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Critical Care

Critical care—also called intensive care—provides continuous observation, immediate attention and special medical care to the most seriously ill people in the hospital. You can rely on PIH Health’s Critical Care Center (CCC) when you or your loved ones need advanced medical attention around the clock.

You’re in Expert Hands at PIH Health

At PIH Health, you have access to a broad range of well-trained specialists who deliver treatment to fit your specific needs. In addition to your primary care doctor, your healthcare team includes experienced professionals from many medical fields:

  • Critical Care Intensivists – Focus on your specific situation and medical needs while you’re in the CCC; these highly specialized doctors are board-certified in pulmonary medicine and critical care medicine; available in the hospital 24/7
  • Critical Care Registered nurses – Continually monitor your health for changes that need immediate response; typically,  these specially trained and educated nurses provide intense care for no more than two patients at a time, they also participate in initiating and assuring the plan of care as well as provide teaching and information for the patient and their family
  • Social workers – Provide counseling, crisis intervention and resources for you, your family and caregivers
  • Registered dietitians – In addition to evaluating for nutritional needs and developing dietary goals for patients with acute illnesses, they also offer advice to the team to how to best provide nutrition to optimize healing and recovery
  • Respiratory therapists – These advanced trained care givers assist the team with optimizing your respiratory (lung) function and create plans for your ongoing care
  • Physical therapists – Evaluate your ability to move and help improve your quality of life through physical activity
  • Speech therapists – Check for issues with swallowing, speaking and communicating and offer advice for treatment
  • Chaplains – Offer spiritual care that respects your particular cultural values and spiritual traditions
  • Case managers – Coordinate your care throughout your stay in the CCC and beyond

Continuous Care and Communication

While you or your loved one stay in our Critical Care Center, you receive the ongoing attention of our treatment team. In addition to individual care provided by the Intensivists, nurses and other healthcare members, the entire team rounds twice each day, so they can determine the best plan for your current and future steps in your treatment.

In addition to yourself, your family/caregivers—another important part of your ongoing care—also meet regularly with your healthcare team. These conversations are scheduled as soon as possible after you or your loved ones are admitted to the CCC and continue as long as needed.

Review our Critical Care Visitor Guidelines to find visiting hours and more.

Advanced Technology for Your Benefit

From the time we opened our doors in 1961, the Critical Care Center at PIH Health has been equipped with the latest in advanced technology. That helps us make sure you receive the best possible care. A few of our most recent advancements include:

  • Continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) – Uses a process similar to kidney dialysis to slowly filter and clean the blood continuously over a 24-hour period
  • Intra-aortic balloon pump – Assists the heart by improves levels of oxygen in the blood and blood flow through the heart
  • Rotorest bed therapy – Rotates patients to improve respiration and breathing
  • Precise targeted temperature management devices, such as Arctic Sun®, for therapeutic hypothermia– Adjusts body temperature by circulating chilled water through pads on the skin; used to cool down select patients after experiencing a life-threatening event to allow for better long-term results
  • Ventilator Mobility Program (VMP) – Evaluates patients on ventilators to get them up and walking as quickly as possible after an event to reduce the chances of disorientation and confusion and to keep muscles from becoming weakened.

The Critical Care Team continually evaluates and looks for opportunities to improve our response to house wide emergencies — known as Code Blue events. And our Rapid Response Team of medical experts offers support to your nurses outside of the Critical Care Center to assist in the evaluation of your condition as needed.

Your medical records are now computerized, so everyone on your healthcare team has quick access to your complete medical history. That speeds up our response to your needs. As well, your medication use and history is also evaluated on an ongoing basis to assure you are receiving the correct therapy. Our ongoing improvements help you benefit from excellent care delivered promptly.

Improving Your Outcome

Everything we do is focused on your health and well-being. At PIH Health’s CCC, we measure our success through a consistent evaluation of our performance.  Feel rest assured you are in good hands as we have been nationally recognized for record-low rates of ventilator-associated pneumonia, post procedure complications, central line infections and other types of infections. We’ve also received many awards for improvements in overall patient safety, which means your outcomes are better.

Contact Us

For more information about PIH Health’s Critical Care Center or specific services, contact us at:

PIH Health Whittier Hospital
12401 Washington Blvd.
Whittier, CA  90606
562.698.0811 Ext. 16100
Case manager – Ext 12955
Chaplain – Ext. 12500
Social worker – Ext. 12973

PIH Health Downey Hospital
11500 Brookshire Ave.
Downey, CA  90241
Case Manager – 562.904.5478
Chaplain – 562.904.2507
Social Worker – 562.904.5313

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