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Nurse Practitioner

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Patient Reviews

September 03, 2021
I found her interested i what I had to say and she answered all my questions
September 03, 2021
Doctor was very kind, gentile and concern for my health
September 03, 2021
This provider was fantastic and very thorough!
September 01, 2021
She was the best doctor I've seen yet, she was great.
August 31, 2021
Paulina was so patient, kind, a great listener, organized and dealt with my issues so efficiently!!
August 28, 2021
Paulina & the nursing staff were excellent! Wait was longer than expected, but was understandable as I saw several injured people come into the waiting room. While waiting in the room to see the doctor, the nurses checked in on my daughter and provided her with Motrin & a pedialyte pop to help with her fever while we waited. Thank you for the great service and going the extra mile!
August 25, 2021
Very kind and caring
August 24, 2021
The doctor was extremely thorough and patient with my son who is autistic. The entire office staff was helpful and went out of their way to may accommodations for my son so that his urgent care visit was a good experience for him.
August 23, 2021
I was so impressed with Dinh and her staff. Very professional and fast. They let me know same day what was wrong. Very respectful. She is a plus for PIH as well as her staff
August 20, 2021
Excellent Service
August 20, 2021
I like her very much. She was kind and very attentive to helping me and I appreciate that very much. I would love having her as my doctor. Thank you.
August 18, 2021
I did enjoy the visit with the nurse practitioner. I just wish it was that a timely manner. I was there for over an hour and 45 minute. Wait, so or they could have called me to let me know that they were behind 45 minutes to an hour before they could see me. So I don't rush there but that's the only complaint I have.
August 18, 2021
Wait time too long. She seemed overbooked. She did not get back to me about my xray results...the person who did was reading the portal and did not know what it meant. I'm still waiting for clarification. As for the xray technician manners at all.
August 16, 2021
She was great. She listened to my concerns.
August 12, 2021
This was my first time seeing Paulina. She was attentive, caring, and professional towards my needs. I would definitely schedule all my future appointments with Paulina.
August 05, 2021
It was a good experience. I felt very I felt like the PA was actually giving me all her time and didn't worry about anything else, but dedicating and trying to resolve my my health issues. And I want to say thank you with a beautiful experience. I was really happy that I went there that day. Thank you.
August 05, 2021
They Doctor and nurses where very polite and helpful. They where all sincere and carrying. Thank you
August 04, 2021
Just thank you the entire staff team were friendly and professional.
August 03, 2021
She was an amazing listener. She acted like she really cared about your patience. And I'm definitely going to go back and see here, because she took her time out of her day. Like if I needed help with my phone going on with that home, that she does not mind to make an appointment with me and see me. And I really appreciated that because I'd have not had a doctor's do that in whatever way. So thank you Paulina.
June 22, 2021
Great care and concern from all who represented this office!
June 22, 2021
The receptionist was very caring and professional.
June 15, 2021
Staff was nice and friendly
June 14, 2021
I like the fact that Paulina made me feel very cared for, she really truly listened to me and she acted like I was the human being and unfortunately with the health care system lately, it seems like most mostly everybody's trying to go so fast and they make you feel like another number and you're just rushed constantly and Paulina definitely took the time. She had the knowledge and the skills which is great but she also treated me like she really cared and I appreciated that.
June 14, 2021
I want to commend PA Paulina Dinh. You can't find or get customer service like that any more these days! She is in the right career and I thank her for the excellent and unmatchable service she provided during my urgent care visit. She is knowledgeable and compassionate and she will make an exceptional Physician someday! Thank you Paulina!
June 07, 2021
Since it was urgent care expected to wait did not have to.
May 19, 2021
Definitely excellent very clean and organized as much as possible.
May 19, 2021
It's farther for us , what we needed to go in for immunization they weren't available was told to call at a later time to see if them would have them . It's just more confusing and not convenient as it was before
May 18, 2021
I'm very please with their service
May 14, 2021
Everyone was polite, friendly and professional
May 05, 2021
Good experience!
May 05, 2021
Very clean
May 03, 2021
Very caring, thorough, and helpful.
April 30, 2021
Went to Miller's where they couldn't find what was wrong and Paulina was able to give me an answer. I'm so happy I saw her. My daughter is feeling so much better. Makes me miss working for PIH. I love PIH!!
April 27, 2021
very positive, the whole staff is efficient and welcoming. i really appreciated their service.
April 27, 2021
I was the only PT in the urgent care facility. Taken right in and seen immediately. Paulina's demeanor was professional and happy. A great addition to the personnel.
April 11, 2021
Miss Dinh did everything that she could to assist me. She was very prompt and very kind, very courteous and she showed me everything I should and shouldn't be doing. At the same time I could not get like an appointment to go see somebody else that she would refer me to. I had to go back to my doctor and get referrals from there. It would be nice if they at the Urgent Care could make recommendations for where we could go, even if it's there at the Urgent Care Center. Thank you.
April 06, 2021
My visit was very great I experience you know good hospitality and respect and I do think you know Health Care should be a little more free, and we we should help take care of the people we love those prosperity and good vibes you feel me know. I love you guys and thank you, appreciate you all see
April 02, 2021
I liked the answers you gave me to my questions
March 23, 2021
Health professional explained the proceedure expertly.
March 17, 2021
Easy and comfortable experience.
February 26, 2021
Paulina and staff were super sweet and helpful.
February 25, 2021
Dr did not explain the situation about my child's well-being.
February 09, 2021
Excellent service
February 04, 2021
It was fast, easy to check in, everyone was courteous.
February 04, 2021
Urgent Care provided excellent care needed as a result of a fall.
February 04, 2021
Everyone was very kind and courteous.
February 04, 2021
Everyone we really nice and offered to help carry my things because I was using crutches. They were all very considerate during my care, and they assisted me in a timely manner.
February 01, 2021
Like to all person involved for helping me with my problems very thankful to everyone.
January 26, 2021
1st.class service-just like BEVERLY HILLS STYLE!!!
January 13, 2021
I would love to be able to see my regular doctor instead of always be referred to urgent care.
January 06, 2021
As a whole everyone was very caring and friendly, nothing worst that been injured and in Paine and fine bad attitude
January 05, 2021
Very Nice Staff and be Mds
January 04, 2021
Paulina was great and understanding. She immediately knew what had happened to me and why I was in so much pain. I do not like going to urgent care but when I have to go I always have a good experience from beginning to end!!! Everyone is always very nice, helpful and work efficiently to get the patients seen ASAP!!!
December 31, 2020
This provider was very kind and kept me calm during a procedure.
December 31, 2020
Pih Santa fe is a must go to urgent care.
December 30, 2020
The is good
December 30, 2020
Very pleasant. Bedside manner exceptional. Was very pleased.
December 30, 2020
She's a nurse practitioner and will do in a pinch
December 29, 2020
This was my very first visit at a PIH urgent care facility and was so pleased with the quality of care and personnelEveryone was very friendly and efficient. I was seen promptly and would highly recommend this facility to my friends and family. Thank you
December 24, 2020
On this particular visit, they were booked with all the regular Dr.s and I had to go to Urgent Care. I actually was seen faster than I would have seen my regular Dr. I was impressed. Lets see if they can continue that level of service...
December 23, 2020
Paulina Dinh was excellent in her ability to address my medical needs, she was personable and companionable when dealing with my concerns, and extremely knowledgeable in answering my medical questions. I would definitely recommend PIH umbrella services based on my experience with the provider.
December 06, 2020
She was friendly knowledgeable and answered all my questions. And had a great bedside manner.
December 05, 2020
no wait, they are always very good, 1000 times better than going to an ER.
December 05, 2020
It was a good experience at a time of an unexpected health threat to myself.
December 03, 2020
Pleasant team
December 02, 2020
This provider was so personable and gave me lots of chances to ask any questions that I had.
December 01, 2020
Friendly, knowledgeable, understanding and has a great smile, just what I needed when I was in great pain!
November 30, 2020
Very helpful care, felt good after urgent care visit.
November 25, 2020
The Dr. was very good and thorough.
November 10, 2020
My wife is very close to retirement so, I'm going to recommend HealthNet/PIH to her.
November 08, 2020
Take care of yourself don't hesitate. Ask ??
November 08, 2020
It was nice to go into Urgent care and not have to wait. Paulina was personable, professional, a good listener and very relational. I appreciated her understanding and help.
November 06, 2020
NO.Tell the world.Worst that I have ever seen!! How did she slip by the door. m
November 05, 2020
They have a wonderful, friendly staff who work hard to get you better faster.
November 04, 2020
Great experience from beginning to end
November 03, 2020
Liked the friendliness of the staff and the NP. She was in tune with my situation and gave thorough explanations. Positive vibes.
November 02, 2020
It is a pity that the doctor does not give much consideration to people who are not good at English.
October 30, 2020
She was kind and thorough and gentle with my daughter.
October 06, 2020
Most definitely
September 24, 2020
She was great
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