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Notification of Information Disclosure Relating to PIH Health Hospital - Downey

PIH Health Hospital - Downey has notified patients by letters mailed on Monday, March 14, 2018, that protected health information related to care provided to a limited number of patients, approximately 990 patients, was inadvertently accessed by a security event at one of our third-party vendors, Nuance Communications, Inc. However, to date, there is no evidence of any misuse of the protected health information.

Nuance Communications, Inc., which provides PIH Health Hospital – Downey with medical transcription services, recently informed us that an unauthorized party had accessed certain patient reports between November 20, 2017 and December 9, 2017. Nuance Communications, Inc. immediately notified law enforcement, launched an investigation and took the affected system offline. Nuance then informed all of their impacted clients, including PIH Health Hospital – Downey, that a federal investigation had been initiated and federal prosecutors had mandated a hold on any of their clients providing notification to any of their patients. That hold was finally lifted on April 23, 2018.

Federal law enforcement has since identified the offending individual as a former Nuance Communications, Inc., employee. They are confident that all compromised information has been contained and there is minimal risk that any personal information was used in any way. As described in a letter from the U.S. Attorney’s office addressing this cyber security event, “the government has no indication that this former employee either used, sold, or otherwise transferred” the affected protected health information. The reports accessed by the unauthorized party may have included patient name, date of birth, age, sex, Social Security number, medical record number, patient number, medical transcription text and date of service.

Nuance Communications, Inc. has retained AllClear ID to protect the identity of those impacted by this security event for 24 months at no cost. If you believe that your protected heath information has been compromised, please contact AllClear ID at 855.704.6249, Monday through Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CT, excluding major holidays. AllClear ID can determine if your protected health information has been inappropriately accessed and if so, provide information on how to register with them. AllClear ID’s services include fraud alerts, credit monitoring and identity repair.

We are working with Nuance Communications, Inc. to further enhance cyber security measures and prevent breaches from occurring and we are reassessing our future relationship with this vendor.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please call 855.704.6249.

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