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Physician Assistant

Charles R Drew University of Medicine and Science (California)

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Patient Reviews

September 07, 2021
Yes, she was very good. I would recommend her, and staff. I've never had any problems with her. Thank you.
September 07, 2021
The only reason I was unhappy was because she canceled me twice and gave me a later later appointment and I didn't like that because I was having a problem. The second time when she canceled me or her girls cancelled me, somebody did. So I wasn't happy with that. Otherwise, I think she does a good job.
September 06, 2021
Very satisfied. Office was clean, doc was great, and I was seen by the doctor in a timely matter. I would highly recommend this Montebello location.
August 30, 2021
Everything was great. The doctor was great, the girls in the front receptionists were great. The nurse that took care of me was great. Thank you.
August 24, 2021
Thank you for being available after hours until 8 pm as well. A very efficient and helpful staff made the visit pleasant as well.
August 23, 2021
The office staff at this location is always super kind and I really appreciate all of them for their positivity. My only issue is with the physician's assistant Ibarra who treated me in a, spoke to me in a condescending tone, did not make direct eye contact with me and kind of brushed me off as unimportant. He spent very little time in my room and asked questions, which he could have looked up in the computer and then claimed to not really know how to use the computer. I didn't appreciate the way he treated me, and I wouldn't want to use him or go back to him again.
August 23, 2021
I am very happy with the services I received.
August 23, 2021
The doctor did not listen to what I had to say. He spent no more than 3 minutes with me.
August 23, 2021
Dr. Ibarra is very courteous, polite and thorough. I really appreciate his service. Thank Dr. Ibarra
August 23, 2021
This urgent care office will be my go to in the future. My primary doctor wasn't available for several days.
August 17, 2021
I feel as if the doctor was rushed. My ear was flushed, but I told the nurse and the doctor it still felt like there was something in there. They said it was fine and dismissed my concerns. I still feel like it's plugged. Medication was bonine to help with dizziness. I don't feel it cured anything.
August 17, 2021
Well Dr was nice and all but not much help. We've been here 5 times over 3 months and they are not much help always just a bandaid over the problem instead of really trying to push patient to get the help he needs.
August 16, 2021
No compassion
August 13, 2021
He look like he was in a rush over all It was okay.
August 13, 2021
Everything was done professionally. They took care of me like I was a new patient. I was very happy with the response.
August 02, 2021
Was made to feel comfortable and my questions answered to my satisfaction. All the staff was friendly.
July 24, 2021
I walked in Urgent Care and I really appreciate the security guard, the cleanliness the staff, the PA the service was provided, please don't stop training. Please don't stop the service because it was excellent in my opinion. Keep it up PIH.
July 20, 2021
The Physician's Assistant did a good job of examining me. I was having pain and a broken blood vesselI in my left eye. The PA started by examining my eye by lowering my lower eyelid. He then examined my upper eye lid and wanted to examine under my upper eye lid. Since I didn't know what he planned to do I kept jerking back. I would have appreciated it if he would have explained the procedure "before" he did it. He also checked my lungs for my asthma and prescribed an asthma pump which I really needed.
July 19, 2021
He was very sensitive and caring in seeing that I was in a difficult situation as a caregiver, and was sensitive and I really appreciated that.
July 19, 2021
He was very good and explained everything
July 14, 2021
The La Habra urgent care is exceptional from the time you walk in until the very end of your visit. The wait was no wait I was call in within mins this place is a hidden gem!from the front office staff to the nurse/ma and the Dr's Awesome service!! We done La Habra urgent care.. I drove a little more aways to get this careso worth it.Please fix the other urgent cares closer to home Whittier/norwalk locations it's crazy to wait hours for services . Please change it
June 30, 2021
You recognize that I was in pain. He gave me the tool to help me feel better. He suggested. Things that I can do and he wants me to see my doctor this week. So thanks.
June 26, 2021
Everyone was very professional but caring. The doctor answered all questions in a way I could understand and didn't mind repeating things to make sure I understood what was happening and what we needed to do after his treatment.
June 10, 2021
Very helpful. Followed with two phone calls to check in on my mother after suggesting she go to the ER for blood pressure monitoring. He called to follow up. Very nice!
June 10, 2021
Clean and appealing waiting area.
June 09, 2021
The doctor most definitely showed care, concern and took care of my leg that was very swollen. He recommended and prescribed the right prescription within two days, I was feeling much better after being in pain for 9 weeks. Thank you.
May 30, 2021
I love PIH all the staff is super professional and nice
May 25, 2021
The staff were absolutely amazing! Kind and welcoming. The doctor was as well. I am so pleased with my visit
May 21, 2021
Thank you for your service.
May 17, 2021
A great experience, I was in and out of there in less than an hour. Granted I was the second person to get there they took care of me right away very respectful very caring I will return there if needed again
May 10, 2021
I was very pleased with the expediency of the service I received.
April 12, 2021
Fast and courteous service.
April 10, 2021
He came into the room with a lazy, know it all attitude. Why don't doctors listen to ALL you have to say before telling you what you have wrong with you? When I explained more, then I knew he heard what I said. He also needs to smile more.
March 29, 2021
The Urgent Care office is great. I always get great care here. I highly recommend this office.
February 10, 2021
Dr. Max Ibarra is always courteous and polite. Always takes the time to listen to my concerns. He always takes the time to explain his findings and ensures I understand his position. Thank you Dr. Ibarra
January 31, 2021
The PA was not polite
January 18, 2021
I was thrilled to get an appointment within two hours of my fall and waited maybe 5 minutes in the waiting room.
January 13, 2021
The doctor and his staff were excellant. The only problem I had was there were 2 requests to be looked at by the doctor. They said one request 1 authorization. I am awaiting another authorization and dealing with pain.
January 04, 2021
No complaints at all. All health precautions observed.
December 30, 2020
get someone else while at this urgent care. i felt like he didn't care at all. the nurses were good and tried as best they could
December 21, 2020
PIH Urgent Care Center is worthwhile to check out.
December 17, 2020
Very patient & informative
December 07, 2020
Very Kind & Caring, Urgent Care.
December 07, 2020
I would recommend this PIH facility with no reservations.
December 06, 2020
To try going there.
December 01, 2020
Dr. Ibarra is a great provider.
November 23, 2020
The visit was very efficient
November 23, 2020
Very good experience
November 06, 2020
Always friendly & professional
October 08, 2020
didnt feel after the visit if he understood my problem i was having
October 08, 2020
PA Ibarra could've actually examined my foot and not insinuated that I was a pill head. He wouldn't even look at me when I was talking and couldn't get me out of there fast enough. When it came to pain management he wouldn't listen to me as far as what works for me and what doesn't. The rest of the staff was great but I will never return to your facility again because of PA Ibarra.
October 07, 2020
Fast friendly service.
September 26, 2020
Visit Urgent Care in case of emergency
September 22, 2020
Unfortunately this is the second time I've had to go in the last 3 weeks. It's very well run and I'm pleased to know I can go here instead of the hospital.
September 22, 2020
Dr. Max is one of the best doctor ever.
September 21, 2020
Am glad I went.
September 21, 2020
Satisfied with visit
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