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Choosing a Doctor for Your Care

A doctor who knows you and understands your needs is your most valuable health partner. When you choose a PIH Health physician, you’re choosing someone who will be in your corner for all your healthcare needs.

Making Your Choice

You can find a doctor online and search by categories such as specialty, location, gender or languages spoken. Read through the doctor profiles, call their offices and feel free to ask questions. As you decide, ask yourself:

  • Is the office in a convenient location?
  • Do the office hours work for my schedule?
  • Is the doctor taking new patients?
  • Can I make an appointment within a reasonable period of time?

The Right Fit

It’s important that you feel comfortable talking with your doctor. When you meet with the doctor for the first time, consider:

  • Does the doctor listen well?
  • Does he or she speak to you in terms you can understand?
  • Do you think you could build a partnership with the doctor?