Types of Treatment for Cancer

Chemotherapy & Immunotherapy

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What’s Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is a powerful medication that helps your body fight cancer. It can be given by mouth, Intravenously (IV), through a vein (infusion therapy), or through a shot or injection by a specially trained and certified nurse. Depend on your PIH Health cancer team for your chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatment if it is part of your individualized cancer care plan. You’ll receive treatments in a comfortable, supportive environment.

Benefits of Chemotherapy

Your doctor may give you chemotherapy to:

  • Kill cancer cells or to stop them from multiplying
  • Make radiation therapy more effective
  • Shrink a tumor to make it easier for a surgeon to remove the cancer.
  • Chemoembolization - an advanced minimally invasive treatment used to treat hard to reach tumors that cut off blood supply to the tumor helping to kill or shrink the tumor.

What’s Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy, also known as biotherapy, is a powerful tool in your fight against cancer. It uses substances made from living organisms, such as hormones, vaccines and bacteria to fight cancer.

Benefits of Immunotherapy

Your doctor may give you immunotherapy to:

  • Attack specific cancer cells to prevent them from growing
  • Bind immune system proteins to target and destroy specific cancer cells
  • Block your immune responses to allow your body to respond more strongly to cancer
  • Boost your immune system’s response to work against cancer cells
  • Enhance your body’s immune response against cancer
  • Stimulate your immune system’s natural ability to fight cancer

Your Care Team

We have several full time cancer pharmacist that work with chemotherapy-certified nurses to ensure your treatment is safe and will explain what to expect before and after your treatment. Rely on your care team to help you coordinate your care and manage your treatment’s potential side effects.