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Interventional Cardiology

Get catheter-based treatments for heart disease and structural heart defects from the skilled interventional cardiologists at PIH Health in Los Angeles County.

What’s Interventional Cardiology?

Interventional cardiology is a type of procedure that uses thin, long tubes (catheters) inserted into a vein to reach the heart to diagnose or treat heart diseases. This minimally invasive approach uses a small incision so you can heal more quickly with less pain and scarring.

Conditions We Treat

Rely on the interventional cardiologists to diagnose and treat:

Cardiac Catheterization

Your doctor may check how well your heart works or provide treatment using nonsurgical cardiac catheterization, such as:

  • Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) – Uses a tiny balloon catheter to open and place a stent to widen blocked heart arteries and improve blood flow
  • Transradial catheterization – Uses advance techniques to place the catheter in an artery in your wrist instead of a vein in your groin to help you benefit from a faster recovery and a lower risk of complications

Benefits of Interventional Cardiology

If your doctor recommends an interventional cardiology procedure, you may benefit from:

  • Faster recovery, less pain and scarring since interventional cardiology is less invasive
  • Lower risk of a heart attack by restoring blood flow and widening your arteries
  • Shorter hospital stay, you may go home after an interventional cardiology procedure

Coordinated Care

Your team works together to give you the best possible care. Depend on your PIH Health interventional cardiologist to share important information about your health with other members of your care team, including your primary care provider.