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Puja Shrestha MD is a well-rounded Internal Medicine physician with years of experience. Dr. Shrestha comes from a family of physicians, including her father, as well as many of her aunts and uncles. Seeing the passion, dedication and satisfaction her relatives received from caring for patients greatly influenced Dr. Shrestha to pursue a career in medicine. However, it was a unique relationship with her grandmother and the experience of caring for her which ultimately inspired her love of caring for seniors. She is committed to providing her patients with the tools necessary to live full and healthy lives, and encourages open communication during every patient visit. In her spare time, Dr. Shrestha enjoys an active lifestyle, cooking and spending time with her husband, who is also a physician and their child.

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Internal Medicine



Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center (New York)


Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center (New York)

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Nepal Medical College

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Internal Medicine (General Cert)

Patient Reviews

September 15, 2021
I always feel as my problem is important and Dr Shrestha always listens with respect and courtesy. Thank you
September 09, 2021
First Physician in a very long time that actually listened/questioned and responded to my issues. She was very thoughtful and professional with added warmth.
September 09, 2021
My Dr. answered all my questions and spent sufficient time with me.
September 07, 2021
I really appreciated her, taking the time with me and addressing issues that had not been addressed by previous doctor's.
August 26, 2021
The Doctor & Nurses we're excellent great care thank you
August 24, 2021
Dr.Shrestha is the the best he is always helpful and welcoming and very informative. And definitely helpful. Thank you so much, Dr. Shrestha.
August 20, 2021
Needed to have a throat culture done; provider and RN were unsure if the collection device they had was the right one. RN didn't do very thorough job collecting swab for sample; physcian had asked her to swab a few areas of mouth, she didn't. I am unclear if I will get a correct culture for what I needed out of this or not.
August 19, 2021
This was my first visit, I'm so happy with my whole experience!
August 19, 2021
the most important thing was she listen to what I had to say.
August 18, 2021
This office, and especially my doctor has been absolutely 100% the best experience ever. Love my doctor.
August 18, 2021
She was through friendly and comforting. Considering making her my main provider.
August 16, 2021
Dr. Shrestha ALWAYS spend ample time reviewing my history BEFORE she even walks into the exam room so is always prepared. She is a very good listener and never fails to physically examine me from head to toe. If there is ever a problem she will contact me even if it is seven o'clock in the evening. She explains what she feels is the best course of action and why. She is the best PCP ever
August 16, 2021
Dr. Puja Shrestha is always genuinely concerned about my issues.
August 16, 2021
I have a very complicated health situation and Dr Puja Shrestha has gone well above and beyond the standard of care with my situation. Unfortunately, since my situation is so complicated some doctors become intimidated and they do not want to listen, or take the time to research and go "think outside of the box" regarding how to help me. Not Dr. Shrestha, she takes the time to listen to me, she respects me, and she makes me feel like I matter. I have respect for all doctors. I respect the time and dedication that they put into their education, practice, and their knowledge of the human body. However, some doctors use their knowledge and skill set to act like they are God, and when you ask them a question they look down their nose at you like "I am the all powerful, Godlike doctor", and you are just a stupid little peon, and you have no right to ask a question. I may not be a doctor yet I am an intelligent human being. Also, I am very aware of what my body can and cannot do. Therefore, many doctors should take notes from Dr. Shrestha regarding how to talk to and treat a patient. Her treatment of me has been impeccable. She seems as though she genuinely cares about me and if she doesn't have the answer with my unusual case she will reach out to other doctors, ask questions, run the proper tests, and she will find the right answer for me. I am very grateful for her assistance. Also, everyone in her office treats me with respect, kindness, and care so I am grateful to them as well.
August 16, 2021
Really nice people.
August 06, 2021
August 04, 2021
Over all experience was very good. Within 10 minutes of arriving to the office I was call into the exam area. And my vitals were taken. Within 10 to 15 minutes the Doctor came in to examine me. This was a first consultation. Doctor was thorough. And asked a lot of questions of my health, and past issues.
August 03, 2021
Very sweet, patient and explains everything. Always accommodating. Truly cares about her patients.
August 02, 2021
Yes, the facility and the staff were very nice and make the patient comfortable, but I think having laboratory work would be, in the office, would be a big convenience to the patient.
August 02, 2021
I have a lot of respect for Dr. Shrestha.
July 21, 2021
She is a very kind and personable physician
July 15, 2021
Never had a bad experience with this ofc. Would have changed mds if I were not satisfied. I am an old nurse and have high expectations
July 12, 2021
He's very professional. But she took her time with me and I appreciated that and I like it when a doctor listens to you and you have a good rapport as I do with her. I have nothing bad to say about her. I really like her as a doctor.
July 08, 2021
Very Clean Facility
July 07, 2021
Dr. Shrestha was a kind, courteous, and listened to what I had to say.
June 30, 2021
It was a minor issue, and it was taken care of in a timely manner.
June 30, 2021
Thank you for having Doctors I can trust. I will most definitely return to Dr.Shrestha to be seen in the future.
June 18, 2021
I was not greeted with a smile and I stood at the window a few minutes before I was greeted by one of the two people at the desk. My info that I had filled out online regarding my lack of medical insurance did not seem to have been read and understood prior to my visit,because I had to go back and forth a few times regarding the fact that I had no insurance and would be paying cash. It was not a good start , especially when it appeared that the person was training someone else at the time. It is important that the first impression to the customer/patient be the best example. I was not pleased to haveto repeat my personal situation where other pateints were present. It did not feel friendly or kind. However, I was treated professionally and I was very pleased with Dr. Shrestha and her Assistant. Thank You
June 18, 2021
She is the best Doctor I ever worked with
June 15, 2021
We love Dr. Puja, she is kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doctor
June 07, 2021
When I called to make the appointment,she search to find a same day appointment. Dr. Puja S. listened to my concerns and issued an x-ray right away. The Doctor even called me with the results herself. First class act. Thank You.
June 04, 2021
Doctor Puja Shrestha is fantastic. she was Extremely helpful.
June 03, 2021
Very caring and extremely thorough doctor. Same with her nurses staff.
June 02, 2021
Very pleased.
June 01, 2021
She does an extremely thorough annual physical, asks questions and listens to my answers with understanding.
May 26, 2021
Dr Puja is amazing and demonstrate great knowledge and care for her patients
May 20, 2021
Friendly staff and convenient location.
May 19, 2021
Dr. Shrestha was kind and a very good listener. This was my first visit. I felt like we were reviewing my health history together.
May 11, 2021
Great help.
May 06, 2021
Great service by the doctor and staff members, I greatly appreciate the service and I will looking forward to have this doctor as my personal physician. Thank you very much.
May 04, 2021
I really having the 2 new ladies in there. Very friendly and helpful.
April 30, 2021
Dr. Shrestha has always been amazing every time I've seen her she's very thorough, very caring and I've always had a great experience with her any visit that I've had with her so I have nothing but great things to say about her and also the office staff they're always very professional and very friendly.
April 30, 2021
Pleasant surprise, lovely staff and kind, attentive, Dr. I had never met her before but my appt got rescheduled to meet with her as my original Dr assigned at Lakewood was not available for 2 more wks so I was a little hesitant. But I am so glad I went and had a thorough discussion about my health in all areas so I am now going to change my primary care physician to Dr Shrestha - she is wonderful!
April 29, 2021
The doctor was very cheerful and made me feel like she listened hard to the details of my questions.
April 28, 2021
She could have provided me with an x-ray when she said she wanted to hold off for 4 weeks and I had already told her I'd been in pain with my shoulder for two weeks so that's going to make it 6 weeks I felt I should have been able to have an x-ray right away cuz I'm still in pain.
April 28, 2021
I had to wait quite a while for the Doctor to see me but I heard her in the next room talking with a patient, but I understand some patients take longer than others.
April 16, 2021
Amazing staff, the doctor was amazing, she was very attentive and informative. I don't like that close but their care and service is definitely worth it.
April 09, 2021
Doctor listen to what I have to say and was very informative
April 08, 2021
Clean office
April 06, 2021
Oh, they are very friendly and the doctor is very efficient and tries to understand, the best doctor who gives you confidence and I would recommend her.
April 05, 2021
Dr. and staff were professional, warm and kind. Very happy with my care.
April 01, 2021
They've done well.
March 23, 2021
Love Dr. Shrestha. She's confident, takes her time with me, always seems concerned with my health problems and she's effective. She follows through, and remembers my health from the previous visit. She allows me to ask questions as many times as necessary . She is a true gem.
March 22, 2021
Dr Shrestha is an excellent doctor
March 18, 2021
It is comforting to have Dr Shrestha as my primary doctor
March 17, 2021
My health care provider was very kind in the fact that. She listened to everything my how to say address any concerns. And even though I was going back on a similar medication. I had previously been on for birth control. She took the time to make sure I remembered every single step of how to use that same medication and all of the side effects that could commonly be associated with that medication. She also helps me if I asking me if I needed any other check up or physical or any other refills on medication even the ones that the appointment was not what I found to be extremely helpful because then I would not have to reschedule a separate appointment.
March 15, 2021
I like her. She listens and she's knowledgeable. Responds in a timely manner and is genuinely caring.
March 15, 2021
Dr Shrestha makes you feel comfortable and is always considerate. Our family really trusts her.
March 12, 2021
Very thorough in the review of my records and needs. very well run office.
February 26, 2021
Very profesional, she understood all my concerns Than you
February 26, 2021
Friendly, good explain and good communication me with interpreter
February 18, 2021
Dr Shrestha and her staff treat my elderly father as if he was family. They are so kind to him and very observant of the smallest change in his health and well-being. We trust them implicitly.
February 17, 2021
Dr Puja is carrying, kind, listens to what I have to say and even remember what we discussed on my last appointment I'm so thankful! She's Awesome!!
February 17, 2021
My doctor of 28 years retired and I saw a few physicians trying to find primary care. At my first appointment with Dr. Shrestha I was very impressed by her manner and enthusiasm. I have continued to see her and I am still impressed and very satisfied with the care I receive.
February 17, 2021
February 12, 2021
Relatable, caring, and trustworthy about my care.
February 10, 2021
She is the epitome of doctors and treats me with full respect and courtesy
February 08, 2021
Dr Shrestha and staff are amazing they truly care about their patients needs
February 05, 2021
She's very nice and even followed up.
February 05, 2021
Yes, I just want to say that the doctor is very very, not only concerned, she listens, she makes you feel like you're not just a patient, a person. And she's very, it's the best doctor ever. That's all I can give you. She's the best doctor ever. She's the greatest listener, concerned, and does all the tests that she needs.
February 05, 2021
It was a very good experience.
February 03, 2021
Prompt, courteous, professional service!
February 03, 2021
I feel very comfortable with my doctor and friendly staff.
February 01, 2021
Staff is very nice!!!
January 22, 2021
The only problem I had is my prescription was never sent to my Pharmacy and I had to call back 3 or 4 times and it took 2 to 3 days before they finally did send in my prescription.
January 20, 2021
Compassionate,caring,empathetic and wonderful MD. She is a true asset to PIH and should be acknowledged for the care she provides to her patients
January 19, 2021
Overall very good service, helpful office staff. Specially, Doctor is really helpful, experienced and tackles the problem easily.
January 18, 2021
Execellent service
January 13, 2021
I am very satisfied with all the staff.
January 05, 2021
She is not my primary physician, but when mine was unavailable, this wonderful doctor provided a timely phone consultation, a referral for X-rays, and a prescription for ibuprofen, which eased my pain. Thank you!
January 05, 2021
Dr is very kind and professional. Amazing person and her personal very professional.
January 04, 2021
Just that the doctor was caring and had a dice disposition
December 31, 2020
Love my doctor she's amazing very understanding very compassionate very professional
December 30, 2020
December 23, 2020
Dr Shrestha is very caring and compassionate. She is very knowledgeable and follows through. Highly recommended!
December 21, 2020
Listens well nice doctor. Tries to help.
December 11, 2020
Doctor spends time and answers questions
November 18, 2020
She speaks clearly to my father and respects what he and I have to say. She has a good sense of humor and laughs at his jokes! We are VERY happy with Dr Shrestha as my father's primary care physician.
November 18, 2020
Make you feel good and wants to help
November 13, 2020
Very respectful and most of all respect my decision . She does not impose her agenda , she is patient centric.
November 09, 2020
Absolutely one of the greatest doctors I've had with great manners and respect. I am a person who avoids doctor visit but after this visit I feel so much comfortable and pleased with how my visit went that I can't believe I stayed away.
November 06, 2020
Amazing doctor, super kind, super knowledgeable, and the staff as well. Awesome people.
October 23, 2020
Great provider. She's very attentive and caring and dedicated all her attention and time during my visit. This is my second time seeing her and I am very pleased.
October 20, 2020
She was very kind and thorough
October 19, 2020
a pleasant doctor and staff
October 16, 2020
She is attentive and is knowledgeable.
October 16, 2020
October 14, 2020
Would definitely refer Dr. Shrestha to family and friends. She is very knowledgeable and takes a personal interest in her patients.
October 12, 2020
This provider has a way of finding the root of the medical problems.
October 08, 2020
The entire staff here is so friendly and attentive I really like how everyone is very helpful since you walk through the door.
October 07, 2020
The doctor is attentive and listener.I like her personality she's great and knowledgeable.It's my first time coming in not knowing what to expect But she is good. Will see on the next visit
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