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What to Do When a Wound Won’t Heal

Former Mayor of Whittier Gets Advanced Care at PIH Health Wound Healing Center

Photo of Robert Henderson sitting on a bench outdoors

Robert (Bob) Henderson

With his wound fully healed, Bob is back to enjoying the activities he loves.

Minor cuts and scrapes are a regular part of life and usually heal on their own. But chronic wounds—sores that don’t heal properly within four weeks—need more advanced care. For those persistent wounds that will not heal, the PIH Health Wound Healing Center offers a full array of treatment options.

One person who discovered these benefits firsthand was Robert (Bob) Henderson, the former mayor and city council member of Whittier. Early in 2020, after he fell and tore the skin on his shin, he waited several weeks to see if it would heal on its own. It didn’t. During a routine visit with a cardiologist, his physician noticed Bob’s wound and referred him to the PIH Health Wound Healing Center.

During his first appointment, the team thoroughly cleaned the wound and he noticed immediate improvement. He had weekly appointments for the next several weeks and was treated with PuraPly AM, an advanced antimicrobial barrier used to help control bioburden (the number of bacteria living on a surface that has not been sterilized).

“Everyone at the Wound Healing Center was very professional and top-drawer,” said Bob. “The staff never disappointed, and my wound was fully healed in a matter of weeks. Today, I am back to walking the greenway trail, golfing and taking an active role on the board of the Whittier Habitat Authority.”

Whether your wound is caused by injury, burn, animal or insect bite, trauma, diabetes, surgical complication or other causes, the Wound Healing Center can treat your specific situation, so you can get back to the life you love.

“Since our center opened in 1997, we’ve seen how our comprehensive approach to wound care delivers results sooner than traditional programs,” said Mark Odou MD, general surgeon at PIH Health. “Our treatment plan is completely individualized to heal wounds and keep them from recurring. That includes full evaluation, specialized testing to identify the root cause, the latest treatments, and education about your role in the healing process.”

To schedule an appointment or to learn more about the PIH Health Wound Healing Center, visit PIHHealth.org/Wound-Care or call toll-free 888.693.3831.

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