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Medical Student Clerkships

The Family Medicine Clerkship is offered as a required rotation for third and fourth year medical students or as an elective for students serious about Family Medicine as a specialty. The rotation provides the medical student with exposure to the breadth and depth of the practice of Family Medicine and the opportunity to deliver healthcare for a variety of patients. The student will assume responsibility for problem-oriented and preventative care across all medical disciplines and will also be introduced to principles of case management including discussion and decision-making around “End of Life” concerns. Regardless of future specialty, the medical student will be intimately familiar with the importance of the Family Physician as the leader of the healthcare team.

The clerkship offers exposure to a multidisciplinary team of providers, including Physicians, Pharmacists, Behavioral Scientists, and other healthcare providers. The clerkship also exposes students to multiple settings across the care continuum, including the outpatient clinic, hospital care setting, skilled nursing facility, and home visits. Students may also have the opportunity to work with the palliative care team, as well as take part in the didactic portion of our tropical medicine curriculum.

Medical students are expected to have basic medical knowledge consistent with their experience and level of training. They should be capable of self-directed learning as they improve their clinical skills and medical knowledge. Students are expected to function as part of a healthcare team and always use their judgment in seeking guidance and conducting themselves in a manner befitting their chosen profession.

Download the Medical Student Clerkship Application.

Undergraduate Summer Clerkships


If you are interested in applying for a summer clerkship rotation download and complete the application and return to our medical education office.

The summer PIH Health Family Medicine Residency Clerkship is available to all undergraduate (and graduate) students who have an interest in pursuing careers in the medical field.

The clerkship is designed as an observational educational opportunity in the Family Medicine Residency Center. Clerks are exposed to the varied professional opportunities available in medicine, from Nursing, Pharmacists, and Resident Physicians. During the summer, undergraduate students, work as “clerks” in the family Medicine Residency Program. They are expected to observe the different medical professionals in their daily activities, as well as take on a limited research project under the supervision of faculty, culminating in a presentation of their findings to the Family Medicine providers at the end of their clerkship.

A prerequisite for our clerkship includes completion of one year of undergraduate studies, demonstration of excellent communication skills, and evidence of service to the community. Clerks are asked to submit an application prior to their summer break for consideration of a clerkship position. Clerks may receive a stipend (if available) for their participation. Lengths of clerkships vary depending upon availability and scheduling (most are between 6 and 10 weeks long).

The clerkship covers two major goals:

  1. Clerks will be introduced to Family Medicine in order to foster interest in this discipline. Clerks will work directly with medical providers in the outpatient clinic setting to get an overview of Family Medicine. Clerks will observe the daily activities of resident physicians and other healthcare providers in a family practice setting.
  2. Clerks will obtain experience in research and medical literature review. They will identify a Family Medicine medical topic of interest, research the current literature and either write a review article or perform a chart review research project (if applicable). This review/research will result in a capstone project with completion of a written report of their findings, and a presentation at the resident noon time conference prior to completion of the clerkship.


Upon completion of this assignment Clerks will:

  • Understand the workings of a Family Practice Clinic
  • Understand the roles and functions of different health care providers
  • within the Family Practice setting.
  • Understand the basic levels of medical training
  • Understand the common electronic tools available for gathering medical information.
  • Describe the necessary skills needed to perform a literature search.
  • Understand the basics of research design and implementation.
  • Understand the basic format for writing a review article.
  • Understand the basic format American National Standards Institute for citing references.

Example schedule

Daily Overview:

  • 8 am – Assignment (assigned to a provider or research duties)
  • 12:30 pm – Conference
  • 1:30 pm – Assignment (assigned to a provider or research duties)
  • 5 pm – Go Home

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