Become a Family Medicine Patient

Become a Family Medicine Residency Center Patient

Get easy access to the best medical care for your family at one of the PIH Health Family Medicine Residency Centers in Downey or Whittier. Since we opened in 1979, we’ve been serving more than 2,000 patients each month in our communities. We’re raising our families here, too, and we’re committed to caring for our neighbors and friends.

Up-to-Date Medical Care

As patients at the PIH Health Family Medicine Residency Center, you and your family get the most up-to-date medical care anywhere. We use new medical procedures and new medical research that’s based on the latest scientific evidence. Our team of medical professionals includes:

  • Supervising physicians
  • Medical residents
  • Physician assistants (PA)
  • Registered nurse practitioners (NP)
  • Health educators
  • Dietitians
  • Clinical staff

Caring for You at All Stages of Life

We provide the healthcare you need for all the stages of your life—newborn to elderly, including low-risk pregnancy care. Our team-based approach means you regularly see the same two or three medical professionals. When you’re in the office, we spend the time to get to know you well. We work together to review your information and recommend the best options for your specific situation.

All Your Healthcare Needs in One Location

At the PIH Health Family Medicine Residency Centers, you can get treatment for a wide range of health conditions in one location. You won’t need to go to a specialty clinic for help for managing chronic conditions like diabetes or for services like dermatology, skin biopsy, orthopedic joint injections, gynecology and vasectomy. We see you for pregnancy care, and we deliver your baby. When national treatment standards are updated, we’re among the first to put them into action, so you always get the best care.

Flexibility With Insurance Coverage

For insurance purposes, our supervising physicians serve as “doctors of record.” That means you have the flexibility to see any of our dozens of primary care physicians without calling your insurance company to make a change. With our team-based approach, you’ll see the two or three doctors who know you best.

Contact Us

For more information about becoming a patient at one of the PIH Health Family Medicine Centers, call the location most convenient for you.

PIH Health Family Medicine Residency Center – Downey: 562.904.4411

PIH Health Family Medicine Residency Center – Whittier: 562.698.2541