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Evidenced-Base Practice & Quality

As innovators, scientists, researchers, leaders and clinicians, we aim to provide evidence-based care and are committed to conducting the research necessary to support evidence.

Relationship-Based Care

PIH Health has adopted the Relationship-Based Care model for nursing practice. The Relationship-Based Care model is centered on the fundamental relationships with self, colleagues and patients. The RBC model serves as the operational blueprint for improving safety, quality, patient experience, employee engagement and financial performance.

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Shared Governance Model

Partnership councils not only form the basis for shared governance, they help us take the lead on such issues as patient safety, education, performance improvement, evidence-based practices and more. Nurses are creating innovative techniques that can ease patients’ stays in the hospital and improve the quality of their lives.

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Past Initiatives

Trio Rounding

Communication is one of the most important aspects of safety, collaboration and quality patient care. In alignment with our “Patients First” philosophy, PIH Health improved and standardized the communication process between patients, physicians and nurses by having the physicians and nurses round together, which ensures that the patient is receiving consistent information and is engaged in the plan of care. We call this Trio Rounding. Trio Rounding was initially piloted at a Medical-Surgical unit with great success as our entire multidisciplinary team was committed to improving our patient experience.  With tremendous support from nursing administration, along with physician involvement, this concept of Trio Rounding has been implemented throughout every unit of the hospital.

Just Move

Photo of Just Move team

Devastating conditions like pneumonia, falls, pressure injuries, delirium, venous thrombosis embolism and functional decline are linked to immobility.  The evidence-based Just Move campaign is aimed at reducing these risks and making mobility a priority for our patients.  The goal of the program is to have each and every patient move safely, ranging from bed exercises to walking in the hallways. 

The nurse driven Banner Mobility Assessment Tool (BMAT) is at the core of the Just Move program. This evidence-based, valid, and reliable tool allows nurses to perform a simple assessment every shift; plan appropriate, individualized interventions involving the patient and family; and communicate the corresponding care plan to all team members. Furthermore, physician orders are streamlined and aligned with the BMAT to promote mobility and guidelines for Physical Therapy are developed collaboratively. The use of safe patient handling equipment is integrated into each mobility level.  

Lastly, PIH Health branded educational materials and hallway distance markers are part of the multidisciplinary approach, as well as placement of gait belts and walkers in every patient rooms. Measurements of success will include reduction of bed rest orders, negative effects of immobility, increase of documented mobility and improvement in patient satisfaction.

Nursing Publications and Presentations

Nurses are encouraged to present their works at local and national conferences. PIH Health Whittier Hospital also holds an annual Performance Improvement Fair where various unit projects are showcased.