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Resident Life in Whittier

We pride ourselves on welcoming well-rounded residents and promoting work-life balance.

About Whittier

Whittier is a diverse community of pop. 86,000 located in eastern Los Angeles County. Uptown Whittier, which includes the campus of Whittier College, is undergoing a transformation with an influx of trendy restaurants, bars, and shops. It has easy access to many surrounding communities and freeways.

Where We Live

Residents live in a variety of communities around the Los Angeles area including in Whittier, West LA, Downtown, Fullerton/ Anaheim, and Long Beach.

What We Do Outside of Work

We are a very social bunch and do our best to gather outside work despite our busy schedules. Residents enjoy outdoor activities including hiking, biking, and surfing, as well as attending museums, art showings, and the rest of the plethora of cultural activities Los Angeles has to offer.

Families and Significant Others

We are a very family-friendly residency and have multiple residents with small children. We make every effort to provide support for residents with families including scheduling flexibility, maternal/paternal leave, and time for pumping for nursing mothers.

Residency Retreat

A yearly weekend-long gathering of residents, faculty, families, and significant others that is funded by the Residency program with a focus on team-building and hands-on education workshops. This year’s retreat was in San Diego, CA and a great time was had by all!