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Infusion Center

The PIH Health Infusion Center provides high-quality infusion therapy in a comfortable environment. Our infusion center, designed with patients in mind, offers safe and efficient care.

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Infusion means the delivery of fluids or medications directly into a vein. Other terms for the process are intravenous (IV) therapy or drip. The PIH Health Infusion Center is in a welcoming and comfortable facility where patients receive compassionate care for a variety of health conditions. Patients enjoy our positive, uplifting, personalized care and family-friendly atmosphere.

Treatments for Cancer & Other Health Conditions

  • We offer infusion treatments for individuals with various needs:
  • Chemotherapy
  • Biotherapy, including biological response modifiers
  • Iron infusion
  • Hydration therapy
  • Monoclonal antibodies
  • Blood product administration
  • Reclast® (zoledronic acid) and Prolia to treat or prevent osteoporosis and treat Paget’s disease
  • Immunoglobulin therapy
  • Therapeutic plasma exchange
  • Therapeutic phlebotomy

Relaxing Setting & Healing Services

Our patients feel right at home in our bright and attractive location. Treatments are delivered in a semi-private room with ample space for family members. Our treatment rooms feature:

  • Comfortable reclining chairs for infusion
  • Flat-screen televisions
  • Internet access with complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Wig bank through the American Cancer Society
  • Complimentary hats, pillows and blankets provided by our volunteers
  • Therapy dogs
  • Warm blankets
  • Music therapy
  • Nutrition counseling

Full - Time Oncology Pharmacists

Patients benefit from our two full-time, on-site oncology pharmacists. They help keep patients safe by evaluating patient medications and treatments for interactions. Patients are also given the information they need to take medications safely at home. Our pharmacists are available for follow-up care whenever patients have questions.

Oncology Resource Center

The Oncology Resource Center is staffed by PIH Health volunteers who can provide disease-specific information as well as information on cancer treatment related side effects, support groups, community classes and transportation resources. There is also a wig bank available by walk-in or appointment where a patient can receive a complimentary wig or head covering.

Contact Us

Ask your doctor for a referral. Then, schedule an appointment by calling 562.698.0811 Ext. 12675 today.

Hours: Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm

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