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Total Knee Replacement — And Home the Same Day

Orthopedic Surgery Rapid Recovery Program Offers Same-Day Discharge for Smoother Recovery

Photo of Marjorie and her granddaughter outdoors


Enjoying the outdoors with her granddaughter.

Did you know that PIH Health’s Orthopedic Surgery has a Rapid Recovery Program that offers same-day discharge that can lead to a smoother recovery? This is perfect for people like Marjorie, a 60-year-old Yorba Linda resident whose knee pain had grown progressively worse in recent years.

As a nurse, working long shifts on her feet for more than 40 years only compounded Marjorie’s knee problem. Her cartilage had deteriorated to where there was no padding left between her knee joint. “I would come home after working 12-hour shifts and have a lot of pain the next day,” she said. “When I walked, I could hear the joint grinding, and it was quite uncomfortable.”

Marjorie originally tried other things to remedy the pain. She had periodic cortisone shots, but they would only work for so long. She even had arthroscopic knee surgery two years ago, but the pain eventually came back and finally became unbearable.

Marjorie connected with Andrew Luu MD, a PIH Health orthopedic and sports medicine surgeon who specializes in the Rapid Recovery Program, which offers same-day discharge after surgery. Marjorie had her knee replacement surgery in November 2020.

“After my early morning surgery and transition to a recovery room, I was literally up and walking about 50 feet within the first hour. I was shocked that I could walk so far that soon after surgery, and I was home by 4 pm, which helped me recover where I’m most comfortable.”

“Marjorie was a great candidate for our Rapid Recovery Program,” Dr. Luu said. “Studies have shown that patients discharged home early have quicker recovery and healing, and she is proof of that.” Today, Marjorie feels great and is back to living an active lifestyle.

Learn more about Orthopedic Surgery Rapid Recovery Program at, or talk to your doctor to see if same-day discharge is right for you.

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