Screenings for Cancer

Screening & Diagnosis

Photo of Dr. Jensen and Dr. Kuo reviewing breast images

Turn to PIH Health to find and diagnose cancer early–when it’s easiest to treat.

Types of Cancer Screening Tests

Ask your primary care provider about which screenings are right for you. Depending on your age, sex, health and family history, your doctor may recommend screening exams for:

Types of Diagnostic Tests

If you show signs or symptoms of cancer, your doctor may schedule:

  • Biopsy – Tests a piece of tissue to check for signs of cancer
  • Imaging tests – Take pictures of the inside of your body to look for tumors using technologies like MRI, CT, Ultrasound
  • Lab tests – Test samples of your blood and other body fluids for signs of cancer

Genetic Testing

Meet with a genetic counselor at PIH Health to determine if genetic counseling and testing are right for you. You can learn if you carry a genetic mutation that puts you or your family members at a higher risk of getting cancer.

Your Results

Rely on your care team to review all of your screening and diagnostic test results with you. If you are diagnosed with cancer, depend on PIH Health for comprehensive care and treatment.

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