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Hip Replacement… Me?

Workout Enthusiast Faces Serious Denial About Needing Orthopedic Surgery

Photo of Randy Hew and Andrew Luu MD

Randy Hew

Randy Hew (right) posing with Andrew Luu MD (left)

Until two years ago, Randy Hew was one of the most active guys you could meet. He worked out at least five times a week, was a competitive runner for more than 30 years, an avid mountain hiker and played almost every sport there is.

So when he started having sharp pain in his thigh when exercising, which progressed to lower back pain that forced him to stop running, he was truly dumbfounded.

X-rays on Randy’s hip showed moderate osteoarthritis and bone spurs, and the lower back revealed nothing remarkable. He did six months of physical therapy and daily stretching exercises with no improvement, and tried chiropractic and acupuncture with no relief. By October 2020 the pain was so intense he had to stop all activities.

In November, Andrew Hsiao MD, PIH Health orthopedic specialist, ordered an updated set of x-rays, now revealing severe osteoarthritis in his hip joint. Randy tried a cortisone injection, which generally provides relief for up to six months, but lasted only 14 days for him. In December, Dr. Hsiao concluded that Randy needed a total hip replacement and referred him to Andrew Luu MD, PIH Health orthopedic surgeon, who specializes in anterior joint replacement surgery.

“Randy was a great candidate for an anterior hip replacement,” said Dr. Luu. “It has several advantages over the traditional hip replacement surgery, including less pain, faster recovery, a shorter hospital stay, but most importantly, allows someone as active as him to return to doing the things he enjoys with a lower risk of post-surgical hip dislocation.”

Randy’s surgery happened in March 2021, and today he’s pain-free and happy to be back to his daily exercises.

“From my first consultations with both orthopedists to the actual surgery and recovery, I was truly impressed with the entire staff at PIH Health,” said Randy. “Their level of planning, organization and professionalism always made me feel that I was in great hands—my treatment was the absolute best I could ask for.”

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