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Laboratory Services

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Your doctor may recommend a laboratory test to learn important information about your health. At PIH Health, our full-service laboratories provide accurate and timely test results to your medical team. Our experienced staff is highly skilled and specially trained. We use the most advanced equipment, technology and methods available.

Accredited Lab

Our Hospital-based lab facilities are fully accredited to meet the highest standards for quality established by the College of American Pathologists (CAP).

Testing & Analysis Services

Benefit from advanced equipment and technology in the hands of experts who follow the latest best practices. You may have a lab test to screen for or diagnose a health condition, monitor a health condition, or determine if a treatment is working.

Look to PIH Health for specialized testing blood, urine, and other bodily samples. Services include:

  • Chemistry – Examines a person’s general health status and monitor drug levels
  • Coagulation – Evaluates how well the blood clots and diagnoses causes of abnormal bleeding
  • Hematology – Checks blood cells for blood diseases
  • Immunochemistry – Studies the health of the immune system
  • Microbiology – Looks for certain bacteria and helps determine what antibiotics are most effective to treat an infection
  • Parasitology – Detects parasites, organisms that live inside or on another organism
  • Serology – Helps find signs of an infection in the body
  • Transfusion and immunohematology – Prepares blood products to ensure compatibility with patient to restore lost blood
  • Urinalysis – Examines urine to help diagnose disease

Do I Need to Schedule an Appointment?

Most routine outpatient laboratory tests do not need to be scheduled. However, some tests must be scheduled for you in advance by your physician (such as bone marrow tests) or may only be available on weekdays (such as glucose tolerance tests).

Walk-In Testing Near You

Choose one of PIH Health’s convenient locations. Services are provided by our experienced personnel to all age groups, from newborn to elderly. You may walk in any time; no appointment is needed. Bring your order lab slip (request) from your doctor, or ask your doctor to fax or place order electronically. Our outpatient lab services are available to patients through our draw stations Monday through Friday, please refer to each location for draw station hours.

How to Prepare for Your Test

Check with your doctor for instructions you need to follow before your visit to our draw stations. Such as fasting (no eating or drinking) before having your blood drawn. We recommend you wear loose-fitting or short-sleeved clotting to facilitate your blood draw.

Your Lab Test Results

Test results will be sent directly to your doctor, who will then share them with you.

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