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Prepare for Surgery

Get ready for your joint replacement surgery with a free, on-demand online class for you and your support person.

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Hip & Knee Replacement

Reduce joint pain so you can return to the activities you love. Trust the experienced joint replacement team at PIH Health for care that helps improve your quality of life.

Procedures We Offer

Choose PIH Health for:

  • Hip replacement surgery – Replaces damaged cartilage and bone in your hip with an artificial joint
    • Anterior total hip replacement
    • Mini-incision total hip replacement
    • Partial hip replacement
    • Posterior total hip replacement
  • Knee replacement surgery – Replaces damaged knee cartilage and bone with an artificial joint
    • Total knee replacement
    • Partial knee replacement
  • Revision surgery – replaces previously done hip or knee replacement components due to failure or infection

  • Regional anesthesia – utilizes spinal anesthesia and nerve blocks for quicker recovery, less pain, and less complications after surgery

  • Rapid Recovery Program – same day discharge for total hip and knee replacements

Experience & Expertise

Choose a team with the experience and resources you need. Each year, PIH Health performs more than 1,500 joint replacement surgeries. So, you can feel confident you’ll receive knowledgeable, high-quality care.

Your Care Team

Your joint replacement team at PIH Health includes:

  • Orthopedic surgeon – Performs your surgery and oversees your care
  • Orthopedic Nurse – Provides care and education specific to orthopedic-related care
  • Physical therapist – Helps you build strength, flexibility and range of motion before and after surgery
  • Case manager – Helps you plan for the care and equipment you’ll need after surgery
  • Total joint replacement navigator helps manage your care before, during and after surgery

Computer-Assisted Knee Replacement

When your surgeon uses computer-guided navigation to perform your knee replacement surgery, you’ll benefit from:

  • Better joint stability
  • Increased accuracy
  • Lower risk of complications
  • Shorter hospital stay

Preparing for Joint Replacement

Depend on PIH Health to help you prepare for surgery and pave the way for a smooth recovery. In the weeks leading up to your surgery, you will:

  • Attend a joint replacement class
  • Meet with your doctors to make sure you’re ready for surgery—they may ask you to take some tests to get a better picture of your health
  • Register for your hospital stay
  • Review your current medications with a nurse
  • Work with a physical therapist to create a home exercise program to build strength before surgery

Online Joint Replacement Class

Feel more prepared for surgery when you and your support person attend our joint replacement class. During the class, you’ll learn about:

  • How to prepare for your surgery
  • What to expect during your hospital stay
  • What care and equipment you may need after surgery

Enjoy the ability to attend class on your schedule from the comfort of home with our online joint replacement class.

Recovering from Joint Replacement

The majority of our total joint replacement surgical patients either go home the same day or spend one night in the hospital. Your care team will let you and your family know when you’re ready to return home.

Count on your PIH Health joint replacement team to help you recover as quickly and safely as possible by:

  • Helping you walk the same day of your surgery
  • Teaching your support person how to care for you at home
  • Helping you get the medical care and equipment you’ll need after you return home