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Terms and Conditions

PIH Health provides this site (My PIH Health) in partnership with Follow My Health for the exclusive use of its established patients to access their Hospital or Physician Office Medical Records. We strive to keep all of the information in your records correct and complete. If you identify any discrepancy in your record, you agree to notify us immediately at 562.967.2895 or by emailing at mypihhealth@pihhealth.org.  Additionally, by using the patient portal, you agree to provide factual and correct information.

Guidelines and Security:

PIH Health offers secure viewing and communication as a service to our patients who wish to view parts of their records and communicate with our staff.  Electronic communications will be viewed by not only your practitioner, but the staff members assigned to handle such communications and any other practitioners covering if your practitioner is unavailable to respond. We encourage you to use My PIH Health at any time but understand that we can only reply to messages during our office hours, excluding holidays recognized by the practice.  Response to online communications is limited by the information provided and your question may necessitate a follow-up phone call or a request to meet with you in person to gain further information.  If you do not receive a response, please feel free to call our office.  Furthermore, sensitive information may not be appropriate for communication over the portal.  It is always advisable to discuss such information directly with your practitioner.  Do not use portal communication if there is an emergency, please dial 911 or go to the Emergency Room. 

PIH Health has various ways to maintain Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance with the privacy and security of our patient health information, as required by law, including the use of encryption technology. However that does not guarantee unforeseen adverse events will not occur. Despite all precautions, online communications may be intercepted, forwarded or changed without a patient’s or PIH Health’s knowledge.  We are not responsible for breaches of confidentiality and any adverse consequences caused by you or an independent third party.  Please also note that online communication may increase the risk of identity theft or for someone to try to impersonate a patient via online communication. By signing this User Agreement, you agree to accept these risks.

Protecting Your Private Health Information and Risks:

While we will make every effort to ensure that all communications through the portal are secure, keeping it secure depends on two additional factors:

  • The secure message must reach the correct email address
  • Only the intended individual (or someone authorized by that individual) must be able to get access to it. 

Only you can make sure these two factors are present.  We need you to make sure we have your correct email address and you MUST inform us if it changes. If you think someone has learned or inappropriately gained access to your password, you should promptly go to the Patient Portal and change it.  If you forget your password, please use the “forgot password” option on the portal.  We understand the importance of privacy in regards to your health care and will continue to strive to make all information as confidential as possible.  We will never sell or unlawfully disclose any private information, including your email addresses.

Adult patients may personally grant proxy access to another individual through the portal.  By doing so, they agree that that the information disclosed may be re-disclosed by the recipient and no longer protected by federal or California State privacy laws and that PIH Health is no longer responsible once disclosed.  Patients and/or PIH Health may remove proxy access at any time.  Granting an individual proxy access only allows that individual to access your record on the portal.  Any other patient health information requests or communications can only be obtained if a signed release of information document is on file in your practitioner’s office.  The form can be obtained at your provider’s office.