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Dr. Low earned his medical degree at Harvard Medical School.  He then completed his orthopedic surgery residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital.  He obtained sub-specialty training in sports medicine at the University of Missouri, Kansas City.  Dr. Low received additional sub-specialty fellowship training in foot and ankle surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.  Although he enjoys treating all facets of orthopedic surgery, including performing total joint replacements, he specializes in sports medicine and foot and ankle surgery.  He performs minimally invasive complex arthroscopic knee and shoulder procedures in addition to more complicated foot and ankle reconstructive surgery. 

Office Information

Hospital/Group Affiliation

PIH Health Whittier Hospital

PIH Health Downey Hospital

PIH Health Physicians





Orthopedic Surgery



Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Maryland)


Mount Sinai Medical Center (New York) University of Missouri School of Medicine (Kansas City)

Medical Education

Harvard Medical School (Massachusetts)

Board Certifications

Orthopaedic Surgery (General Cert)


Patient Reviews

November 17, 2021
Always a pleasure, Dr Low really care for his patient. Thank you and god bless you all.
November 15, 2021
Left in the room with my wife for over 1 1/2 hours. In a very COOL ROOM. Had to go out to find two times to get help to be seen..
November 11, 2021
Dr Low was very prompt with my appointment. He is very kind and has a very approachable way about him which makes asking questions very easy. He took the time to my questions and explain my results in a way I could understand. I would definitely recommend Dr Low to friends and family.
October 28, 2021
Very pleased with Physician. He was very knowledgeable and considerate of my condition.
October 28, 2021
That office always does a great job.
October 21, 2021
I waited for over an hour for the provider. All they could tell me was that there was no rooms available and he was running behind. So I'm not sure if there's been too many appointments scheduled or if there's not enough room back there for all of the patients, or why previous patients before me took so long to be seen as well. So that was my biggest issue.
October 19, 2021
Literally took 2 hours just for the doctor to come in, spent only five minutes and didn't answer any questions. Terrible.
October 19, 2021
The wait was too long 45 mins. I was not told why until I saw Dr. Low who explained he was running late because he had a lot of new patients, which I was one. If someone in the office had explained this before hand I would have understood. Dr. Low was great.
October 14, 2021
Very satisfied with doctor. Great team staff, all happy. If I need another appointment, no problem with date. Thank you,,
September 30, 2021
I am happy with the serviced
September 27, 2021
Dr. Low is incredible and caring, and I would trust him with my family and friends. Thank you.
September 27, 2021
Great experience
September 23, 2021
He is excellent and caring, we are so grateful
September 16, 2021
PIH has turned into Kaiser. They are more worried about maximizing profits than human cate.. Efficiency and double booking makes your bottom line look great but I guess an an organization the powers that be have forget it's about the human connection. Yes the doctors are competent but they look like human robots. It's disappointing especially when they t working with children.. I may look for service elsewhere if this continues.. last time I checked I wasn't billed by the minute because if that was the case by copayment of $35 should be more like $15.
September 07, 2021
Dr. Low is the best!! He tried every avenue to keep me from having surgery because of my age. We concluded that was the only alternative we had, He is so thorough in all he does. He truly cares about his patients and does the very best for them. I completely trust him doing my surgery as he is totally trustworthy! He is patient with me and has to repeat things to me as I have a hearing deficiency. I guess I just cannot say enough good things about him!
September 07, 2021
This Dr is the best. And I hate Dr's.
August 19, 2021
Dr Low is so professional and very helpful. I am so thankful for his input, knowledge, and assistance. I would highly recommend him to individuals needing an Orthopedic Specialist/Surgeon!
August 17, 2021
Dr. Low Listened to my concerns and took x-rays, took the time to review and explain them to me. All the staff greeted me kindly. Overall very satisfied.
August 17, 2021
I always know that my provider cares about my healing
August 16, 2021
Hi. I was given the wrong address to have a covid test. I think that staff needs to communicate in a better way, I guess. It was a inconvenience going to the wrong office. They send me to Whittier when I'm supposed to go to Downey, and at Downey, you've got to make an appointment.
August 06, 2021
Dr Low great dr
August 05, 2021
I just like to say that Dr. Low is very thorough. He covers everything you feel confident when you walk out of there.
August 05, 2021
I wish there were more Doctors like Dr. Low!
August 03, 2021
I think I was standing doctor today, he take good care of me, he bring me everything I need and all that I cannot ask for more. Thank you.
August 02, 2021
Dr. Kyle Low was attentive to my Injury treated with kindness and gentleness
July 28, 2021
Yeah, I was happy good doctor, good place, very clean. I'll be back as many times as I have to.
July 28, 2021
Great overall experience!
July 20, 2021
It was very good visit I was able to get xrays and treatment the same visit. Doctor was great!
July 14, 2021
I was blown away by my whole experience at your facility. I'm a new patient there and was expecting confusion and having to fill out a bunch paperwork. Your staff there was very professional and I really liked using the pad instead of sheets of paper to fill out for my health history. The staff up stair was equally nice and professional. Everyone was very friendly and seemed to like there job. I made it a point to tell your staff there upstairs and downstairs that I really liked what I just received from them and my experience here at your Santa Fe spring office. Dr. Low was great also!! So keep up the GREAT work, I look forward to coming back for my follow up Dr. appointment. Thank You!!
July 12, 2021
I feel confident that this doctor will help me find a solution to my needs.
July 06, 2021
We appreciate the continued support of all in these times coming to a sense of normalcy.
July 06, 2021
Friendly environment
June 24, 2021
June 03, 2021
Everybody was very pleasant and very professional. Thank you.
May 27, 2021
Dr. Low is the best doctor I've ever been to the cares about his patients. I've had 3 surgeries from him and would highly recommend them. He's great.
May 27, 2021
Very kind and considerate and companionate. Take the time to explain.
May 20, 2021
The whole experience was excellent. Very little wait time and the doctors and assistants were really great.
May 13, 2021
He's a decent man. He treat us very good and will listen to what we have to say and ... and his treatment was very good and he took good care of us and listen to what we have to say and explain things to us. He's very patient and we thank him so much for his care. My mother is pleased with the way he treated her. We thank him so much.
May 12, 2021
Dy Kyle Lows office staff is always courteous and respectful. Even at the registration on the first floor
May 12, 2021
Always professional, friendly environment
April 30, 2021
Dr Kyle Low is an excellent, caring, courtesy, and all the qualities expected from patients! I highly recommend him to anyone need his doctor help!
April 26, 2021
Dr.Low is. Understanding of my pain.& explained to me that he needed to order an MRI for my rt thumb.
April 21, 2021
Yes, Dr. Low is very professional explains everything very clearly, very personable. I did see his resident who was ... who initially saw me and she was very thorough. She actually initiated a cortisone shot, but Dr. Low was there guiding her and it was a good experience. I highly recommend Dr. Low.
April 20, 2021
You know, as an older person, sometimes we have to explain things, you know, and Dr. Low and his assistant, they really took the time. And they really helped me to figure out what exactly - they were trying to help me figure out just exactly where we were talking about where the pain was, you know, how I sleep. They went into great detail and they really - they really help me to to understand myself and what was - what I was going through. So, you know, I would and I already have told many people about him because, you know, I'm again, here, I'm an older woman and, you know, that's more my company that I have is older people and so I referred them to some people. So I really appreciate the time that he took with me and how he is - his way, his demeanor
April 12, 2021
The Dr. Low was pleasant, polite and professional. The staff gave me the feeling that I was bothering them by being a patient there. Not cheerful or polite, but not rude.
April 06, 2021
Excellent doctor, explains the process of the treatment and listens to your concerns. His nurse assisting him if also very nice and helpful .
March 25, 2021
Excellent, excellent.
March 24, 2021
Always a pleasure every body was courteous and friendly. Keep up the good work.
March 17, 2021
This is my second time that I've visited Dr. Low for his services, and I'm very satisfied with his care. Thank you.
March 16, 2021
Everything was excellent with this doctor's visit.
March 16, 2021
Dr. Low is a caring doctor. He explains things clearly and answers questions thoroughly. I am grateful he is one of my physicians.
March 15, 2021
The attention is not good of the people who serve. In other words, the assistants are several times that happens to me this experience. One cannot wait more than an hour in a room. I left the room and left because I had another appointment.
March 08, 2021
Outstanding doctor.
March 05, 2021
I was not 100 percent comfortable with his diagnosis. I did go elsewhere for another opinion and was satisfied with the other diagnosis and it was correct.
March 03, 2021
He listened and I liked that he asked questions to get more information and background.
March 01, 2021
Kyle Low is the best you always does a great job. He's helped me out a lot. Thank you.
February 25, 2021
I highly respect Dr. Kyle Low's medical judgment!
February 25, 2021
He was prepared with previous X-rays and information the doctor needed. The minute I walked into the office, and I thought that was pretty good. Goodbye.
February 25, 2021
I didn't get a I was told to come in and four weeks, but no one roach me to make the appointment so I don't have my appointment yet.
February 24, 2021
My visit to the doctor was great. The doctor was great, the office people were great, and I would recommend all my family and anybody to to see Dr. Low if it was necessary for whatever they needed. So I'm very happy, very happy.
February 22, 2021
Dr. Low provided care throughout my injury, including surgery. He did a great job and everything seems to have turned out ok.
February 22, 2021
I would love for the doctors to spend a little more time so you can ask questions. Thank you.
February 19, 2021
This appointment gave me peace of mind
February 19, 2021
This was a great experience. From the staff to Dr. Low. Definitely recommend him to family and friends.
February 19, 2021
Dr. Low was caring and kind, explained the injury precisely to a couple of novices. He explained the future process and the reasoning behind the course of action, and further detailed outdated treatment methods. He has a good philosophy and great bedside manner at a time when his patient was physically in pain and emotionally overwrought. Would recommend to anyone, just like he was recommended to us.
February 11, 2021
Always treated with respect and friendliness
February 10, 2021
He's really quick to get out of the room...but friendly.
February 08, 2021
February 08, 2021
February 05, 2021
I was so happy to get back to Dr. Low. I had to change Medical Groups to get him. I trust him with my needs and know he will do the very best for me as he has in the past. He is also friendly, caring and easy to talk to.
February 03, 2021
I thought the staff was very friendly when I entered and everybody was very professional and Dr. Low is the best. I trust him with my body and I really appreciate the good care that he gives to me and many others.
January 20, 2021
Everyone was very helpful!
January 18, 2021
I appreciate all the staff at PIH Health, they have always provided great care in my needs and my visits.
January 14, 2021
Dr. Low is absolutely magnificent, he listen to exactly what I have to say. He answered questions and he also spoke to me in a manner that I could understand. I think he's a wonderful doctor.
January 13, 2021
My visit was via video and he did his best to go over everything, very different not being face-to-face in same room!
January 12, 2021
Great experience
January 08, 2021
Yes, it's a good good pretty good experience. Thank you. Bye.
January 05, 2021
Doctor Low is a very knowledgeable and professional doctor. He was easy to talk to and very informative. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family.
January 05, 2021
Dr. Low is very professional and took the necessary time to thoroughly analyze my medical issues. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family.
January 05, 2021
Dr. Low is an excellent Orthopedic I respect him and I also really trust with my with my care he is great and and I'm only we should see him when I'm there at your PA Orthopedic Clinic.
December 17, 2020
The "TEAM" is very professional and helpful.
December 16, 2020
Dr. Low is very caring and considerate of any pain you have.
December 10, 2020
Dr. Low is extremely knowledgeable and provides you with all the information on your injury and any possible treatment plan. He answers your questions and concerns about your injury with patience and in a way that you can understand.
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