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Photo of neurologist showing patient an x ray

Find care for conditions affecting your brain, spine, and nerves at PIH Health. Our board certified neurologists see patients with a wide range of problems, and work with your primary care physician to keep you healthy.

Conditions We Treat

Turn to us for a diagnosis and treatment of neurological conditions such as:

  • Alzheimer's disease and dementia
  • Brain tumors including acoustic neuroma
  • Epilepsy and seizures
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s and other movement disorders
  • Peripheral neuropathy and other neuromuscular diseases
  • Sleep disorders
  • Spine diseases
  • Stroke, arteriovenous malformations (tangled blood vessels), and other vascular problems
  • Trigeminal neuralgia

Tests & Diagnosis

To learn more about your condition, a neurologist may recommend one of these services:

Stimulator Device Programming

If you have a deep brain stimulator or vagus nerve stimulator, visit us as often as your doctor orders. We’ll program your device and adjust the settings as needed to help you get the best results from it.

Treatments & Therapies

Depending on your condition, you may benefit from:

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