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Breast Imaging & Mammogram

Choose PIH Health for safe, comfortable, high-quality breast imaging services. You’ll benefit from advanced technology for mammograms, breast biopsy, and more.

Accredited Breast Imaging Center

You can feel confident about your results because the American College of Radiology recognizes us as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence (BICOE). Receive accurate and timely services from a team that follows the highest standards for safety and quality. We are fully accredited in:

When to Get a Mammogram

Talk to your primary care doctor about when and how often you should get mammograms. For most women, doctors recommend once every year, starting at the age of 40, unless you have risk factors for breast cancer. Follow your doctor’s recommendations to help detect breast cancer early—when it is easiest to treat.

3D Mammograms

When you choose PIH Health for your screening mammogram, you’ll receive a clearer picture of your breast. That’s because we offer 3D mammograms (tomosynthesis) to all patients. Your care team will take low-dose X-rays of your breast, then use a computer to create a 3D picture. You may benefit from:

  • Earlier detection of breast cancer, when it’s easiest to treat
  • More accurate imaging, so there’s less chance you’ll need additional tests


PIH Health now offers convenient digital access to your images through the Purview Portal.
PIH Health has teamed up with Purview to offer you digital access to your scans. Through this secure online portal, you can download, view, and share your images from your computer at any time! No more mailing or traveling to pick up CDs in person. All you need is your access code (provided by PIH Health), your last name, and date of birth to gain access to your digital dashboard for all of your prior scans.

To get started, you will need to submit your authorization. You may call 562.698.0811 Ext. 11126 for more information.

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