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Eye Care & Surgery

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Turn to the ophthalmologists and optometrists at PIH Health for comprehensive eye care and surgery to help you see more clearly.

What’s an Ophthalmologist?

An ophthalmologist is a doctor who specializes in eye and vision care. Ophthalmologists are certified to:

  • Diagnose, prevent and treat eye disease
  • Manage conditions that affect your vision
  • Prescribe and give medications
  • Treat eye injuries
  • Perform eye surgery

What’s an optometrist?

An optometrist is a healthcare professional that provides primary vision care. Optometrists provide sight testing & correction, as well as diagnosis, treatment & management of vision changes. At PIH Health, our optometrists will prescribe your glasses and contact lenses.

Conditions We Treat

Get expert care from the eye specialists at PIH Health for:

  • Astigmatism – Blurry vision caused by a curve in your eye’s lens or cornea
  • Cataracts – Clouding in the lens in your eyes, that blocks light
  • Concerns with peripheral vision
  • Corneal injury, infections, scarring needing corneal transplants
  • Dry eye – Tear glands don’t make enough tears or the right type of tears
  • Eyelid conditions such as stye, drooping, eyelid tumors etc
  • Glaucoma – Pressure that builds up in the eye leading to vision loss
  • Hemorrhages and edema that blur your vision
  • Inflammation of the retina (uveitis and retinitis) – Produces swelling and destroys eye tissue
  • Lazy eye (amblyopia) – When one eye is weaker than the other
  • Lens loss and dislocation – A condition that may develop after cataract surgery
  • Macular degeneration due to aging
  • Pink eye (conjunctivitis)
  • Pterygium, which is sun damage causing scar tissue to grow over cornea
  • Retinal damage due to diabetes
  • Scar tissue in the retina (macular pucker)
  • Tears or holes in the retina (retinal detachment)
  • Nearsightedness – When you’re unable to see things clearly that are far away from your eyes
  • Farsightedness – When you’re unable to see things clearly that are relatively close to your eyes

Eye Services & Treatments

Depending on your condition and symptoms, your ophthalmologist may recommend:

  • Contact lenses or eyeglass prescriptions
  • Dry eye therapy – Prescription eye drops that lubricate eyes to reduce dryness, tear duct plugs to help dry eyes
  • Eye surgery, such as glaucoma treatment, cornea and retinal tear repairs.
  • Routine vision exams to look for potential eye disorders and problems that affect your vision
  • Vision therapy – Strengthens your eyes to improve sight

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