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Total Joint Replacement Programs

Our Joint Replacement Programs

Our Total Joint Replacement (TJR) program focuses on improving an individual’s quality of life through a comprehensive process that includes state of art operating rooms, pre-operative education classes, and an established mobility and pain management program. Most patients are able to return home with one to two days, and enjoy the things they love to do with minimal to no pain.

Once your doctor has scheduled your procedure, you will attend a free pre-operative TJR class where you will meet your Orthopedic Clinical Care Coordinator, along with members of your Hospital Care Team.

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PIH Health Hospital TJR Facts:

  • 1,000: Total Joint Replacement surgeries performed each year between our two hospital campus locations in Downey and Whittier
  • 1-2: Average number of nights spent in the hospital
  • 82%: Average number of patients discharged home

Your Stay to Hospital Discharge

Before Surgery:

  • You will meet with a Nurse assigned to you to review and provide education about your medications and begin your registration process with the hospital
  • You will meet with a Physical Therapist to begin planning for your discharge home and initiate a home exercise program to start strengthening your legs and prepare for surgery
  • Doctor and Surgeon visits will be arranged for you to ensure you are medically safe for surgery and have all your questions answered before coming to the hospital
  • Attend a Joint Replacement Education class to learn about how to prepare for the hospital stay, have an opportunity to ask questions to your Hospital Care Team and work with a Case Manager on discharge planning and equipment needs. We strongly suggest your families/loved ones who will support you through your journey home attend this class

Hospital Stay:

  • You will stay at least one night in the hospital. Any remaining nights are dependent on your medical and physical needs that affect your ability to go home. Your Hospital Care Team will be working with you closely for updates
  • You will be getting out of bed daily starting on the DAY OF SURGERY with either physical therapy or our trained nursing staff
  • Family, friends and loved ones should be available daily for ongoing physical therapy training and nursing education about discharge medications and dressing care
  • A case manager will be assigned to you to help setup resources for your discharge to home, such as medical equipment, home health services and outpatient referrals

Educational Information

Pre-Surgical Total Joint Exercise

Ejercicios preoperativos para la articulación total

Joint Replacement Guide: Anterior Hip

Joint Replacement Guide: Total Knee

Joint Replacement Guide: Posterior Hip

Guia para la cirugía de reemplazo articular: Cadera anterior

Guia para la cirugía de reemplazo articular: Total de rodilla

Guia para la cirugía de reemplazo articular: Cadera posterior

If you have questions, call 562.698.0811 and ask for the Joint Replacement Program Coordinator at either Downey or Whittier hospital location (where you had your surgery).

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