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Sports Medicine

Staying active helps you stay healthy. When you’re sidelined, rely on the PIH Health sports medicine program. We get you back in the game as quickly and safely as possible.

A sports medicine physician working on a sport injury

Teammates On and Off the Field

Athlete, parent or coach, you can count on the orthopedics and sports medicine team at PIH Health for:

  • Information about preventing sports injuries, including concussion
  • Accurate evaluation and treatment
  • Expert orthopedic physicians and surgeons
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation programs, including exercise plans and alternative therapies
  • Physical therapists who hold orthopedic clinical specialist certification
  • Occupational therapists who are also certified hand therapists
  • Experience from our partnerships with local high school and college teams

Sport Injury Prevention Tips

To help you reduce the risk of injury, follow these guidelines from our physical therapists:

  • Warm up your muscles before working out—take a brisk walk, or use simple exercises or stretches to increase your range of motion.
  • Stretch warmed-up muscles for 15-20 minutes before exercising.
  • Use different body parts (cross train)—ride a bicycle one day, swim the next and run the following day; change your activity level and intensity.
  • Buy a good pair of shoes, especially if you run; your investment will pay off by keeping you healthy.
  • Get fitted for proper equipment.
  • Take some lessons from experts for specialized sports like golf or tennis.

If you can’t work out regularly during the week, try these alternatives:

  • Take a walk around a mall
  • Park your car far enough away to give you a good walk to your destination
  • Play Frisbee in the park with your kids or grandkids
  • Walk the family dog; it will benefit both of you

Meet a Sports Medicine Physician Today

After an injury, remember to take it slow to get back on track. And stay with your exercise program to keep in shape throughout the year. For information on building strength to prevent injury, contact PIH Health sports medicine services at any of the following locations:

La Habra

Santa Fe Springs


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