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Pinal Doshi MD has been practicing Internal Medicine since 1990. Dr. Doshi attended medical school in India, and completed his medical training at Loma Linda University in California and United Hospital Medical Center in New Jersey. In addition to English, Dr. Doshi speaks Gujarti and Hindi. Dr. Doshi believes that continued advances in technology enable today's physicians to offer leading-edge treatments in an atmosphere that is both caring and efficient.  His professional mission is to provide the best possible care to his patients. When not working with patients, Dr. Doshi takes pleasure in spending time with his wife, who is also an internist, and their two children. He also enjoys traveling, reading, table tennis, music, cricket and baseball.

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PIH Health Downey Hospital

PIH Health Whittier Hospital

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  • Internal Medicine

Additional Languages

  • Gujarati
  • Hindi


Medical School

Pravara Medical College (India)


United Hospital Medical Center (New Jersey) *closed*


Loma Linda University Medical Center (California)

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  • Internal Medicine

Patient Reviews

September 14, 2022
Dr. Doshi is my primary care physician and his staff that works with him and with his nurse and himself, they're both great. They're really good, very attentive. Dr. Doshi is very explanatory on my blood work, and IBS diverticulosis condition. He's very good, and I trust him and his staff completely.
September 14, 2022
I asked him when he wanted to see me again as we left he use to tell me but he seems to forget that part. I understand he works at the hospital as well and it must be an overload on him.
September 12, 2022
I still unhappy with phone service it take yo long to speak to a person
September 09, 2022
Lab technician was very prompt and expeditious.
September 09, 2022
A good provider is a fountain of energy stimulus to patients and support staff.Preserving them becomes the management responsibility.
September 08, 2022
Dr. Doshi always listens to your concerns and takes the time to address them. My biggest fear is him retiring and trying to find someone as knowledgeable and caring. Truly an amazing Doctor ( and I have worked for 2 different doc's so I know the difference).
September 06, 2022
Dr Pinal Doshi is always very compassionate and helpful. He is a great Doctor!
August 31, 2022
Doctor Doshi is an excellent doctor and he is the doctor of my wife and my son. (comment removed - not about this physician).
August 26, 2022
Dr. Doshi was were thorough and fully explained what he was doing.
August 25, 2022
I am very happy to see Mr. Doshi who was explain my colonoscopy report quitlyand thoroughly,
August 24, 2022
We have been with Dr. Doshi for over twenty years and have complete respect for his actions.
August 22, 2022
PIH, it's customer service & technology has lot more room to improve. Should be able to give family friendly feel and environment.
August 18, 2022
Yeah, I press the first two questions. I pressed too early. I meant to give them each a 4 and I gave 1, 1 and 1 a 2 I just wanted to correct that. So bye.
August 17, 2022
Dr. Doshi has a reputation for being someone who listens. He took the time to get me info so I could easily make the appointment I needed with new eye doctor.
August 16, 2022
i really like the doctors pinal doshi , (name removed) and staff too
August 15, 2022
Doctor Doshi has been or primary care doctor for over 20 years, he is the best doctor we have ever had.
August 10, 2022
Dr. Doshi, is the BEST of BEST. No comparable. His Office staff is very good, up to date & very polite. On the whole the old Pioneer Medical Group of Doctors incl (name removed), are all Gems.
August 09, 2022
Been with my previous care provider for a long time in which I got a GOOD treatment and experience but the treatment I am receiving, so far with Dr. Doshi and staff are GREAT. Only one word I can say for my Dr. Doshi.......AMAZING!!!!?????????
August 04, 2022
Nice and helpful
August 04, 2022
The staff was professional, polite and helpful. I never feel being rushed thru my appointment with (name removed). He takes time to listen to his patients
August 01, 2022
Dr Doshi is the BEST! My husband and I always trust his diagnosis and treatment and we are fortunate to have him as our physician. Thanks to (name removed), office staff who is always there to help as well
July 29, 2022
One word my doctor is great!!!!!!!!
July 27, 2022
He is so popular its hard to get an appt with him but he is worth the way
July 27, 2022
Professional outfit all way around!
July 22, 2022
Was good experience for me. This was my first visit
July 21, 2022
July 06, 2022
Dr. Doshi is an excellent pharmacist. He is very up to date on the latest medication and care. He individualizes my mother, (PHI removed) care and he is the most compassionate, knowledgeable and smartest doctor I have ever worked. He very much makes my mom feel confident in him and she feels like her health has been optimized by him. He is one of the very best I have seen. Thank you so much. We think he is wonderful. You should give him a raise. Thank you.
July 05, 2022
Dr. Doshi has been my physician for numerous of years. This last time he has... he has always shown patience, caring. and
July 05, 2022
My name is (PHI removed) . I'm very happy with Dr. Doshi. I met him two years ago when I moved from out of state and he's amazing. He's carrying, she treat me as a person as a human being. I really, really give our five stars to Dr. Doshi. She's the best doctor I've ever seen. She's a big asset for this Clinic. Thank you.
July 05, 2022
It took 4 attempts for an on-call doctor to call me on the 4th of July. But the bottom line is that this doctor did call me and called in my prescription for paxlovid the next morning, for which I am very grateful. I have only taken the drug for one day and the symptoms have already subsided. Thank you!
July 01, 2022
There was no appointment. There was no phone call. There was no discussion with nurses that indicated that Dr. Doshi was involved in any way at all with my healthcare. I have no idea why I was sent this message. My answers for all questions represent my attitude towards PIH in general not just Dr. Doshi. Zeros in all cases!
June 30, 2022
June 28, 2022
Professional and friendly.
June 22, 2022
Dr. Doshi is amazing. He's booked for a reason and that itself means my mother's care is in the right hands. Wish staff would be a little more friendly. Always so serious but, overall Dr. doshi is the best
June 22, 2022
Dr. Pinal Doshi is great knowledgeable, listening me every words and help and advise me down to earth language. I would recommend all my friends and relatives. we are lucky have Dr. Doshi our provider.
June 20, 2022
This office takes good care of me.
June 17, 2022
Thanks for kind staff & provider
June 15, 2022
June 15, 2022
Explain very good and understandable
June 09, 2022
Dr. Doshi is my family doctor for almost 30 years. My family and myself always feel comfortable every time we need a medical exam for our health issues. Our family is very appreciative to Dr. Doshi's kind assistance.
June 07, 2022
Dr. Doshi is very caring
June 03, 2022
Thank you Dr. Doshi
June 02, 2022
Dr. Doshi and staff are the Best.
May 31, 2022
Dr. Doshi was very courteous and concerned about my condition and he provided me with some, very good information about regarding my care. I'll be seeing him in July.
May 18, 2022
Dr. Doshi takes. Very. Good care of me I wouldn't see another doctor i
May 17, 2022
Great doctor and staff
May 13, 2022
I am very thankful and glad how they took the time to explain my medication to my and encourage me to keep my appointment and stay active
May 12, 2022
Dr. Doshi is an excellent doctor, very patient, very kind, very knowledgeable, and pleasure to have a doctor like that. Pay attention to what your needs are and not just try to rush out of the room.
May 05, 2022
Very friendly staff and very professional doctor. Thank you PIH.
May 04, 2022
Dr Doshi is the best.
May 04, 2022
Well PIH Has Excellent Clean Facilites , Very good professionals , My Doctor Pinal Doshi that I know him for years he is very dedicate , (names removed) PIH has a Excellent Staff and Administration Thank you all
April 27, 2022
Dr. Doshi & his staff are always friendly, nice & professional.
April 26, 2022
Hi. I wanted to let you know that the first 2 questions I was having trouble with my phone and I wasn't able to push the number 4 Wednesday. I'm extremely satisfied with the Dr. Doshi and his staff and that works for question 1 and 2. I forgot to push the number 2, but I should have pushed number 4 on both of them. Also. I'd like to say that (INAUDIBLE) and (names removed) are fabulous employees, and I think you're very lucky to have them along with Dr. Doshi as your facilities know. Thank you again, for your service, in your Care. Thank you. Bye. Now. This is (PHI removed)(INAUDIBLE).
April 26, 2022
Dr Doshi is very helpful and explains very patiently . Always encouraging and pleasant and whatever be the sickness makes you feel it can be cured easily Thank you Dr Doshi
April 25, 2022
A visit to Dr Doshi's office is always uplifting. He is always in a positive frame of mind and has guided me to better health. I am grateful that he is my Doctor.
April 22, 2022
Explained things in a simple way and showed a lot of empathy and compassion
April 21, 2022
I had the most positive experience with the office staff, the nurses, as well as the doctor. It was very, very good. Thank you very much.
April 21, 2022
Dr Doshi and his staff were very professional. Dr Doshi always takes his time with me and I never feel rushed out of there. Questions are always answered with care
April 19, 2022
Yes, hi. This is (PHI removed). Dr. Doshi is a good doctor. Unfortunately, I was unable to see him. I had to call, and schedule a phone appointment. Instead of a visit due to lack of vehicle to get to see him. Yes. I would see him. Yes. I would saved good for my family and friends to see him, but I need to see him as soon as possible. I'm hoping that they will call me back ,with a another phone appointment, instead of me having to call them. Other than that, the staff is outstanding, very courteous and kind, and very understanding. Other than that, I really don't have anything bad to say, about Dr. Doshi. He has been a very good doctor to me. If anyone like to call me and talk to me home phone number area, code, (PHI removed)
April 11, 2022
Dr. Doshi always treats me with great respect and professionalism. He gives me the confidence and the time to ask all my questions. He is very patient with me and I am very happy with his care.
April 08, 2022
Yes, Dr. Doshi, the provider was a professional and very knowledgeable. I really greatly appreciate it.
April 08, 2022
Definitely awesome!
April 08, 2022
waited over an hour to see my doctor wait time was to long
April 06, 2022
I was sent to Belflower lab location but they were closed for one week. Then I went to the Cerritos lab location. I was told to come in at 7 am but they did not open until 8 am. Very bad.
April 05, 2022
Dr Doshi is a terrific! Listens, asks questions, is knowledgeable, basically everything you want from a primary care physician.
April 04, 2022
Dr. Doshi is very professional. Very courteous. Listens to me. And responds to me in a way that I understand. He makes me feel comfortable he has a good bedside manner he is the reason I still go to this facility
March 25, 2022
Everything is good, good service.
March 25, 2022
Dr Doshi's service as a provider is excellent I'm please that I am under his care!
March 25, 2022
Very very good doctor
March 21, 2022
Dr Doshi is a great asset to your organization. ?
March 21, 2022
March 21, 2022
All good, pretty well
March 21, 2022
Dr Doshi is the most compentent physcian I've had the pleasure to care for me. I trust him and his recommendations 100%. He is the best. (PHI removed)
March 18, 2022
I enjoy my visits with Dr. Doshi. He explains and is interested in my health.
March 18, 2022
Excellent experience I liked doctor work
March 16, 2022
I can't thank Dr. Doshi, (name removed) and the rest of the staff the the warm welcome as new patience, for listening to our needs and taking their time to tell us exactly and in detail what we need to do. We are very blessed to have found you.
March 16, 2022
I'm required to the doctor every 6 months, but I can't schedule my appointment while I'm in his office. I have to call about 3 months later to try and get an appointment. I don't like that. Pioneer was more patient friendly.
March 10, 2022
Treat us like his family. We get the very good treatment and advice.
February 24, 2022
it was good
February 17, 2022
Dr Doshi is patient, understands the concerns and explains diagnosis, reasoning and medical /clinical decisions which he went through on the condition, and treatment course. We trust all his decisions and guidance and helped in medical situations. Kudos to Dr Doshi and his staff for their customer care
February 17, 2022
Loved the new assistance Dr.Doshi Had
February 11, 2022
Very professional and personable explained everything in detail I will recommend to everyone who needs help
February 11, 2022
Very grateful for Dr. Doshi. He's been there for me ever since I need him. Very grateful for his promptness, his attention, and care. Thank you, Dr. Doshi. You're awesome. God bless you.
February 11, 2022
Great doctor
February 09, 2022
Dr Doshi has been my primary doctor for years. Well pleased with his care regarding my issues. No complaints
February 08, 2022
Dr Doshi also s very busy as he is a doctor so appointments are late in getting otherwise the Dr, is great. The office is good as it's located close to us and staff are pretty good also. Just let su the fees ( charges) are less as last time just a phone call charge was $150 for a 2 minute call I didn't need as I understood the blood test result this is just crazy, this is the type of thing I just don't like as I pay $1650 for insurance every month and then end up paying for office work also is not fair and in last 20 years maybe visited the office 6 times
February 08, 2022
Dr Doshi is the best Dr I ever seen, he is very helpful, My whole family is actually under his care, Moreover he always willing to give any information whenever I need .I will recommend him to all my friends.
January 24, 2022
Dr.Pinal Doshi is the best thing that has happened in our lives. A thorough gentleman, concerned Doctor, he is so complementing to [name removed]. They are my life saver s. Thanks [PHI removed]
January 20, 2022
December 21, 2021
Dr Doshi should be Time's Person of the Year!!!
December 20, 2021
In my opinion this is the best doctor I have had.
December 16, 2021
Dr Doshi is the best!! But getting an appointment with him is very hard. Usually 1 month of wait time.
December 13, 2021
Very polite at check in...nurse very polite...
December 09, 2021
i prefer doc pinal doshi to my family and friend
December 08, 2021
I feel like I know I'm being taken care of .
December 06, 2021
Dr.Doshi is a very good doctor who cares about me . I've been with him since he started with You n until now that I'm on Medicare I don't want to change doctor's. I'm so comfortable with him n so with my husband . I'm a very satisfied customer with Dr. Doshi . Thank you ?? Another Satisfied Patient ??
December 02, 2021
Doctor with a personal touch.
November 29, 2021
Dr. Doshi was amazing. He took his time with with my mother, the explain things thoroughly and we were very happy with the visit we had with him. Big Ten for him.
November 22, 2021
I like to think that I was respected and I didn't have to go ahead and abide my mothers wishes (INAUDIBLE) . I didn't like the fact that I was unaware of some of the things that my mother would say when I did let her inside. But I'm sure that I can better prepare for the doctor next time I have a visit.
November 19, 2021
Dr. Doshi is always caring, listening to what I have to say or any questions to be asked of him at my appointment. But, only one problem is that very hard to get an appointment with Dr. Doshi. If you're lucky enough to get it in a month or more.
November 19, 2021
I trust my doctor and his experience with keeping me healthy.
November 12, 2021
I will only trust my care with Dr. Doshi he is very caring doctor his staff are also very caring I was less to find him many years ago
November 10, 2021
Please provide appointments as early date when needed , "what's is the use of late appointments date when care been taken care ? Thanks!
November 04, 2021
[PHI removed] loves Dr. Doshi. He's been her family doctor for 20 years and just loves him. Thank you.
November 04, 2021
Love Dr Doshi he is a great Dr and always look forward to my visits with him.
November 03, 2021
Dr. Doshi is excellent, caring, compassionate doctor. I recommend him to all my friends and family. He is very caring. I have not seen someone like him who is very caring. He's wonderful. Thank you.
October 29, 2021
Dr. Doshi is one of the finest doctors i have ever had.
October 28, 2021
we really appreciate Dr Doshi . He answered all questions patiently. The only problem is getting an appointment as he is busy and at times we have to wait for a month to get an appointment. Thank you Dr Doshi for being our Doctor.
October 28, 2021
The staff is efficient, friendly and professional. Dr. Doshi takes time to explain, and is caring and thorough.
October 27, 2021
Dr. Doshi and his staff are the best!
October 26, 2021
My Doctor Mr,Doshi is very good doctor,listen to you very carefully and took great care of me always.
October 25, 2021
I always leave Dr Doshi's office with a sence of hope due to the fact that he leades me to a positive attidude.
October 22, 2021
Dr Doshi doesn't answer his email (Follow my Health) in a timely manner, I had to call in to make a phone appointment and I asked him if he read my email and he said no. Plus his nurse [name removed] talks over you which is rude and I told her to stop talking over me. I understand Doshi is busy at the hospital most of the time and not in the office, but he should check his emails. I had gone to Urgent Care in SFS and was given an ear drops/antibiotic for my plugged up ear it's been 8 days and my ear is still hurting and plugged up, I am thinking about going back tomorrow to Urgent care I can't wait for my next appointment with Dr Doshi on Nov 4th.
October 22, 2021
Exceptional experience. The doctor heard everything what we have to say and suggested the valuable remedies. We definitely recommend Dr. Doshi, to our friends.
October 18, 2021
Dr. Doshi is the best doctor ever!
October 15, 2021
Very good
October 15, 2021
Excellent !!!!
October 12, 2021
October 11, 2021
My experience that I have with Dr. Pinal Doshi and his staff and office members are very kind, patient. And show a lot of respect.
October 07, 2021
Thank you very much for the care that you gave me. It's very courteous. The only thing, doctor needs needs more appointment 'cause he's very busy. Thank you.
October 06, 2021
I waited for him,I was seen almost an hour.
October 06, 2021
I had better experience with the secretaries and with him himself. I didn't see him for a while. I see another doctor across (INAUDIBLE)person than him .I would never recommend to my family no way. No. Thank you.
October 05, 2021
Dr. Doshi is very diligent in listening to and taking care of the patients medical needs.
October 05, 2021
I have had 2 ultrasounds done and I don't know the results because they have not been added to my patient portal... this is very frustrating
October 01, 2021
This branch office under dr. Doshi is always accommodating and friendly
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