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Cancer Surgery

One of the most common ways to treat cancer is to remove it surgically. Cancer surgery is often combined with radiation, chemotherapy and other treatments for the best results and to help keep the cancer from returning.

Experienced Cancer Surgeons

The highly skilled and board-certified cancer surgeons and staff at PIH Health are an important part of the expert cancer care team. Fighting your cancer is our top priority. You’ll benefit from our experience with a range of proven surgical techniques that lead to the best outcomes.

Once your cancer is diagnosed, our team acts quickly to determine the best treatment plan for you. If surgery is needed, we schedule your appointment as soon as possible to prevent the cancer from spreading and to start your recovery right away.

Cancer Surgery Options

PIH Health has a number of highly skilled board certified surgeons who are fellowship trained to treat cancers such as  breast  colon and lung cancer. We offer a variety of surgical procedures you and your doctor can choose from to treat your cancer, including:

  • Interventional radiology
  • Minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery (uses small incisions)
  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • Stereotactic biopsy and radiosurgery
  • Colon resections
  • Lung resections
  • Thyroidectomies
  • Mastectomies/Lumpectomy

Comprehensive Cancer Care

At PIH Health, you’ll receive comprehensive cancer care before, during and after your surgery. Our cancer specialists combine their medical expertise to manage complex cancer conditions. Then we coordinate all the care you need in one location. We provide complete laboratory services, ongoing health monitoring and support services to help you recover and return home as soon as possible.

Breast Surgery & Reconstruction

Together with the Breast Health Center, we’re proud to offer comprehensive surgical care for breast cancer patients. You and your medical team can choose from a variety of options, including minimally invasive procedures to detect the cancer, breast-conserving procedures, breast reconstruction and more. We work with you to provide the best surgical care for your specific type and stage of cancer and your desired outcome. If you choose breast reconstruction, it can begin at the same time as your breast cancer surgery. Our nurse navigators help guide and support you through the treatment process and answer all your questions.

Contact Us

Contact the Cancer Center at 562.698.0811 Ext. 12456 for more information about cancer surgery services at PIH Health.

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