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Eye Surgery

When you need eye surgery, trust the experienced surgeons and advanced technology at PIH Health.

Eye Conditions We Can Treat Surgically

Your ophthalmologist may recommend surgery as a treatment option for:

Cornea Scars and diseases of cornea

Types of Eye Surgery

At PIH Health, you can find the following surgical eye procedures:

  • Anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (anti-VEGF) – Injects medicine to the eye each month to protect your vision
  • Cataract surgery – Replaces a clouded lens in your eye with an artificial lens to help you see more clearly
  • Cornea Transplants: Full thickness and partial thickness
  • Detached retina repair – Places the retina back in the correct position to protect your vision
  • Eyelid surgery for upper and lower eyelid droop
  • Eyelid Surgery for tumors
  • Glaucoma surgery – Preserves your vision by relieving the pressure in your eye
  • Laser surgery for diabetic retinopathy - Reduces or eliminates retinal swelling due to diabetes to stop further vision loss
  • Laser surgery for vision loss due to aging – Uses high-energy light to destroy leaky blood vessels to prevent further loss of vision
  • Photodynamic therapy – Injects a drug that is activated by shining a light into the eye to destroy leaky blood vessels
  • Pterygium surgery to remove scar tissue and replace with graft
  • Vitreous surgery – Removes the gel (vitreous humor) that fills your eye for better access to retina for repairs to improve your vision
  • Vitrectomy surgery – Repairs tears and holes in the retinal that lead to retinal detachment

Eye Surgery: What to Expect

Most Eye surgeries are outpatient procedures. This means you will visit the hospital for surgery and go home the same day. If your surgery requires a longer stay, your doctor will discuss that with you.

Is Eye Surgery Right For Me?

If you are considering eye surgery, trust our surgeons to provide you with as much information as possible and take time to answer all of your questions.

Coordinated Care

Your care team will coordinate your care with your primary care doctor when indicated, as well as any referring eye care doctor. This means your doctors will know your treatment and recovery plan for care and have an up-to-date knowledge of your health.

Retinal Surgery Specialists

Benefit from having skilled and experienced surgeons with advance training in retina surgery perform your procedure at PIH Health. This means you can expect high-quality care.

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