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Diabetes Education & Care

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Live well with diabetes. Partner with the caring experts at PIH Health to control your blood sugar, prevent complications, and manage your health.

Types of Diabetes

Being diagnosed with diabetes means that your body may need extra care in maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. The team at PIH Health can help you understand and manage the most common diabetes diagnoses, including:

Classes that cover prediabetes are also offered. Prediabetes is a condition that indicates you may develop diabetes at some point if lifestyle changes are not made.

Doctors for Diabetes

The head of your diabetes care team is your primary care doctor. If you need a specialist’s care, your primary care doctor may refer you to:

Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists

You can count on our experienced, certified diabetes educators, now known as Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (CDCES), to teach you how to manage your diabetes day-to-day. Our educators are registered dietitians specialized in supporting, teaching, and caring for people with diabetes.

Nationally Recognized Diabetes Education

Choose a diabetes education program recognized for meeting high national standards for care. Our programs are recognized by:

  • The American Diabetes Association (ADA)
  • The California Department of Public Health’s California Diabetes and Pregnancy Program (CDAPP)

Diabetes Education Center Programs

Stay on a healthy path with the PIH Health diabetes programs, which include:

  • Classes on diabetes self-management
  • Diabetes skills training
  • Gestational diabetes classes
  • One-on-One diabetes education and counseling