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To make an appointment with the rehabilitation team at PIH Health, call the location that’s most convenient for you:

  • Downey: 562.904.5414
  • Los Angeles: 213.482.2716
  • Whittier: 562.789.5451


Meet your goals and improve your independence with rehabilitation services at PIH Health. Rely on our care team to help you get the care you need to improve your quality of life.

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Outpatient Rehabilitation

You may need outpatient rehabilitation treatment to reduce pain, gain mobility, or improve balance or swallowing.

Our licensed therapists work together to create your personalized rehab plan. We’ll show you ways to strengthen and stretch muscles, reduce swelling and regain function. You may benefit from:

  • Hand therapy – Treats problems that affect your arm, elbow, forearm, hand, shoulder and wrist
  • Lymphedema therapy – Manages swelling caused by excess lymph fluid
  • Occupational therapy – Helps you eat, dress, bathe and groom more independently
  • Physical therapy – Helps you rebuild strength and motion so you can move more easily and regain function for activities of daily living
  • Speech and swallowing therapy – Builds skills to help you communicate and swallow more easily

Home Health

Home Health services are prescribed by a physician to help with rehabilitation after an illness, injury, hospital stay or surgery, or to help manage a chronic medical condition. Therapies include:

Inpatient Rehabilitation

There are a few different settings for inpatient rehabilitation at PIH Health:

  • Patients who need rehabilitation during a regular hospital stay are visited by a therapist to help regain strength and ability prior to discharge
  • The Transitional Care Unit is a separate patient care area that is specially licensed for patients who need additional rehabilitation before returning home from a hospital stay
  • The Acute Rehabilitation Center is another area within the hospital that provides specialized rehabilitation outside of a regular hospital stay for patients who may require more therapies before going home

Expert Care Team

Get back to the life you love when you work with the specially trained doctors, therapists and nurses at PIH Health.

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