08, 2021
I have a hearing problem. Staff and Doctor were courteous enough to talk loudly to me.
October 05, 2021
Hey, I had a visit with the cardio... my doctor, previous doctor, before Greene's doctor. I forgot that lady, the doctor from (INAUDIBLE). Forget her name. I don't... Ro... Rodino (INAUDIBLE). I like, I like her a lot and I prefer to talk to her. Yeah, I like her a lot to bad if I if she's going to move somewhere. That's all. Thank you very much. Bye.
October 05, 2021
Disappointed Doctor [name removed] (my doctor) is not coming back
October 05, 2021
I was asked to arrive early for appointment to fill out forms.Receptionist did not provide form even thou I asked for them. I was given forms after I was called into the examination room by the nurse who apologized for the receptionist. I had to stay in the office after my appointment to complete the forms. These were standard forms and they should have been given to me when I checked in as they are normally are. Dr Greene and his nurse were very professional.
October 04, 2021
Dr Greene is very nice and willing to listen. He seems to be a caring doctor.
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